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Y'all realize you can dislike something/someone just cause it doesn’t vibe with you, right? Like doing 726382847282377 hours of research to make things look problematic and telling other people that they’re bad for liking it isn’t necessary at all


I thought I’d indulge myself and make a Heroes sprite for my MU, Lumina.

And how could I not make variants for two of my favourite Fire Emblem bloggers, @inktho and @rynnae.


The Hamilton cast existed *gasp* BEFORE Hamilton and they all were in great musicals/projects and I recommend you listen/watch them ALL. Specifically…
-Renée as Mimi in Rent (there’s a version of the professionally recorded production on YouTube)
-Anthony and Lin in 21 Chump Street (Full Recorded Version on Vimeo, opening on YouTube)
-Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 (Pippa’s professional debut she sounds like a goddess 10/10)
-Spring Awakening (SMOL GROFF I CANT)
-Daveed’s music (he has an album called Small Things to a Giant and is part of the group clippng)
-Frozen (We all know Groff was in that and DESERVED MORE SONGS THANK YOU VERY MUCH)
-Smash (Leslie was in it and I believe Pippa had a small part, (haven’t actually watched Smash yet but WORKING ON IT OKAY))
-Venice (Leslie was in this at The Public a few months before Hamilton made its debut, and there’s a cast recording out there)
-Newsies (Thayne and Ephraim were both OBC members)
-tick, tick… BOOM! (Lin and Leslie with Karen Olivo from ITH, Jonathan Larson’s other less known musical. Some footage from this, no recordings. Great pics of Lin with his A. Ham hair but not the facial hair)
-House (Lin was in a few episodes season 6)
-The Odd Life of Timothy Green (Lin had a small part in this movie and it’s a great movie so watch it anyways)
-Freestyle Love Supreme (Chris and Lin are in this, it’s a TV show about the improv rap group they’re in)
-Modern Family (Lin was in an episode called Good Cop, Bad Dog)
-How I Met Your Mother (Lin was in an episode of the final season)
-The Electric Company (Lin was in a few episodes rapping about grammar in 2008 or 2009)
-Sesame Street (Lin was in an episode around 2010 and he was a rapping real estate agent for birds… Just look it up)
-Supernatural (Leslie was in an episode one time)
-Glee (Groffsauce was in it)
-The Book Of Mormon (Andrew Rannells, former King George and Rory O'Malley, current King George, both got Tony nominations for originating roles in this show)
-The Good Wife (Rènee was in it)
-The Lion King (Rènee played Nala)
-Matilda (Thayne and Betsey were OBC in the ensemble)
-Person of Interest (Leslie had a recurring role season 3)
-Gotham (Leslie was on episode 9)
-Law and Order (most of the cast has had appearances from time to time)
-The Color Purple (Rènee was Nettie in the OBC)
-One Life to Live (Rènee was on it)
-Star Trek (also Rènee)
-All About You (Rènee played Nicole, as well as co wrote and performed in the soundtrack)
-Pistol (Rènee played Drea)

If anyone has anything else to add PLEASE DO because these actors did plenty of great, super amazing things pre-Hamilton and I think we should all talk about it more. I’ll add onto this as people remind me of all the AMAZING projects the cast has worked on!
“Nathanael Greene and Henry Knox wanted to hire you”

So because many members of the Hamilton fandom refuse to look outside of the characters portrayed in the musical, I wanted to take some time to point out the significance of this line in Right Hand Man.

First of all, I strongly recommend looking into Greene and Knox because they are overall absolute gems to learn about and I love them. Most people who know about the Revolutionary War should hopefully be familiar with these two names, as they were extremely valuable members of the Continental Army. Both were the only generals other than Washington to serve the entirety of the war, and both played critical roles throughout their service. But what’s really so great about this line isn’t just a shoutout to two great war heroes,

but the fact that when you look at Washington’s relationships with these men, it gains so much more weight. 

Let’s start with Greene.

Quaker turned soldier Nathanael Greene. Asthmatic and originally denied access to the army because of a limp Nathanael Greene. Lacking a formal education and constantly in need of reassurance Nathanael Greene. Brilliant war strategist and Washington’s most trusted subordinate Nathanael Greene. Nathanael was honestly something special. At the beginning of the war, he was appointed one of eight brigadier generals, and he was the youngest of all of them. He and Washington seemed perfect from the second Greene greeted him outside of Boston. The bright Greene was extremely loyal towards Washington, and Washington held him in high favor - even finding it in his graces to forgive Greene for his failure at Fort Washington. Whenever Washington needed something done, he went to Greene. In a letter to congress Washington called Greene “a Gentleman in whom I place the most intire confidence.” When asked who should replace him should the unthinkable happen, Greene was the man Washington chose - Greene even served as an aide to Washington for a while. The two shared many views and similarities, including the lack of a formal education and both despised all manners of vice. Both men were also extremely sensitive when it came to their reputations and craved recognition in one respect or another. Dying three years after the war, Washington mourned him terribly for nearly a month, having lost not only a loyal political ally and his favorite general, but a kindred spirit and close, trusted friend as well. Washington went on to pay for Nathanael’s son, George Washington Greene, to go to college.

Now let’s talk about Knox. 

