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Hearing Miranda talk about herself is heartbreaking.

Knowing that she was genetically engineered has obviously made quite an impact on her self esteem.

How much of what she’s capable of is thanks to her father’s genetic alterations and how much are her own? When she achieves something, can she truly call it her own when she owed so much to him?

At the same time, knowing that she had been made by her father to facilitate his dynasty, to be his living legacy couldn’t have been good for her mental health either. Who could be happy knowing that their parent only sees them as an investment, no, a tool rather a person in their own right?

Yet still she persevered. Even knowing what kind of man her father is, she facilitated not only her own escape, but also Oriana’s and made sure she has the life that she hadn’t been able to.

Miranda is so strong, in so many ways.

This isn’t my first time going through this game, but it is my first time truly appreciating what she’s gone through and how much she’s been through. I have a new appreciation for her, even though I’ve always liked her to begin with.

Now I want to make a male Shepard just to romance her in the second game.

The Dress

I don’t even know where this came from. I started to become smut but I wanted to keep it PG. Also I really wanted to write drunk Hamilsquad.

Warnings: mentions of sex and alcohol, profanity

“You’re ruining her dress!” Hercules screamed, chasing after you. You were on Alex’s back, knees gripping his waist and your arms slung around his neck. You could feel his chest shake with laughter as he tripped, almost dropping you. Normally you would be care about being so unladylike, but it was late and you had all had a lot to drink. John and Lafayette stumbled behind you, arms wrapped around each other while they sang a song with no real lyrics. John had just gotten engaged, so you decided the group should go out drinking. Of course Herc leaped at the opportunity to showcase his new dress he had designed for you. He had finally caught up to you and Alex, him being the only sober one.

“Get off of him,” he demanded pointing at the ground. You were trying to read his expression, but you were a “little” bit too drunk to tell.

“But he’s so comfy,” you drawled, burying your face in Alex’s hair. He smelled like old books, fresh ink and whiskey. You wanted to stay on him forever. He suddenly let go of your legs, causing you to fall. You landed right in a puddle, ruining your dress.

“What the hell?!” You yelled at Alex. He looked as though he didn’t even know he dropped you. He extended a hand and pulled you up.

“Alexander you better fix my dress in five minutes or you will never see the light of day again,” Hercules growled. You and Alex both yelped in fear, not knowing he wasn’t serious. He grabbed your hand and pulled you into the nearest bar. He lead you into the bathroom, getting some glances. He began to pull off one of the many skirts you had on.

“Woah we should at least go an a date first,” you stammered. He giggled and kept on taking off your skirts. You grabbed his hands and lifted them away from you. This caused a look of confusion from Alex. You stared into his dark eyes, and realized something. You wanted to kiss him.
You aggressively pressed your lips against his. His arms immediately wrapped around your waist and pulled you closer to him. He ripped off the front of your dress causing buttons to fly. You tangled your fingers in his hair, his ponytail taken out hours ago. He nipped your neck, causing you to moan. He glanced up at you and everything became clear for a moment.

“Wait,” you said, lightly pushing him away. He looked at you, his eyes soft.

“If we’re gonna do this I wanna remember it,” you whispered to him. Tonight had made you realize that you had deeper feelings for him, and you didn’t want to start a relationship with drunken sex in a sleazy bar.
“I understand,” he said holding your hands in his. “I fucked up your dress though.” You both laughed as he placed his coat around your shoulders, partially concealing the damage. You gathered the abandoned skirts from the ground.

He led you back through the bar, giggling the whole time. When you stepped into the cold fall air, you saw Hercules trying to explain something to Laf and John, but they were still taking swigs out of a shared bottle of rum.

“Hey,” you said, catching their attention. Hercules’s jaw dropped. He stood there and stared at the ruined dress he had spent so long making.

“You fuuuucked,” Lafayette drawled, his French accent stronger with drunkenness. Laurens doubled over with laughter, holding onto Laf’s shoulder.

