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I spent 4 dollars to upgrade my stupid acapella app to be able to record 3 minutes so y'all better reblog the hell outta this full cover of How Far I’ll go


So, I thought my friend, Xane, would look like a really great Moana, and after some convincing, I finally got her to go out in cosplay! She literally watched the entire movie in cosplay! except for the skirt, of course.

The costume is made by me, and the pictures were also taken by me. Since the costume was based more so off of my own measurements rather than hers, and I’m a few inches taller, the costume was a little longer than it should have been. But even so, our local Hot Topic thought it was good enough to be posted on Instagram!



Please enjoy these gifs of the Mass Effect crew dancing from Jeevi’s Wondercon cosplay music video.

Because learning your character’s dance cycle is a requirement for cosplaying Mass Effect.


Hamilton Shadow Cast @ 221b Con in ATL

Hamilton ShadowCast. Is. Happening!

We’re working hard on making this silly but also [Patrick Stewart voice] Super Emotional Acting™

So! If you’ve heard, “YOU HAAAAVE TO LISTEN TO IT PLEASE JUST LISTEN” and have obviously been putting it off, nows your chance! For m u c h cheaper!

Yours truly will be the loud-mouth Founding Father without a father, so..

Don’t throw away your shot! To see me struggle to keep my breath! As well as A. Burr, Lafayette, Mr. Washingto, the Schuyler sisters and all their *** amazing*** cosplays in action!

Friday night
221B Con
Be there!

Your Obedient Servant,
A. Ham

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Oh my god I had forgotten about this video until today. Starring @moonbound-cosplay as Ashley Williams, @dog-of-ulthar as Kaidan Alenko, @arkadycosplay as Miranda Lawson, @hanzo-hidden-tiddy as Kasumi Goto, and myself, as Commander Pack Mule Shepard.