miranda x caleb

What I want for Quantico S3

- Alex and Ryan just being a normal couple without the angst, the drama, the breaking up, the pining and the keeping secrets from eachother. I want to see them act like the team they truly are/can be because that’s when their dynamic is the best

- Caleb back! I miss my snarky son already

- you can miss me with his brother though, i never really cared about him (though tbf, that was probably mostly because of that storyline between him and shelby. was that really necessary? really?)

- let Shelby and Caleb get back together

- Shelby in Quantico

- give Harry a decent storyline and the love and affection he deserves

- what the fuck do you mean Nimah and Raina won’t be back??

- bring Sebastian back (also with a decent storyline!), let him apologize to Harry for treating him like shit and then let them rebuild something build on trust and mutual respect (because i will go down with this ship, but i need Sebastian to start treating Harry better and to own up to the fact that he fucked things up with him big time)

- Owen and Miranda dating? Please?

So lemme get this straight:

Nathalie Vazquez likes Booth(?)
Booth likes Alex
Alex likes Booth(?)
Liam O'Connor likes Alex (has an affair with Alex) and is setting her up (imo)
LIam O’Connor dated Miranda Shaw

Simon is gay (?)
He’s hella not feeling the gay analyst but feeling Nimah/Raina?
Raina likes Simon (putting on makeup/keeping the bottle)
Nimah ain’t fucking with Simon lol.

Shelby likes Caleb
Caleb was checking out some dudes ass (?) fake being on his phone lol



Exhibit One: Elias’ creepy fixation and investigation of Simon could have easily led him to the blueprints. For example, when Elias found out that Simon’s glasses were fake, he could have dug around in Simon’s stuff to find other stuff and thus come across the blueprint. 

Exhibit Two: Elias used chloroform to drug Simon, and Alex was ALSO chloroformed before the bombing of Grand Central. 

Exhibit Three: Elias displays a hatred for the FBI even before he joined as an analyst (he worked against the FBI in the courtroom before joining) so pinning it on one of FBI’s people would cause the organization plenty of headaches. Although this point is murky because we wouldn’t know why he would choose Alex out of everyone. 

Exhibit Four: Originally I had crossed out Elias as a suspect because of his passion to save Alex when he became her legal counsel but after some thought it would make perfect sense for Elias to become her legal counsel so he could get inside the FBI and be up to date with all of Alex’s moves so he can alter his plans accordingly. 

Exhibit Five: THE MOST DAMNING OF ALL. In the promo for episode 11 aka winter finale, at around 0:19 you see Nathalie, Alex and Reyna/Nimah (I always forget who is who) run toward the window with their guns pointed, looking horrified as if they have found their bomber and he/she has likely jumped out the window. 

Now, take a look at what Yasmine Al Massri aka Reyna/Raina and Nimah posted two ish weeks back:

SAME 3 PEOPLE, ALEX WEARING WHAT LOOKS TO BE THE SAME TOP, AND NATHALIE AND REYNA/RAINA’S OUTFITS ARE EXACTLY THE SAME AS THE SCREENSHOT OF THE PROMO. The background of the screenshot from the promo suggest that they were inside a house set with a turquoise wall, and the picture posted by Yasmine suggest that it was taken inside a house set with a turquoise wall. The aforementioned pictures are nearly identical in people, outfit and setting of scene, except for one addition: 


The expression on all three girls’ faces suggest that they are truly horrified, a mixture of betrayal and horror. It makes sense that it’s Elias jumping out that window, even if he isn’t the mastermind, there is a bigger role that Elias plays in this than I thought. He would be perfect though, from a writer’s perspective. Not given a role of a main character, thus would not cause as much uproar if a beloved main turned out to be a bad guy e.g. Caleb, Reyna or Shelby who appear in every episode, but still remains a major recurring character that has enough relevance that viewers don’t cry foul over a cop out. 

Knowing Josh Safran though, he will probably pull another Dan Humphrey and go the Brandon route.