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EXO as Tumblr bloggers

No need to apologize - I understand perfectly. ^^

Xiumin: At first, he followed a lot of food porn, soccer, and exercise blogs and just liked posts instead of reblogging anything. After just a few months of being on the website, he forgets his blog and ends up just looking for the same stuff elsewhere.

Luhan: He runs a Cristiano Ronaldo/Manchester United fanpage, filled with clips from games, interviews of the players, and proud photos of all his new merch. He might even get into small arguments over which team or player is better.

Kris: Fashion. Kobe Bryant, and any mix of basketball and street fashion shows up on his blog.Sometimes there are also pictures of Fan BingBing. He tries so hard to make his page look cool - it has a music player embedded with Drake and Kanye.

Suho: He tries so hard to keep an EXO blog updated every day, though it’s overwhelming and he hates seeing the ridiculous fan wars and people picking on his boys. He ends up reblogging articles and photoshoots of the members because he’s so proud of them. (Plus some Star Wars.)

Lay: He lost his password almost immediately, so mostly he just helps Suho with the official blog when he has time. And he makes sure that it doesn’t turn into a Star Wars blog - he smiles when he sees all the pictures of the other members.

Baekhyun: He spends so much time talking with his many followers and Tao gets jealous because it’s not like he’s doing much more than reblogging derpy or cute pictures of the others. He’s has a hodgepodge of other fandoms and stuff, too.

Chen: He barely ever goes on, but when he does, it’s to reblog giveaway posts and comics or jokes. He loves the fanart and comics about the other members, most of which make fun of them. He especially loves the fake EXO facebook posts.

Chanyeol: He has the funniest blog of any of them reblogging things that make you laugh so hard, you can’t breathe. He also reblogs trailer or promotion videos and pictures of the other members, especially the other beagles, Kai, and Kyungsoo.

D.O: Chanyeol made a tumblr for Kyungsoo just so he would follow him, but he always just chooses to ignore Yeol when he’s tagged in anything. He likes more than he reblogs, but when he does, there are gifs from his favorite tennis anime.

Tao: An aesthetic blog with lots of pretty quotes and pictures of the ocean, though he often mixes in posed fashion selfies of himself. He gets offended whenever anyone unfollows him, but never says anything about it, just spams more artistic pictures.

Kai: So many dogs. You’d see streams of pictures of dogs doing or wearing cute things. He’s not on often, but when he does, there are huge spams. But they’d be mixed with sweet, inspiring stories that make all his followers feel good about themselves

Sehun: He runs an insanely popular blog that has a mix of slightly NSFW stuff and lots of pictures of Miranda Kerr, along with cool pictures of himself from Sehun blogs, always with lots of tags talking about how awesome he looks.

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Miranda Kerr thanks EXO’s Sehun for his special gift

Idols it seems, have biases of their own and Sehun of EXO received a pleasant surprise from none other than Miranda Kerr.

On the 13th of April, Miranda Kerr uploaded a picture of an autographed EXO album. She stated, “Thank you @oohsehun for my surprise signed album!”

In the picture is Sehun’s version of album signed by himself with the note, “Check out our album, I’m a big fan”

Sehun has mentioned multiple times that he was a big fan of Miranda Kerr and after this post was shared, many EXO fans have taken to calling Sehun a “successful fanboy”.

source: koreaboo