“WHAT THE HELL ALEX,” Hercules screamed, running after Alex. You smiled, they may be weird but you loved your boys.

So I'm on leave

Hi! Sorry that, as you may have noticed, I just suddenly haven’t been around much lately. I’m doing a 30 hour a week mental health treatment program (which is excellent) and spending a lot of time on things associated with that. All good stuff, leaving not much time, energy, or brain space for blogging. But know that I do miss it, and all of my lovely trash. The program ends and I start back part time at work after next week. V. excited about it!

Also v. much looking forward to having more time (and an excellent schedule) to be back blogging in September. I’ll have a special request for you all then (ah, well, I’ll be professionalizing my theme and user-friendly-izing this all a little bit, then asking for monthly donations), and, if that works out, will be able to continue to provide y'all with copious amounts of the quality Lin content you’ve come to know and, from what you tell me, love and really, really appreciate. I appreciate you all, and the opportunity to practice and share my fannish vocation, so much! Looooove bye (for now!)

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N-no.. n-no... n-no.. blih... w-why did I-I c-come here... w-what a b-bad decision, blih... n-no... blih.... *goes near the train station crying, she can't face the four girls again, not after what they did to maren. she covers her eyes, trying not to face them.* -askvelmathegoat

Kacey: Velma, are you okay!? What’s wrong!? You can tell me, I’ll help you!

Miranda: …It’s me. She’s scared of me… Maren probably told her lies about me. Don’t believe her… Well… there are reasons to be scared of me… but what she told you might be wrong.

Brandy: Maybe it’s not that. Velma… would you mind telling us what’s the matter? We can help you… promise!

Sunny: Um, don’t cry, um… what does Kacey usually say to crying people? Um, everything will be okay, don’t cry. I’m not good with people crying…

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omg where is that video of lin rapping "right hand man" from?! I'm freaking out?? Is there more?

Check the links in the post. :) It was from a summer camp for adults for this organization called WeWork. wwcamp16. He did a talk or q&a earlier that day. The Roots were part of the entertainment so, there was Lin rapping with them ofc XD I’ll be posting more of everything, hopefully including video edits, when I have time. There’s a ton of material from it on twitter and instagram. You have my loyal and diligent tipsters @pancaspe and @stickmarionette to thank for that and everything else that’s coming up.

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Vanessa walked by Miranda's house slowly, knocking on her door as soft but audible as she could. "Miranda?" Her voice was soft. "Could I talk to you, please? If you don't want to, you don't have to... I promise you, I'm not going to do anything bad." she sighed softly. Knowing Miranda, she was never one to trust. She could tell that Miranda didn't trust her so much, but maybe she could help through this whole incident. It ripped her heart in half to see two amazing towns fight. (askbellissimo)

Miranda: Hey… I know you’re not gonna do anything bad, okay…? Everyone’s scared of me now… (she sighs). Yeah, you can talk to me… I’m assuming it’s about Maren. Well, how much do you hate me now…? I’m assuming it’s a lot, since everyone’s taking her side.


Nine Worlds 2016 (plus Harry Potter and In the Heights)

This years Nine Worlds felt rather strange to me because I wasn’t there for the whole convention but the weekend as a whole was one of the best weekends of my life.

After last year, when I decided to attend last minute, I planned to make a long weekend of it and book a bed in a nearby hostel for 4 nights. This turned out to be a fantastic decision as I found that I was sharing a room with 7 other people attending the convention. It was like a geeky summer camp! They were all really friendly and I made some new friends that I hope I will see at other conventions in the future.

On the Thursday night I was invited to come along to an event called Fantasy in the Court by my friend, Mike, who was one of the authors attending. I didn’t really know what to expect and found myself at something resembling a networking event for writers and publishers. I felt very out of place, clutching a Dragon Mouse toy and talking to people in publishing, but I did have a good evening. It was really interesting to peak behind the veil of the publishing industry. And they liked Dragon Mouse.

