I don't care

I don’t care if you’re the kind that prays or meditates or lights a candle or thinks positive thoughts.

Whatever you do to put good out into the universe, could you send a little out for me and my family?

Today my brothers and I went out to the hospital. My youngest brother was recently diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome, a kind of blood cancer that is very rare for a person of his age and health history to get.

And he really needs bone marrow. Specifically bone marrow from one of us, my other brother and I. We are his best bet for a match.

No amount of crowd-funding or awareness will make one of us a match. All I can use right now is your good vibes that one of us will be. If you could do that for me, I would appreciate it greatly.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Photo from [mode of UROBOROS]
2017.02.10 Tokyo International Forum

▼薫 コメント / Comment from Kaoru
去年から始まったTOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO_____。4月は[mode of THE MARROW OF A BONE]なんですが、DIR EN GREYが結成してライブを始めたのがちょうど20年前の4月でして。その頃は確かバンド名もはっきり決まっていなかった様な時期で、持ち曲も少なくて勢いでやっていた曲が多かったと思います。
この[mode of THE MARROW OF A BONE]はARCHEの曲と混ざると面白い化学反応みたいなのが起こる気がしていてとても楽しみです。

TOUR16-17 FROM DEPRESSION TO ____ that started last year. In April we will do [mode of THE MARROW OF THE BONE], it will be exactly 20 years since we have formed a band and played first shows in April. At that time we didn’t have a definite band name, we also didn’t have many songs and with many we just tried them out with great force.
With this perfect timing we will try to add some of those few songs to the set of the next tour (laughing).
I’m really looking forward to this tour as I think that mixing them with ARCHE songs during [THE MARROW OF A BONE] will be interesting.