Henry Knox is best known for being around 300 pounds, transporting a ton of canons in the revolution, and being the first Secretary of War. Henry Knox owned a bookstore in Boston before the war, and one subject that he had enjoyed greatly was artillery. He was cheerful and outgoing, and greatly skilled when it came to storytelling. When this well read twenty-five year old entered the army, it didn’t take long for them to discover his talent and before much time had passed he was Chief of Artillery. This of course, put him very close to the man who would soon be lucky enough to say of him “there is no man in the United States with whom I have been in habits of greater intimacy; no one whom I have loved more sincerely; nor any for whom I have had greater friendship.” The man who said this was none other than George Washington. Cheerful Knox must have been quite the compliment to a more serious, reserved Washington. George trusted Henry on all matters of artillery, and Knox returned that trust with a strong loyalty, never speaking against his beloved friend and constantly referring to him as “Your Excellency” as if practically fawning over Washington. At the end of the war, Knox thanked Washington for his friendship, and the two reminded fast friends until the end, with Knox serving as Washington’s Secretary of War (although the job might have gone to Greene had the poor man still been alive).

So I’ve wasted this much of your time if you’re reading this still and I’m sure you want to know why I felt the need to go on this long:

This line in Hamilton is special to me. Although I could spend six years ranting about the musical’s many flaws and inaccuracies, this one line gets me emotional. Although Henry and Nathanael are not portrayed in Hamilton, this line tells quite a bit about Washington’s trust for his two favorites (and yes, people did accuse him of favoritism towards the two younger men). The line implies that Greene and Knox’s interest in Alexander sparked Washington’s own interest and gave him reason to see just what was so special about this young man. Although a very minor detail, and although I could totally be reading into this way too much, it’s quite possibly one of my favorite lines in the musical for the sheer reason that it shows Washington’s love of Greene and Knox. Washington trusted these men entirely, and their significance to both the war and his life is not something to be glossed over. Because although everyone now knows of his relationships with Hamilton and Lafayette and the other characters in this musical, there are other men who were equally important, and it’s nice to see Washington’s best friends, these war heroes, get a little bit of recognition too. 

shout out to the Mount Vernon webpage for the pictures

Bootleg giveaway and trading

So I’m giving away my bootlegs (not made by me, the ones that I have) and some documentaries made about theatre and musicals productions. I’m giving everything on this list for free, but if you have any bootleg or stuff about theatre tell me, so that maybe we can trade ;)  I’d love to have: Come From Away, Groundhog Day, A Bronx Tale, Hamilton with Mandy Gonzalez and Anthony Lee Medina.

-Amadeus (National Theatre Live, giving away from 05/06/2017)

-American Idiot -(Los Angeles production professionally filmed)

-Amelie (Original Broadway Cast-previews)

-Amelie ( with Samantha Barks)

-Book of mormon (Original Broadway Cast)

-Broadway Idiot (documentary about the making of American Idiot)

-Bring it on

-Coriolanus (National Theatre at the Donmar Warehouse in London with Tom Hiddleston,HD)

-Dear Evan Hansen (Original Broadway Cast)

-Fun Home (Original Broadway Cast)

-Falsettos ( with Christian Borle and Andrew Rannells)

-Frankenstein (National Theatre Live with Benedict Cumberbacth, recorded in a cinema so not very good quality)  

-Hamlet ( National Theatre at the Barbican Theatre in London with Benedict Cumberbatch,HD)


-Drunk History with Lin Manuel Miranda

-Hamilton’s America PBS documentary

-Hamilton (Original cast from the balcony, Understudy for Samuel Seasbury, HD)

-Hamilton (Original cast from the mezzanine)

-Hamilton edit ( a mixture of the other two and some officially recorded clips)

-Hamilton (Original cast+ Javier Munoz as Hamilton, Andrew Chappelle as Laurence/Philip and Alysha Deslorieux as Peggy/Maria)

-Hamilton Chicago(Original Cast)

-The Hamilton Mixtape (workshop, Audio Only)

-Hamilton with some Broadway replacement (Javier Munoz, Lexi Lawson, Alysha Deslorieux and Andrew Chappelle as Lafayette/Jefferson and Burr’s understudy)

-In the Heights (Original Broadway Cast)

-Les Miserables (London Cast with Samantha Barks)

-Macbeth(National Theatre live, giving away from 05/06/2017)

-Medea (National Theatre live, giving away from 05/06/2017)

-Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 (Original Broadway Cast)

-next to normal (Original Broadway Cast)

-Notre Dame de Paris 1999 (original french production, professionally filmed with english subtitle)

-Notre Dame de Paris 2001 (original italian production, professionally filmed in the Arena di Verona)

-Rent (with Aaron Tveit)

-Rent (filmed live on Broadway, link to youtube playlist)

-Romeo et Juliette 2001 (Original french production with italian subtitles, professionally filmed)

-Romeo es Julia (the hungarian version of the musical with english sutitles, professionally filmed)

-Romeo et Juliette-Les enfants de Verone Revival 2010 (professionally filmed and if you want i can give italian subtitlies)

-Romeo e Giulietta-Ama e cambia il mondo(The italian version of the french musical professionally filmed in the Arena di Verona)

-Romeo e Giulietta Presentazione (Documentary about the making of the italian producion of Romeo e Giulietta-Ama e Cambia il Mondo)

-Something Rotten (Original Broadway Cast)

-Spring Awakening Deaf West (Original Cast)

-Waitress (Original Broadway Cast)

-21 Chump street (Original Cast)


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