I want a few random and weird things out of a relationship, and the thing is, I know they’re perfectly in reach and someone, somewhere, is willing to do them for me. So here they are. I want a boyfriend who will bake me a cake for no reason. I want a boyfriend who will buy us a hotel room so we can get drunk and watch Disney movies. I want a boyfriend who watches so intently he would get me a Lana del Rey poster and new makeup because he knows THAT is the stuff that I would really be in awe over. I want a boyfriend who gets us matching bikes. Who plans trips without me having to do any of the work. Who doesn’t flake. Who makes plans, rather than me having to make them, and keeps his word. And I want a guy who can take me on dates that are weird and unusual. I once had this perfect relationship, perfect life, I was so happy. It got lost, but I want it, and more, again. I want to go to the zoo, I want to be in love. Some people are happy single, because they like to be fun and crazy and wild and experiment, but none of that stuff is me. At all. I want someone to share it with.


Big Wavy Hair Tutorial, Cher Lloyd Style! By Mirellabelle.tumblr.com :) Thanks honey bun, this video is perf! Imma try this on monday :)