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I know a lot of people are less than pleased with 4x09 but I’m not going to write off Miranda Kwok as a writer. I think the episode itself was written well and the dialogue wasn’t awkward and there were lots of great lines, but I think she had to stuff so much into the episode that it came off a bit weak in comparison to some other episodes. But that’s not her fault. She did a good job with what she had to work with.

hello, I take back everything I said about blarke not possibly reuniting in 409, Miranda Kwok bout to feed my ass a 5 course meal this Wednesday 9/8C on the CW

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amazing post thank you,this fandom is deseparating sometimes, i think is gonna happen happen in s5,but we are getting canon in the next two episodes of this season,because i'm afraid that they are gonna separate them for 5 years for that and because it is in the text they need canon kiss admission of feelings one of them or both.

i agree with you so much, anon! *_*

i honestly don’t know what has gotten into this fandom since the last episode, but browsing through the tag is an incredibly negative experience. everyone is writing pessimistic meta about how “the writers might have changed their mind and are going to keep bellarke platonic” just because their expectations weren’t met and niyla.rke had a scene. 

i’m sorry that i’m using this ask to break all of the bullshit down, but i feel like i have to. 

a) the niyla.rke scene was intimate, but i genuinely think that people are missing the bigger picture. as @bellamyblakesprotectionsquad2k17 has stated multiple times, the reason why clarke went to niylah is because the two people that she usually goes to for comfort (bellamy/abby) weren’t on her side at the moment. also, it’s canon that niylah isn’t looking for a relationship, and the writer miranda kwok has called the relationship “a friendship” twice already. clarke and niylah are friends with benefits. stop acting like wlw are romantically interested in every woman with whom they have had sex. 

b) it rubs me in the wrong way that people are taking bob’s words at a con so literally since bob is the only cast member that has never spoiled anything. he states his personal opinion, which doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with canon. people are constantly like: “bob said this so it can’t happen!!!!!” and honestly, that’s bullshit. actors have very minimal influence on what happens with their character… 

c) apparently editing scenes to make them less “romantic”. yes, they did this in season 1, but most likely because they wanted bellamy and clarke’s relationship to be a slow burn. grounds? they have kept developing the relationship in a way that frequently parallels canon romantic pairings on the show (finn/clarke, le.xa/clarke, kane/abby, murphy/emori, octavia/lincoln). 

now, people are saying (based on a pair of tweets, mind you) that they have done it again because “bob said so!!!”. we don’t know what the scene was like before it was apparently edited, and still people are acting like this is suddenly a testament to why the writers are keeping bellamy and clarke platonic. in my opinion, it’s ridiculous. 

d) has everyone forgotten that this season - even though it’s mostly focused on bellamy and clarke’s seperate character arcs - has repeatedly shown how much bellamy and clarke love each other? this season, it’s canon that they will not live without one another (”if i’m on that list, you’re on that list” - the list was destroyed shortly after that, so the only purpose of making it was to show the fact that bellamy and clarke ~the platonic couple™~ will not live without one another). it’s canon that clarke thinks bellamy is special, which is a word that has only been used on this show in a romantic context. this season, it’s canon that bellamy will never let anything happen to clarke. it’s canon that clarke would let her mother die to save the human race, but not bellamy. 

e) this ship has always been a slow burn. nothing has changed. they’re still developing the relationship, and y’all need to understand that it won’t make sense in canon unless bellamy and clarke are ready to love again. this is not new information, peeps. please chill tf out and stop spreading your pessimism all over the tag before you know everything. 

it’s really getting on my nerves.   

Did y’all see Miranda Kwok’s (new The 100 writer) twitter messages about Nylarke and Bellarke last night?

I swear to God, if they’re baiting people, I’ll throw a hissy fit… 

We’ll wait and see what the finale brings, I guess. But damn, am I side eyeing the hell out of the writers, right now. 

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ohh i didn't know that! thanks! hope we get the bellarke we deserve someway

Miranda Kwok has liked a lot of pro bellarke tweets, so I have hope :)

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wait so miranda kwok is the first POC in the writers room? wow now i'm even more excited for this episode

No, that honor goes to Akela Cooper she is a Black woman and worked for the show for 2 Seasons and holds the following credits:

Contents Under Pressure-Writer

We Are Grounders: Part 1-Writer

The 48-Executive Story Editor

Inclement Weather- Executive Story Editor

Reapercussions-  Executive Story Editor

Many Happy Returns- Executive Story Editor

Human Trials- Executive Story Editor

Fog of War- Executive Story Editor

Long Into an Abyss- Executive Story Editor

Spacewalker- Executive Story Editor

Remember Me- Executive Story Editor

Survival of The Fittest- Executive Story Editor (uncredited)/Writer

Coup de Grace- Executive Story Editor (uncredited)

Rubicon- Executive Story Editor (uncredited)

Bodyguard fo Lies- Executive Story Editor (uncredited)

Blood Must Have Blood: Part 1:  Executive Story Editor (uncredited)

Blood Must Have Blood: Part 2:  Executive Story Editor (uncredited)

She now works for Luke Cage and American Horror Story.