miranda donovan


Happy Birthday Kate Moenning!!!

Katherine Sian Moennig (born December 29, 1977)

“What I find very attractive, what I find sexual, are people who are unapologetic for who they are and comfortable with themselves. And I think with those two things sexual energy does come out because you’re not hovering or censoring yourself, you’re just being who you are. And being who you are is a very attractive quality in a person.”


We had a fantastic launch party for the Donovan board, a collaboration I have made with artist Miranda Donovan, at The Clerkenwell Collection last week. It was such a fun night full of wonderful faces. The board looked sensational, especially surrounded by Miranda’s latest work.

Miranda and I started working together on this collaboration over a year ago, and it was wonderful to see it having come to fruition. It has been such a brilliant journey working with Miranda - we have both loved working through designs and ideas with another creative mind. Hopefully the first of many - we have just had a long conversation about a table idea. Watch this space!