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“Even after our long and happy life together, Damon was worried he’d never see Stefan again. That he’ll never find peace. But I know he’s wrong. Because peace exists. It lives in everything we hold dear. That is the promise of peace: one day, after a long life, you find each other again.”

Hamilton Characters as Different Social Media Platforms
  • Alexander: Tumblr. Shitposts regularly, goes on long rants about social justice issues, daddy kink, kinda rly Gay™,hates donald trump.
  • Laurens: Deviant Art. Really likes to do the Art Thing™,is really gay, quiet when u dont know him but sO FRICKIN LOUD OTHERWISE WOO!!
  • Lafayette: Vine. naive af,does not understand most jokes but tells them again anyways,talks way too fast.
  • Hercules: Twitter: Rants a lot, lowkey a fuckboy,does not have an indoor voice as he is ALWAYS HYPED!!!!
  • Madison: Snapchat. Stays at party for like 10 mins then leaves for some reason and does not come back, kinda basic but everyone still loves him,99% pure
  • Jefferson: 4chan. Is the first to know about new memes, kinda problematic,angered easily,ironically says "make america great again"
  • Washington: Facebook. Pronounces "memes" as "mey-meys",you either rly like him or rly hate him,finds out about trends months late, dad friend.
  • Burr: Google plus. Everyone knows him ut most dont rly like him , 100% salt, steals memes from Jefferson.
  • King George: Myspace. 'hahaha remember me?",really wants people to talk to him again,lonely, still thinks its 2006
  • Eliza: Pinterest. The Mom Friend™™ ,really likes DIY projects, & does everything better than you.
  • Peggy: Ifunny. Commonly overlooked,does everything """ironically""",likes memes.
  • Angelica: Instagram. #nofilter,rly passive agressive,takes pictures of her food, has an iphone.
  • Maria: Youtube. Everyone knows her name,has a bit of a bad rep but is cool af, likes cute animals.

Me and Musical Hamilton could chill and drink tea but I’d deck the hell out of Historical Hamilton.

they say angelica is the only person in the musical who can rap as fast as hamilton bc they’re both v smart and on the same intellectual wavelength or whatever and I Am Here For That but what about Guns and Ships? isn’t it the fastest song? if we’re using that logic Laf is the smartest? Resident French Fuckboy is the real genius thank u very much goodbye

Washington: I’m stepping down, I’m not running for president

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Hamilton: *Stares at Washingdad* Say what now?


Dear Diary,
today will be different. Today I will smile. It will be genuine. Because today is the day that I get to live again. This life will be good and beautiful. But not without heartbreak. In death comes peace. But pain is the cost of living. Like love, it’s how we know we’re alive. And life goes on.

Dear Hamilton fanfiction writers,
I love all of you. You’re doing a great job and I can’t write fanfiction for shit but I just wanted to say something.
Okay that’s all I love you.

Hamilton during Hurricane:
  • Hamilton: do you guys dare me to publish my affair with my wife?
  • Ensemble: no
  • Washington: no
  • (Dead) Laurens: no
  • Sally: no
  • Hamilton: *chuckling* I can't believe you're making me do this *throws pamphlets all around*
  • Hamilton: I'm such a good citizen
  • alex: one in every four boys are gay. that means someone in our group is gay
  • alex: I hope it's john. John is cu-
  • laf: honey, we're all gay. you know this.
  • hercules: you and john are DATING
  • Alexander: If you repeat yourself again I'm gonna scream, honestly, please don't read-
  • Samuel: not your interest-
  • Alexander: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~!!!!!!!!!!
  • Burr: Alexander, please-

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