miraxus art

‘Cause it’s me, you, you, me, me, you all night~

yeah they’re gonna bang. (if that wasn’t obvious enough). 

Ugh, me and my sketchiness. Coloring would take me a century and I don’t have time to spare for that.. 

Anyhoo, I was kinda going through an art-block, so I decided to draw this to get something outta my system. Not satisfying, but at least it’s something~ x) 

Consider this as something to make up for missing out on their anniversary. So let’s say that this is taking place on Nov. 8th where they’ve got a hot night planned with each other, lol. 



This was a wip, and today I decided to finish it up today.

I have a bad habit of being messy when I sketch. I had to pause from studying so I can get this out of my system. I’m sorry if it looks bad.. v_v

I’m thinkin’ this is something they would both enjoy doing together.. listening to rock n’ roll while cuddling or nuzzling together. 

Anyways, I have to get back to the books..I might take a while to draw another one… but I’ll take advantage when I get the chance. 

Anyhoo, enjoy! and sorry again! 

Miraxus is life. 


Miraxus staring at each other as though they’re in their own world..

Although Makarov is happy for his grandson; he still doesn’t like it when Laxus distracts Mira from her work so that he could enjoy touching her, hence why he would yell at him.

Erza be like daayum they makin eyes at each other like they’re gonna fuck on the bar kiss at any second

(I just love how Makarov says “Laxus” in the anime. xD For some reason he always sounds like he’s scolding the guy when he calls out his name.
No matter how old Laxus is, he is still a brat in Makarov’s eyes.)

Anyways; here’s my new Miraxus;; it’s a little fluffy and i apologize for the mistakes but my hand is sore and my eyes are burning v_v;;
Hopefully you guys like this.