Want to know whats really annoying? Its cool to know all about football, its great that you know all of the players and all of the stats and all of the scores and teams but for some reason its known as weird to know a bunch of YouTuber’s and their birthdays and a few things about them and you get excited over them releasing a new video or a book or a beauty line etc. GOD FORBID!!

my mom reacting to pictures of youtubers
  • connor franta:oh he's handsome look at that hair
  • joey graceffa:see? if you brushed your teeth they would look like that
  • tyler oakley:why is his hair gray how old is he
  • miranda sings:what
  • iisuperwomanii:she seems like a bright young woman who knows what she wants. oh she's canadian? no wonder then.
  • dan and phil:are these the gay ones you're obsessed with