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aternate scene from The Night Of The Doctor
  • Eight: Charley, C'rizz, Lucie, Tamsin, Molly...
  • ...Samson, Gemma, Mary, Helen, Liv, Bliss...
  • ...Sam, Stacy, Ssard, Fitz...
  • ...Compassion, Miranda, Anji, Trix...
  • ...Izzy, Fey, Kroton, Destrii, Josie...
  • Eight: ...Grace.
on the Time Lord Victorious

In Paul Cornell’s Four Doctors comic, we see a glimpse of the​ universe where the Tenth Doctor stays in his Time Lord Victorious phase and abandons Wilf in the radiation chamber. This alt-Ten eventually becomes ruler of the universe, reigning supreme over all time and space until meeting his end at the hands of a Raxarocoricofallicoptarorian assassin.

In parallel, Lance Parkin’s Father Time shows the last surviving Time Lord as supreme emperor of the universe for a thousand years, ruling from the Needle through his ruthless secret police and the power of fear. On the day of his daughter’s birth, he’s assassinated by an uprising; his daughter Miranda goes on to be adopted by the Eighth Doctor, and and in The Gallifrey Chronicles it’s baaaasically confirmed that the Emperor is (or was) the Doctor.

Both these stories seem to be a peek into the same future, where the Tenth Doctor becomes Time Lord Victorious and emperor of the universe. In fact, since Father Time portrays this as the definite future of the Eighth Doctor’s universe, we could even say that the Emperor Victorious is the Doctor’s “original” future; something must have changed the timeline to turn him off of this path. (I hypothesize that it’s the return of Gallifrey in The End of Time: in particular, the interference of the mysterious Time-Lock-busting woman in white.)

If this timeline change did come so late in Ten’s life, when River Song described “her Doctor” in Silence in the Library, she was actually talking about the Time Lord Victorious. He was the one to marry her, while our Doctor only gave hasty vows in a collapsing bubble universe; he was the one to give her a sonic screwdriver, which is clearly a modified version of Ten’s, not Eleven’s or Twelve’s. This idea is quietly supported by her statements in the episode, which suggest that her Doctor still wears Ten’s face: for instance, she has to ask him whether he’s lived through the Byzantium, and she says he’s like an “early photograph” of her Doctor.

And what kind of future Ten does this describe? Who was the man that scared away the Vashta Nerada with just his name?

Now my Doctor, I’ve seen whole armies turn and run away. And he’d just swagger off back to his TARDIS and open the doors with a snap of his fingers. The Doctor in the TARDIS. Next stop, everywhere.

Next stop, everywhere. Forget the consequences. Forget the “fixed points”. Forget the rules. Because the Laws of Time are Ten’s, and they will obey Him.

Luke Hemmings and Arzaylea confession

Arzaylea fans are so annoying. Since Luke finally dumped her fake ass I’ve seen so many of her idiot fans bitching that we don’t know what happened so stop believing she cheated. Luke, Mikey, Ash, Calum, Hey Violet, Lauren, Crystal, KayKay, Mitchy, Mariah, Alexa, AnneMarie, Roy, and so many others who actually know her have unfollowed her and these idiots are calling them backstabbers and saying they don’t know what happened either. Um, I’d think people who’ve actually been around her and Luke would know what happened and obviously SHE had to do something bad to HIM for all of them to take his side. Damn y'all pathetic. Arzaylea is a fake, wannabe famous, cheater who got caught again. End of story.

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EDA companions dream casting

Sam Jones – Michelle Williams

Miranda Dawkins - Winona Ryder

Anji Kapoor – Shraddha Kapoor

Stacey Townsend – Imogen Poots

Izzy Sinclair – Drew Barrymore

Fitz Kreiner - Jake Gyllenhaal

Trix MacMillan – Sophia Myles

Compassion – Kirsten Dunst

The Eighth Doctor’s Companions

Grace Holloway, Bernice Summerfield, Stacy Townsend, Ssard, Sam Jones,
Fitz Kreiner, Compassion, Miranda Dawkins, Anji Kapoor, Trix MacMillan,
Mary Shelley, Gemma Griffin, Samson Griffin, Charlotte Pollard, C'rizz,
Izzy Sinclair, Fey Truscott-Sade, Kroton, Destrii (human disguise), Lucie Miller,
Tamsin Drew, Susan Campbell, Alex Campbell, Molly O'Sullivan and Liv Chenka.

rissaf98  asked:

According to the TARDIS Data Core, the voice that says "Doctor Who" is Ken Bones who played the General in TDoTD. So shouldn't we assume that it's the General asking the question rather than Capaldi?

