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friendship prompt: grunt & miranda bonding over being genetically engineered to be perfect?

Even if Miranda weren’t observant by nature, it would be difficult to miss the hulking half-ton of tank-grown krogan shuffling his feet in her office door.

“Can I help you, Grunt?” she asks, only briefly glancing up from her work. There is, as always, a lot to do. As far as she’s concerned, the krogan is still a wild card, and Shepard was unwise to release him. He’s acquitted himself well enough on a few missions, but it remains to be seen if he’ll be a reliable asset in the long run.

He’s never come to Miranda’s office before. Ordinarily he only comes to the crew deck to eat and use the lavatory.

“Shepard said you’re perfect,” Grunt blurts out after a moment. “Made that way. Like me.”

Miranda’s first reaction is a brief flash of annoyance at Shepard for repeating that information. But it’s not as if it’s a secret, not really. She looks up at Grunt, whose wide-set eyes are fixed on her laser-like, and her annoyance fades away.

“Why don’t you come in and have a seat,” she says, setting down her datapad. The work can wait a few minutes.

Grunt enters and perches on the chair opposite Miranda’s desk. It looks too small for him, as all furniture intended for human use does. His peculiarly blue eyes stay locked on her. Most krogan have eyes somewhere in the range of red to yellow, or perhaps green. Blue is rare. Miranda wonders, idly, whether Okeer intended that color, or whether it was an unintentional by-product of other genetic tinkering.

The culmination of his research, he’d said, and he’d had the spares to prove it. Intentional, probably, but what the intent was, she can’t be certain.

She knows very well what the intention of her own cornflower-blue eyes was: to create a striking beauty in the contrast of dark hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. Snow White. Not the only aesthetic standard available. Just a favorite of Henry Lawson’s.

“It’s true,” she says. “I was genetically modified to have a desirable combination of human traits. I have higher than average strength, intelligence, endurance, and dexterity. I’ve also been gifted with biotics, which are still a rarity among humans.” And hadn’t that been a pleasant experience.

Grunt leans forward. Only a little, but on a half-ton of krogan, a little leaning forward goes a long way. Still, Miranda holds her ground. “So are you pure human?”

“I wouldn’t call it pure,” she says after a moment’s consideration. She’s too much a made thing for that, too much of her chromosome is artificial or experimental. “But I meet the highest standards of human potential and accomplishment, yes.”

Grunt tilts his head, absurdly bird-like, and then accepts this. “Then what’s it all for?”

“Excuse me?” Not that Miranda hasn’t wondered the same herself, on occasion, but this is a more philosophical sort of question than she’d expected from the krogan.

“We’re made this way, but for what? The tank tells me all these things, but I don’t feel anything about them. It’s just words. If I’m pure krogan, I should have a purpose.”

She searches for something that might be more than “just words.” “I discovered a purpose for myself,” she tells him eventually. “I’m here to advance the cause of humanity, however I can.” It’s the purpose she’s set herself to as long as she’s been with Cerberus.

Sometimes, these days, that purpose feels a little hollow.

“Huh,” says Grunt. “Shepard told me our purpose was to kill Collectors.”

Miranda bites her lips to keep from smiling. “That, too.”

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Re Flint + his “daughters” gifset... Why do I love that Flint's "kids" are all girls? I don't mean to say that boys are inferior. But this feels like yet another instance in which Flint's character is breaking outside of norm. Blackbeard has Vane, Gates has Billy, TI!Silver has Jim, etc. In stories like this, a badass pirate captain is supposed to have a son figure in his life. But Flint's "kids" are daughters, brave, smart, kickass women. :)


you’re so very right, anon! it’s wonderful that we have this badass pirate captain who, of course, spends much of his time with the men on his crew and dealing with Powerful Dangerous Men™ in this world, yet many (if not most) of his genuine and meaningful relationships are with women. I like to lovingly call eleanor, abigail, and madi his “daughters” because I think there are ways to view him as a father figure to them, but it is with no intention of infantilizing them or diminishing their roles in their relationships with him, because eleanor and madi especially are (at different times) his true allies. he cares for them because he has grown close to them but he also respects them as leaders, as fighters, as visionaries. and of course there are essays and essays to be written about his bond with miranda. (I still think flint/miranda is one of the most beautiful and powerful and complicated and fucking heartbreaking relationships I’ve ever seen on television ever.)

okay, I’ve sort of drifted away from your main point anon, APOLOGIES fjdsklafjlsdf. but I absolutely agree that his relationships with these ladies is one of many refreshingly wonderful things about this show :’’) I’m just going to pretend there’s a season five that’s all about flint hanging out with max, eleanor, madi, abigail, anne, and miranda bc they’re all alive and together YEP <333333


