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Hi zayn daddy!! I love it when u give me squishies and cummies!! ✨☺️☺️☺️💗💗 I love u tho heaux ur one of my fav blogs for Miranda diamonds and fallen angelina germanotta xx

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Remembers when I was terrified of you on my Miranda blog and then you approached me telling me things. And then me being like jgksg???? because you thought I was quality. And now here we are - you've been a joy to have around. Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for letting me roleplay with me. You influenced me to open up with my RP style, my writing, and I will forever be grateful because my love for detail holds no bounds. I love what we have and hope it only gets stronger. xoxo

anonymously tell me what you think about my role playing.

you are just as talented with jill as you were/are with miranda. my inner illusive man and my outer wesker both approve immensely. i think what i like most about your interpretation is the raw emotional aspect you bring to her, you don’t write her off as just ‘happily ever after living with chris etc,’ but you show her suffering and you show her nightmares, and in terms of wesker, you’ve shown me the effect he’s left on her and i find that very beautifully, hauntingly done. i do think you’re quality, i always will, and i’m glad i influenced you to open up because life’s long and the world’s huge and it gets boring doing things the same way as others do. don’t ever be afraid to be unique, love, and thank you for sending this my way. 

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Haha, I guess it is a possibility, but I’m guessing he hasn’t since there are only 3 or so blogs that he seems to check (mine not being one of them).  But I’d be flattered if he did check out my blog.

I’m gonna buy a Wacom Intuos Tablet Pen & Touch with the special glove included once I get back to the city!! Whoop!
Also I’m thankful I took a (forced) break from the laptop; I had more time for myself and I have a lot of ideas for Miranda’s blog! I also feel more inspired and happier!
Hopefully I’ll get my laptop back in no time! Probably in a week or two! I thank all of you for your support!!

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i would agree with that categorisation. oh man, i don’t know if i’ve blogged their miranda one yet, but it’s like pastel coastal grunge and i thought of you.

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Blog List~

I’ve needed to make a list of /all/ of my blogs even if some are WIP aka new aka give me a break I need to calm my anxiety about finding the perfect layout then I can have a reblog fest.

digicritter = my personal blog aka anything and everything gay.

somethinggoodnothingbad = a joint blog that I share with my bff. Aka the Stitch to my Lilo, the Scott to my Stiles, the Grace to my Will.

mindfulanchor = mostly relating to counseling / my experience as a graduate student / Buddhism / Spirituality. Never forget to be mindful. Be mindful of everything. Practice your mindfulness. 

serpentology = all about snakes! I love them, my Chinese Zodiac is the Earth Snake, I am also a Slytherin. I want a pet snake sooooo much but until I can get one, this will serve as my baby.

charliejogrey = my forever attempt to make myself into an indie RP character which I procrastinate over and threaten to delete on a daily basis even if nothing is fucking there. XD. Oh the struggles. If only there was a celebrity that looked even /remotely/ like myself. -.-;;’. Little fact about the name. My mom was going to name me Charlie after her brother Chuck but declined because she didn’t want me to get made fun of by being called Charlie Brown. Jo is the middle name of one of the greatest women I’ve ever known, my aunt who recently passed away. Grey is after one of my favorite X-men, the Phoenix herself - Jean Grey. This will probably stay null and void but whatever. 

That’s it folks! Or in the words of Miranda Priestly - that’s all. *flips hair*

Oh…and I have one very secret blog which is basically porn but you didn’t hear me say that. *coughallmysecretfantasiesvisuallyrebloggedcough*