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Have you listened to Heavy by Linkin Park ft Kiiara? It really makes me think of umfb!Yuuri! Also I hope you're exams and studying are going well! I'm going for a bachelors in microbiology and I couldn't even imagine trying to go to med school. All the power to you!

Thank you! I couldn’t imagine doing a degree in mircobiology, I find it so hard so you have my undying respect! 

So, for those who talk to me often  you prob know this but  I finally got accepted into a mircobiology phD program at UGA.   So in a couple months i will be moving   cries.   

Im pretty excited but also worried. I have wanted to become a professor at a research university for a while,  but reality is that is a really competitive job market.  You have to be the best of the best, which I am not currently.  So im wondering if i should try or just quit while I am ahead and pursue something non academic.

okay this is edited now and more coherent   (blushes at bad english)  


Second microbiology laboration.

This time we were going to take a look at our epithelial cells and bacteria that we could find by scraping the inside of our cheek and the top of our tongue. We colored the cells the same way as the previous lab with gram-coloring.

The first 6 pictures are of my labparter’s cheek and tongue cells and bacteria and the others from mine. 

I have some more pictures but they didn’t fit in the same post so ill be making part two shortly!