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Quantico Season 2 Finale - Review

what can I say?  I absolutely love this show.  it keeps you on your toes and keeps you guessing and wanting more.  not for a single second was I ever bored because there are so many questions that must be answered.  my favorite thing about this show is how diverse the entire cast is.  as people would say it didn’t get the whitewash treatment.

Spoilers below…

I loved this finale so much.  I love how Alex and company were able to find the evidence needed and achieved their goal.  but, it came at an expense with Alex having to go on the run.  since, she committed a felony by exposing the truth.  I know there is a more technical term.  its at the tip of my tongue but I cannot think of it.

also, I love how Shelby did the right thing for Clay.  there were feelings there but she knew they weren’t meant to be.  he was meant to be with Maxine and we end up seeing they secretly got eloped.

oh..oh..oh!! I loved how Nimha and Raina were reunited in the end too.  it was so nice seeing the sisters reunited.

and finally, in the end, I love how Ryan surprised Alex by being on the plane and decided if she had to go, he’ll come with because he knew his life was better with her in it versus without her.  I totally shed a tear seeing that scene.

the worst thing was that they literally announced Quantco’s season 3 renewal on the day of the finale.  which was so cruel.

but, they made the finale in the way if it wasn’t renewed people would be happy.  although, I am super glad it was renewed.  I love this show with all my heart.

I know many people will be mad that the episode count for season 3 was cut down to 13 but I feel like that’s for the best.  it will allow the writer’s room for the show to write a really compelling story.  not that both season’s didn’t!  and it will allow the episodes to air all at once versus in two installments.

sure, I’ll miss the 22 episode season count but I am happy that it is returning.  I wish this show wasn’t underrated.  more people definitely need to watch it especially if they want a show that will keep you on your toes!!

maybesartcorp  asked:

You guys are always so fabulous and amazing but were there ever moments you ever felt like you had to hide from embarrassment? (Missed you <3)

Kacey: Aww! You’re so sweet, thank you! (She smiles) When I first started doing the town morning announcements, I was so nervous, my words got all jumbled up! I was so embarrassed, I didn’t do it for weeks after that…

Miranda: Oh man… once Sunny dared me to try to walk in high heels, and I fell probably ten times. It was awful, especially since I had spent a half an hour saying it was easy. I don’t know how she walks in those every day…. And thank you for saying those things, even if I don’t think they’re true sometimes.

Brandy: You’re fabulous and amazing too! (She smiles, blushing slightly) One time back home I fell asleep in one of the barns, and only woke up when my parents found me at night. I never heard the end of it from my brother, the teasing was endless. (She shivers)

Sunny: Thank ya for saying that! I always try to be fabulous and amazing! (She winks) As for me, I have no embarrassing moments!

Miranda: Come on. There has to be something!

Sunny: Absolutely not!

Brandy: What about that time you bragged up your cooking skills, and ended up almost setting the hotel we stayed at on fire? The fire department was called and everything!


Miranda: I’ve heard that one before, that’s amazing. The fire department, Sunny? Really?

Brandy: Oh, and despite her claiming her hair is always perfect and she never uses anything on it, I’ve seen her quite a few times with her hair all messed up.


Miranda: (She laughs) Oh that one is the best for sure!

((AWW YOU’RE SO SWEET! I missed you too! <3))

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