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Can I send one too? *evil laugh* Please do SHINee and F(x) kekeke bbyong~

Omg bianca :^D Hahaha~ Sure, I’ll do them!

Thank you so much <3



Do I like them?

Absolutely!!! Omg, there were my first boy group fandom~ ;u;

First song I heard by them?

Ring Ding Dong <3 

Current favorite song?

For 2 years already, it’s still ‘A-Yo’ <3

Favorite album?

Lucifer! c:

Favorite member?

Lee Taemin~ ^3^

Seen them live?

//sobs nope, not yet~ T^T

*hopes for SMTown Manila* ;u;



Do I like them?

I adore f(x) <3 They’re beautiful!

First song I heard by them?

Chu~ <3

Current favorite song?

‘Goodbye Summer’ ;u; akjsgfjaksgf

Favorite album?

Rum Pum Pum Rum *u*

Favorite member?

Jung Soojung!!! <3

Seen them live?

Not yet, but I’m willing to pay for concert tickets just to see them up close *3*


Send me a band and I’ll answer.

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  • Can you play any instrument? 

When I was 13, I used to play guitar.But I don’t know can I play it now….

  • Do you have a pet?

I wanted a cat very much. But my mom did not allow. So.. I have not a pet….

  • What Christmas present do you remember the most?

We don’t celebrate Christmas. But I have some present dreams for any day. I want…. On second thought I do not know. Methinks I want a surprise.

  • How did you discover KPOP?

owww.Really great question. 5 years ago When I watched TV, I saw DBSK’ s mirotic on a chanel. And Iloved really very much. Mirotic is my first.. 

  • First Korean drama you’ve ever watch? And when was it?

When I was 12, I watched Goong on TRT that our national channel. 

  • Favorite Japanese version of a song?

I like Infinite’s “She is Back” Jap. Version .

  • How long you’ve been a KPOP fan?

I have been a Kpop fan for 5 years.

  • Ultimate bias?

“Kim Jong In”

  • If fate gives you a chance to meet your bias, how would you react? 

Really I don’t know. …Imm if it happenned……. really I don’t know. 

  • Favorite English speaker female idol/artist?

My favorite is SNSD’s Jessica. I think she speak English very well. I love her.

  • Favorite underrated/unappreciated girl group?

Nope. I like girs group..


My questions:

-Which hair do you like most? Long hair or short hair?

-Do you have some obsessions?

-Do you wear glasses or lens?

-Favorite book series.(Like Harry Potter..)

-Do you search foreign song’s meanings?

-Have you had any accidents? If you had an accident, how did it happened?

-When do you study? Morning or Night?

-What is your fav. cartoon? And Why?

-What do you think about korean pop and drama?

-Favorite movie? And This movie about what?

-Favorite historic character?

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Sorry, I read this late! Omg~ T^T 

Tumblr hasn’t been notifying me of new messages lately. But here’s the 1st set of five random facts, taken from my Instagram post~ ^^ 

1. I spent my 1st grade in Indonesia, hence my background in the English language and my non-existent Mandarin & Bahasa literacy.

2. I’ve been writing stories or literary pieces ever since I was 6.

3. I haven’t met the person I consider as the best-est friend ever, in real life.

4. Bullied.

5.  The first, and by far the best, fanservice I ever had was from Chen (EXO).

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You can visit her blog here:  

Check it out, it’s really lovely~


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Can you play any instrument?

I used to play the guitar, but I think I got too lazy and stopped playing it for a while now. I still do know some chords but I haven’t played a guitar for a while now~ (((i have short fingers too //sob lol))) I used to play the drums too! But my favorite studio got moved some place else, so I have nowhere to practice on ;~; Though I learn by ear. ^^;;

Do you have a pet?

We used to have tons of fishes in the house and a cute white Japanese Spitz puppy, but my mum is having a hard time with maintenance so she gave up and sold them. :c (((plus, I have dog phobia too T^T)))

What Christmas present do you remember the most?

Maybe it’s the pink Game Boy that my dad gave me back when I was 6 or 7. It’s my very first gadget and I still have it now~ ^^ 

How did you discover KPOP?

