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I agree the Ran fandom for the most part is sane but TBH since the divorce a lot of the formerly sane ones have gotten nasty or have, like me, dropped offline because of the nastiness. The active group online now is only small but they are the vocal ones.

Divorce really does bring out the worst in people… But yea I unfollowed a lot of the Miranda blogs I once followed because either they got really hateful or they just stopped posting.

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Wow, well, this has just turned into a Miranda bashing blog instead of a Blake loving blog. I'm not a Ranfan, but even I'm getting really tired of the negativity. Yeah yeah, don't read, but I like B and I like CM and just wanna say that y'all need to stop bashing on the girl. If y'all are so secure in your ship what you gotta keep tearing down that other relationship. Y'all sound petty as each other.

I’m honestly not trying to bash on Miranda… I do believe that she cheated, and I know a lot of people don’t, but I don’t use that to talk negatively about her. I mean I have a very sarcastic sense of humor so most of the times I say something that probably seems mean on the internet but it’s not meant seriously.
Plus the other part of it is that I have gotten so many hateful messages in my inbox from crazy ran fans that it’s led me to lash out because I’m seriously sick of it. I delete most of them but seriously… It’s just annoying. I don’t have a problem with Miranda but I do have a problem with whoever keeps leaving me insane messages.

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Hi! Random question: Is delta-breezes your blog too? :) have a good day♡

Good Morning…yes delta-breezes is my blog. It is actually the original blog. Wistfully Country and Fresh Brewed Life came later. What was I thinking…3 blogs, yikes! ~Miranda

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Honestly, why are you so mean about RanFans? How dare fans of Miranda still come to blog that was about Miranda and Blake? You always post snarky things towards her / fans but not towards Gwen/ her fans.

I don’t have anything against Miranda but I get like 5 messages a week that talk about how fake Gwen is and how much better Miranda is and then on top of that I always get a few like this one that accuse me of being a terrible Miranda fan even though I don’t even post about her anymore and I’m sick of dealing with it and I’m sick of getting rude messages from ranfans. If you have a problem with me, just leave me alone. Seriously. I don’t care. There are actual blogs dedicated to Miranda out there. Follow them so you don’t get so offended all the time. I am a Blake blog. This is not the place for Miranda information because anytime I discuss Miranda I end up being the bad guy.

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I was tagged by: @justasadlittleblogger :)

Name/Nicknames: Smally, Molecule, Brolecule (the last two are a really long story so if you’re curious just ask and I’ll tell)

Height: 5'4"

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Last thing googled: (I’m going to include a few for fun) Sweet Vicious, Sebastian Stan, Bucky Barnes, Bucky Barnes action figure, Bucky Barnes Tsum Tsum, and Panera.

A fictional character I’d like as a sibling: Steve Rogers because I know he’d protect me from my past and present bullies as well as make sure I’m always doing okay and checking up on me because of my depression and anxiety. Plus I’m pretty sure he’d fight Donald Trump with his partner, Papa Bernie, and save the US. Plus he’d have Bucky as his bff and it’d be really cool to actually know the two of them and have such caring people in my life. 

How many blankets do I sleep with: Two; one heated cause I’m a cold ass human and then a Star Wars comforter on top. 

Favorite artist/band: Currently it’s Lin-Manuel Miranda; I fucking love the Moana soundtrack and I adore Hamilton.

How many blogs do I follow: 245

What about do I usually post: It’s been Bucky and Marvel related stuff recently but I do tend to post some more lgbtq+ related stuff (tips, rants, articles, etc.)

Do I get asks regularly: Well, you see, because I write fanfiction I do get some asks. 99% of the time they’re just people sending in requests. The other 1% is the occasional response to me trying to get people to send me asks through posts like- “send me Bucky smut scenarios!” (which I love ;) so don’t stop). I don’t tend to get personal ones. If I post something about my mental health I do get some telling me to take some time and get better (which I completely adore and love and it makes me really happy and it’s amazing and you guys who do send me that stuff are super sweet and amazing) :) Damn it, be nosy and ask me things you little dork nuggets, I wanna be asked thiiiiiiiiings. even if they’re the most uncomfortable questions.

I tag: @leisurely-loving, @riseofthehufflepuffs, @goldenlifevsgutter1996, @superstyles24, @parawh0rethings, and @kyleannsmut

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I am starting to think this is a Miranda and Gavin blog..Ha! Just kidding! Hang in there, Nicole 😉

Nahhh. Just an anti-Shefani blog, duh. I’ve been lulling the fandom into a false sense of security for the past seven months and now I’m sending myself negative asks to upset everyone, mwahahaha. 

Trying. 😂

Hearing Miranda talk about herself is heartbreaking.

Knowing that she was genetically engineered has obviously made quite an impact on her self esteem.

How much of what she’s capable of is thanks to her father’s genetic alterations and how much are her own? When she achieves something, can she truly call it her own when she owed so much to him?

At the same time, knowing that she had been made by her father to facilitate his dynasty, to be his living legacy couldn’t have been good for her mental health either. Who could be happy knowing that their parent only sees them as an investment, no, a tool rather a person in their own right?

Yet still she persevered. Even knowing what kind of man her father is, she facilitated not only her own escape, but also Oriana’s and made sure she has the life that she hadn’t been able to.

Miranda is so strong, in so many ways.

This isn’t my first time going through this game, but it is my first time truly appreciating what she’s gone through and how much she’s been through. I have a new appreciation for her, even though I’ve always liked her to begin with.

Now I want to make a male Shepard just to romance her in the second game.