Friday was the first day of the convention and I arrived early to register and get my badge. The first talk I attended was an art history talk about Monsters which turned out to be very interesting and entertaining. The speaker was an artist, so he talked bout how he felt about different depictions of monsters in art, not all of them favorably, and spoke about how as an artist he can use his research much more freely than if her were a historian. It was very interesting and gave me lots of think about in regards to my own work. I left feeling very inspired to create some new books.

That afternoon I had a table in the Pop Up Market in the Expo Hall. I was really nervous that no one would come down because I was only there for one afternoon or that people wouldn’t buy my stuff. But I was astonished by how well I did and how many people liked my work. I mean, I love what I make, but it always takes me by surprise when other people do and are willing to spend money on it. I would like to thank everyone who came by and said hello. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and hope to see you all again sometime. (And thank you to Kat for taking a picture because I forgot to get one)

In the evening I was able to catch a good comics panel simply titled “The Good Stuff” which left me with a long reading list of books to look for and then I called it a night.

On Saturday morning I was chatting to some people from my hostel and one of their friends and this led to us having a quick game of the Fan Fiction game which was a lot of fun and then I headed to a panel on the representation of immigrants. Unfortunately the panel wasn’t as diverse as it needed to be, with all the panelists being white or white passing. This was addressed during the session but the criticism wasn’t handled well by some of the panelists. Hopefully this is something which will be addressed and corrected in the future, especially as Nine Worlds aims to be an inclusive convention. This panel was not.

I attended two very interesting academic talks about non-binary gender, one regarding “The Left Hand of Darkness” and one about the goddess Athena but unfortunately I had to sneak out of that one early, although I would have loved to stay.

Why did I need to leave? Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! Yes, my friend Rosie had a spare ticket and had offered it to me. I think that is good enough reason to miss the main day of Nine Worlds. I wont say much more here other than it was amazing. You can click here for my full review.

I got back to Hammersmith thoroughly exhausted at about 11pm and decided it would be a great idea to head to the disco where Mike was DJing and rave to “We’re taking the hobbits to Isangard”. Yes, it was the correct decision. I crashed into bed after a much needed shower at 3am.

I some how managed to make a session on Historical Headcannon at 9am on Sunday which was fun. I then went to a very interesting and well presented table about The Winter Soldier and how PTSD is presented in the MCU and explored further in fan works. Of course I had to attend the panel on Theatre as Transformative Works which was a lot of fun, considering how much theatre is at his heart transformative. I did some shopping, spending more money than I probably should have and finished with a talk about diversity in Fantasy which talked about how the genre had progressed and continues to though it is a long game. 

By this point I was running on 4 hours sleep and very little food but was invited to sit with some people I had met at a con earlier this year and their friends in the bar. They even bought food for me because I looked that dead. I spent a lovely evening with them talking about nerdy stuff and crazy fan fiction. It was a lovely end to the convention and as always I was sad for it to be over. But it wasn’t quite the end of my weekend. 

On Monday I said bye to the last of my room mates and headed into the centre of London. I managed to go to the House of Minalima which I hadn’t had a change to see on Saturday. It’s a pop up exhibition and shop behind the theatre where the Harry Potter play is being performed showing lots of the design work from the movies. It’s great seeing how much detail was put into every design, even if you don’t see it in the movies. But the shop is really expensive! Then I went across to the V&A’s childhood museum to see the original Clangers. I think my favorite thing was seeing the camera that was used which had been modified using Mechano to run at the right speed.

I then met up with a uni friend. We went to Nandos and then went to see In the Heights which was really good. The Kings Cross theatre is a temporary theatre built on a disused railway track so that was cool and it meant there was enough room for me to take my luggage in. I really enjoyed the show. It’s famous for being a story about immigrants which shows them as normal people, running small businesses, supporting their children, trying to make their way in the world. This shouldn’t be revolutionary but it is very much needed. It is unapologetically bi-lingual and blends lots of different music styles together to create the atmosphere of Washington Heights New York. It was a great end to a fantastic weekend.

Tuesday I headed home and to bed.