miranda mercury

Hard Work

pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda/Reader

word count: 1356

warnings: a few swear words

summary: Shouldn’t an interview be about a person’s career, and not their love life? (Y/N) doesn’t mind. Much.

a/n: i wrote this in 20 minutes and its unedited. be kind thanks

“Lin and I never found love. It wasn’t something that came out of the blue and sprung itself upon us.” (Y/N) gently chuckled, her hands perfectly folded in her lap. It was the only way she could refrain from picking at a loose thread that hung from her skirt. No one noticed it except her, and she didn’t want to bring attention to it. “We worked hard to get to where we are now. I’m pretty sure he hated me when we first met. I was the perfectionist in college and he…wasn’t…” The audience laughed, and she wasn’t sure if it was about her minor quip or her bright pink face.

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yeah, so guys, I’m doing a short story for Marvel with Marguerite Sauvage.

You guys remember Marguerite, right? From drawing the best Wonder Woman ever?

Yeah, you remember  rock star Wonder Woman, right?

Oh and what was that other comic again?

Oh that’s right, Bombshells.

(she’s amazing)

Anyway, we’re doing a short story together in Civil War II: Choosing Sides #2.  I know, it’s a name for a book that you’ve literally already forgotten as you’re reading this sentence.  BUT–

Our story will be starring in its lead roles:

America Chavez (Ms America Chavez (regardless of whether or not you are nasty))

Monica Rambeau (Spectrum/Captain Marvel)

Ororo Monroe (Storm, but you knew that)

Misty Knight (she has no code name, she’s that cool)

And will also have in supporting roles:

Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)

Silhouette Chord (Silhouette)

Sam Wilson (Captain America)

Adam Brashear (The Blue Marvel)

Now it’s a short story, so I do not get to spend as much time with all of these amazing characters as I would like to (I would literally like to write an ongoing series about every character in this story) but I think that we do something really cool here and I know once Marguerite lays down the art, it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous.

Also, this comic will have stories by Declan Shelvey and Brandon Thomas (which if you haven’t read Brandon’s “The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury” you didn’t do the homework I gave you and I’m very disappointed.

Even if you you’re not planning to jump on the whole even, consider that you will probably be able to rip out and frame each page of Marguerite’s art, so it’s totally worth the price tag!

Change Things

pairing: Daveed Diggs/Reader, Lin-Manuel Miranda/Reader

word count: 1897

warnings: angst, infidelity, mention of alcohol, mention of sexual relations, manipulation

summary: She wished she could have saved Daveed from the pain she had caused him.

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Little Worlds Have Bigger Features: Why Everest And The Grand Canyon Are So Small

“Valles Marineris on Mars is over 2500 miles long, 120 miles wide and 4 miles deep, dwarfing Earth’s grand canyon. Even the rift valleys in the mid-ocean on Earth may not stand up to this magnificent martian feature. In addition, Mercury’s enormous scarps leave cliffs that are 600 miles long and more than 1.8 miles high. In the outer Solar System, Uranus’ moon Miranda has a cliff-like feature – Verona Rupes – that’s an incredible 12 miles (20 kilometers) deep, the largest known in the Solar System.”

The largest mountains, the greatest chasms, steepest cliffs and the tallest peaks on Earth are certainly impressive, particularly when compared to the scale of a human. But compared to the mountains on Mars, Io, Vesta or Iapetus, or the canyons and cliffs on Mars, Mercury, or even Charon, Earth’s features look puny. How could these small worlds, some of which – like Vesta – are barely 5% the diameter of Earth, have features that dwarf our own planet’s? The answer is in gravity itself: without the incredible gravitational pull that Earth experiences at its surface, these irregularities are unchecked by the same forces that pull Earth into such a nearly perfect sphere. Go get the full story on why the largest Earth features are so small compared to the rest of the Solar System!

delicioussfood  asked:

So I don't really remember where I saw your comic but it was the first one I ever bought and I absolutely loved it. now I want more. So if you don't mind me asking are there any more comics like yours or comics that have black female leads? I really what to know.

Come, sit, let’s talk comics with female leads of color:

Miranda Mercury - from Archaia - A cool sci-fi action adventure following a black female sci-fi badass!

Cleopatra in Spaaaaace! - Scholastic - All-ages book following young Cleopatra who is warped through space and time to the future where she does on fun action adventures.

Amala’s Blade - Dark Horse - Takes place in a fantasy world where people are basically divided into tech loving cyborgs and technophobic warlords.  Our title character is a brown girl working as an assassin on both sides of the border.  It’s bloody, but pretty awesome.

Martha Washington - Dark Horse? - Frank Miller’s book about a black woman in the dystopian future.  She joins the army and gets put through some terrible trials as her superior officer (rich white guy) is trying to ruin her life and get her killed.  It’s weird and kinda depressing, but she’s an amazing character.

Genius - coming from Top Cow - This book isn’t out yet so I can’t really attest for story, but the art I’ve seen is amazing and features a black female lead drawn by a black female artist (UNICORN!).  She is a tactical genius living in East L.A. taking on corrupt cops.  It looks good.

Ms. Marvel - Features a Pakistani-American female lead and is very tied into identity.  The art and writing have been amazing here.

Y: The Last Man - This doesn’t really fit this list.  The lead character is a straight cis white dude BUT my favorite character is the secret agent charged with keeping him alive, Agent 355.  She’s a black woman who is THE badass of the series.  This book also features as it’s third main character a Asian lesbian geneticist, so…yeah.

Saga - Is lead by a couple.  Now, they’re aliens, but in some ways that counts double (What does that even mean Jeremy?) because there’s a weird sci-fi/fantasy (this is both) trend of excluding color and just defaulting to white or green.  Alana is defintely brown and Marko is (I think) Asian-ish-esque in appearance.

Nextwave - So this series has been over for some time, but features former Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau, as the lead of a team that’s trying to bring down all the world destroying schemes of an evil corporation.

Mighty Avengers - Is a team full of characters of color in the current series and features two women of color as part of the team in White Tiger and Spectrum (Monica Rambeau, again).  Good book so far.

The Movement - Gail Simone’s extremely diverse team book, led by young black “Virtue”.  The series is finished now, so you can read it all together.

Rocket Girl - Great indie title following an Asian-American hero cop from the future, coming back to right wrongs of the past that led to her future.

Daughters of the Dragon/Heroes for Hire - Both led by Misty Knight and Colleen Wing (black woman and Asian woman respectively).  The first volume which is called Daughters of the Dragon is really solid.  When it becomes Heroes for Hire they bring on a lot more characters and tie it into the big Civil War event, so it loses some steam.  Also, if you’re really bothered by how white dudes in general have no idea how to draw black women’s hair, you might not want to go over to Heroes.

Fearless Defenders - Picks up Misty after her long near absence along with Valkyrie.  There’s also a fairly well treated lesbian relationship.

Rat Queens - An ensemble comic with four female leads, one of whom is a black woman.  Also, like Princeless, a black woman in a fantasy setting (yay!).  This book is great but not for everybody because it is incredibly violent and vulgar.  And awesome!

There are tons of comics with women of color on the internet, in webcomic form, though that’s not really my area of expertise - so I’ll let others recommend some of that.

Also, everyone feel free to add more books to this list if I missed stuff (I will have inevitably missed things)