Fantastic! I’m so glad we actually have some confirmation. And actually that makes so much more sense to me if it is the General and not Capaldi that’s been broadcasting the message, because it would fit in with something that I have been suspecting for a while.

Namely if Trial Of A Time Lord, plus The End Of Time, is to be believed, the current High Council is primarily against The Doctor, especially if Rassilon was still in charge; but now post-Name/Time Of The Doctor, we can believe that  the Doctor has the full backing of the military instead, if that is the case.

Especially after the 300+ years long seize of Trenzalore, the military would firmly be on the side of The Doctor; and post-war as they are, they would be a considerable force to be reckoned with opposing the High Council.

If The Doctor has the backing of the military and the people of Gallifrey, he would easily be able to counter-act any move of the High Council’s wraith against him. It might also explain the creation of The Valeyard if they particularly feel threatened by The Doctor.

You have to wonder, though, if Moffat has been reading/listen back through the “missing years” (i.e the unproduced scripts, the non-fiction, novels, the audios from 1990 till 2005,) which a lot of his scripts are really showing, (it’s quite brilliant,) then we might have something very interesting to think about.

The High Council has been corrupted and will need to be rebuilt pretty much the moment The Doctor returns to Gallifrey. He knows all this already. We may be seeing a return of Time Lords from the Classic series, such as Romana who was previously the Lady President; and if she lives, the Doctor will presumably want to put her back into the position, as he trusts her, with a new agenda.

That’s right, I’m foreseeing The Doctor having a massive impact upon his own people and a decided level of power. In the Classic series you saw how much they wanted him as President, now post-War they probably want him back in that role. But he’ll decline, as The Doctor is always a wanderer (especially after 300+ years in one place,) and will likely see Romana or someone else as a permanent leader.

However, The Doctor will likely fall into a role of reformer; changing his people’s lack of interference and unwillingness to go out into the galaxy. There’s planets likely still impacted post-Time War and The Daleks; Cybermen; Sontarans etc. continuing to seek conquering the galaxy, the Time Lords are going to have to use their influence to help bring balance back.

There’s always something else lurking in the background, and that’s this shadowy figure that’s connected to The Doctor’s adopted daughter, Miranda Dawkins:

Miranda Dawkins, raised by the Eighth Doctor, was a Time Lady from the future. She was the only child of a Time Lord known simply as The Emperor.

The Emperor was the last survivor of a great catastrophe that completely ravaged Gallifrey. For a thousand years, the Emperor reigned over the entire universe. (Father Time) This included the planet Endpoint,(Hope) where he presumably ruled from. 

I’ll also add that Miranda resembles The Doctor’s Eighth regeneration in looks, manner and speech; and is fully Time Lord, (two hearts, doesn’t need much sleep.) Plus her name, Miranda Dawkins.

MirandaDerived from Latin mirandus meaning “admirable, wonderful”  Now, who does The Doctor call wonderful?

And if you don’t want to think the authors were hinting at something, whom is Lalla Ward married to?

Professor Richard Dawkins

(So, even if The Doctor isn’t Miranda’s biological Father The Emperor, there is, however, a very big chance Miranda’s mother was/will be Romana; and the writers found a way to cheekily name her after Romana II.)

So if this Emperor is The Doctor, there’s some potential future that The Doctor could be heading for that he ends up being a figurehead of the Time Lords; and possibly with Romana as co-ruler.

But again, this is probably a very far distant or alternate future. However it shows how far The Doctor could potentially rise in power now, with his standing amongst his people currently.

So if it is the General who is calling, it could be a sign that The Doctor’s desire for his people to finally become a force for good in the galaxy, instead of remaining outside of it, could finally begin to be answered.

classic companions miranda dawkins

‘Father,’ she said quietly. The Doctor was standing behind her chair, a proud grin on his face. ‘You’ve not done badly for a girl without any O-levels,’ he told her. [Miranda Dawkins was the Eighth Doctor’s adopted daughter and the supreme ruler of the universe in the far future]

“ ‘I know where she is,’ he said. ‘For a moment I was there. I saw her.’

He was at the table, leaning over the Doctor, who was on the brink of unconsciousness.

‘I was stronger than him,’ Ferran said, gasping for air. ‘I saw everything. He’s adopted her, he’s pledged to protect her. He loves her, more than he’s ever loved anyone.’ ”
- Father Time (Doctor Who)

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