miranda's gif

Everything about this gif is glorious. George just sassily trotting up and tossing the papers and just marching away. The extra flailing across the front. Jefferson skipping around and flinging more paper. Madison just calmly walking to the right. The two extras just getting d o w n in the back. The guys awkwardly carrying the bench in at the end. The ones rolling around on the floor and catching the papers. And Hamilton being in the midst of it all just looking exasperated. Beautiful.

My name is Philip
I am a poet
I wrote this poem just
To show it
And I just turned nine
You can write rhymes
But you can’t write mine


I practice French
And play piano with my mother


I have a sister, but I want a little brother


My daddy’s trying to start America’s bank
Un deux trois quatre cinq!


he think he slick