miranda kerr pic

anonymous asked:

Can I have Exo reacting to the fact that their girlfriend has a picture of a different member of Exo set as her phone wallpaper?

Jealous Exo, here we go! :)


Baekhyun; Sneakily changes the wallpaper for a pic of his butt

Chanyeol; Pouts all day without saying a word

Chen; Someone is gonna get their ass pranked

D.O.; It’s a pic of half naked Kai

Kai; I’m gonna have to strip more I guess

Kris; Gets jealous and possessive

Lay; Thinking about the mysteries of women’s minds

Luhan; Wants some explanations about it

Sehun; Puts back his Miranda Kerr pic as his phone wallpaper

Suho; Obviously I’m not good enough…

Tao; Someone is gonna get their ass kicked

Xiumin; It’s a pic of Luhan


I hope you enjoyed it! <3