Through a music channel in the television~ I was watching SNSD’s ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ 4 years ago and I was instantly hooked! :-D

First Korean drama you’ve ever watch?

Lovers in Paris! My mum was so hooked with that drama and I can’t help but watch it with her bec I was pretty interested too~ :))

And when was it?

Back in 2004! :>

Favorite Japanese version of a song?

It’s Fantastic! (Mabinogi) by SNSD~ It’s one of my most favorite Korean songs and I just found out it has a Japanese version. ^u^

How long you’ve been a KPOP fan?

It’s my 4th year this coming September 9 <3

Ultimate bias?

EXO’s Baekhyun :-)

If fate gives you a chance to meet your bias, how would you react?

It depends where I actually see him. I first saw him last January 12, 2013 for a concert and my reaction was just spectacular. :—) loljk I didn’t actually scream or anything, I just stood there, staring at him silently among the jumping and loud fans. I was completely starstruck and I still remember his beautiful face ;u; You know that feeling, when you see something wonderful, your heart literally flutters and it just takes your breath away? That’s it. c:

(((did i even answer you question??? omg im so sorry if i didnt or if i sounded like a complete imbecile ;A; lmao)))

Favorite English speaker female idol/artist?

Can’t choose between Tiffany or Jessica, really. Hahaha~ ^^;;

Favorite underrated/unappreciated girl group?

Crayon Pop :-)


I’m breaking some rules, sorry. T-T

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Hey~ 5 6 7 8 ;u;

hello there bianca bby ♡♡♡

5. What does your URL mean?

hmmm~ there’s not much into it, but this is the fist url i have treasured so much! ;u; baekttoki is about “baek“ which actually means one hundred (100) and ”ttoki“ which means bunny o rabbit in korean. the baek is from baekhyun, and ttoki is from my love of bunnies~ ㅋㅋㅋ

6. Reason you joined Tumblr?

the first reason i joined tumblr would probably be because i once felt really lost and hurt. i figured out that i felt really belonged here, like i finally found my place. and turns out i was right~ ^u^ so far, tumblr has one of the best that ever happened to me!

7. Do you have any nickname?

i do! omg i have lots of them~ :—) my fangirl friends from school call me baekhyun eonni, bacon eonni, hayato, erina, jini. lol my family calls me ej (((which sounds like a guys name idk))) my online friends call me ericka, eka, potato and kitty.

im perfectly fine with all those nicknames bcus idk, it makes me feel like im really there and they appreciate my presence :3

8. Do you like bubble bath?

tbh with u, i haven’t experienced a bubble bath before ;_; i prefer nice, long showers~


No limits! Ask me anything~

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mhmm lets see ….

1. i have my jap speaking test on this upcoming sat //cries

2. i love milk tea esp brown rice 

3. graduating hs in 3 wks time YAY 

4. hate rollercoasters  

5. today i hi-5 my maths teacher ??!! idek … 

nah-ul asked:

e-x-o ;A;

eureureong eureureong eureureong dae ;u; 

ajsgfjasdgfk omg hahaha ;u;


If I’m a fan or not a fan

- Been a fan since April 2012!!! ^u^

The first song I heard by them

- I think it’s History, since I remember not liking MAMA before. :))

My favourite song as of now

- ‘Into Your World’ holds a very, very special place in my heart (((I remember sobbing the first time I heard it live ;u; lol))) but 'Don’t Go’ is just as beautiful as well. :-)

The first MV I saw

- It’s MAMA! ^u^ ((or does KAi’s 1st teaser video count??? ;u; lol)))

My favourite MV as of now

- Growl 2nd version <333

Who my bias is

- What is a bias in EXO anyway ;-; 

LOLjk. It’s Baekhyun! ^u^

Who my least favorite member is

- I personally don’t like to rank EXO, so there’s no one as my least favorite member. c:


- Hmmm~ I ship everyone with everyone in EXO (((lol))) but I have to say that BaekChen is my fave! ;u;

A pairing I dislike

- The most overrated OTP :-) 

(((Guess who hohoho)))

And lastly, an unpopular opinion

- I, myself, could not honestly stand EXO pairings. I can never read fics even of my own OTPs; and I personally think that I don’t have to ship 'ships’ just because everyone does. :-)


Inbox me a group! ^^