Behind the Scenes of Evolution of the Daleks / Daleks In Manhattan (Part Four)

Excerpt from the DVD Commentary by David Tennant, Nick Briggs (voice of the Daleks), and Barney Curnow (Visual Effects On Set Supervisor)

[talking about the Tenth Doctor screaming up at the Daleks]
Nick Briggs: Now this was incredible, David, you doing this.  You had to do so many takes and so many different shots of this, and every time you were working yourself up. Of course, I do hear everybody’s mics on my headphones

David Tennant: Oh, all the radio mics get sent through to you

Nick: Yeah, I get that all the time, so I could really hear you going through agony to get yourself to the right pitch <tries to mimic David’s heavy, fast breathing noises> …and it’s really quite disturbing, actually.

David: We did do a lot of coverage on this, didn’t we? Because there’s so many people to cover, I suppose. You try to give it your all each time, but unfortunately I think I slightly overdid it because there’s a scene that we filmed the next day, which we’ll come to later, where I sound a little bit vocally worse-for-wear, frankly.  That will come ‘round in about 20 odd minutes time.

Nick: I think it paid off, because you just have that fear that… It’s like with me doing the voice, because it’s never about the shot for my voice. Every time I have to do it at the big pitch just in case they decide to use that bit for technical reasons.

David: Right.

Nick: And likewise for you - it would be Murphy’s Law, as it were, that the one take you weren’t happy with and up to pitch that for some techinical reason that should be the shot

David: Exactly

Nick:  I was very impressed

David: Well thanks, Nick

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Day 4: Pumpkin Carving.

I didn’t post yesterdays cause it was a tiny half scribbled thing, but enjoy this one!

“So, what is the point of this, Shepard?”

“You’re supposed to carve a scary face in the pumpkin,” Shepard said told Garrus, carefully making an incision in her pumpkin, following the plan she had laid in place.

Garrus sighed. “I know, but why?”

“Cause it’s fun, dude,” Joker exclaimed, stabbing his pumpkin. Nearby Jack was scooping the guts out of her pumpkin, sending them flying in every direction. Miranda wrinkled her nose.

“Could you at least try to keep them in a single area?”

“What’s the matter, cheerleader, don’t want pumpkin guts in your hair?”

“Can I eat it?” Grunt asked, eying his pumpkin with distaste.

“You can, but that’s not the point,” Shepard said. “It’s just a halloween tradition, that’s all. How’s yours looking Thane?”

“I believe I am finished.” Thane turned his pumpkin around, revealing the Normandy he’d carved into it.

“Nice,” Jacob said. “Mine’s just a smiley face.”

“Look, I carved a Quarian,” Tali exclaimed, turning hers to show the likeness of a Quarian mask carved into the side.

“Great job, you guys!” Shepard exclaimed.

Garrus carefully etched his design in his pumpkin, before reaching for a knife to begin carving.

“And what are you carving, Garrus?” Shepard asked, looking over curiously.

“You’ll have to wait and see.”


Eventually, everyone’s pumpkins were done and lined up on the table in the mess. Shepard overlooked what they’d down proudly, from Thane’s beautifully carved Normandy to Joker’s harshly cut face. She stopped at Garrus’, her breath catching.

“Garrus, did you, is that me?”

“You said to put something scary on our pumpkin,” Garrus joked, nudging her side.

She pulled a face. “You jerk.”

“You do look stunning on a pumpkin,” Garrus said, completely serious.

“Alright you nerd,” Shepard said, her cheeks tinged with pink. “I think we should put it in the cockpit to scare Joker.”

“I like the way you think.”

Christoph Waltz comes back onto the show! Last time he visited, Christoph explains Krampus to Jimmy!

Lin-Manuel Miranda stops by Studio 6B! 

Plus, a performance by Meghan Trainor!

In the summer of 2013, Odom saw a workshop of what was then called the Hamilton Mixtape as part of a festival of new work at Vassar’s Powerhouse Theater.

“I saw that it worked in six seconds,” he told BuzzFeed News at the Hester Street Café in the New Museum on New York City’s Lower East Side. “Six seconds into that opening: ‘How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore, and a Scotsman…’ You’re like, Something’s about to happen. Something. Those first lyrics — what the fuck is happening here? And by the end of the opening number, you’re in even deeper.”

What moved Odom most was the way the show’s cast was populated largely by actors of color, including Indian-American actor Utkarsh Ambudkar as Alexander Hamilton’s adversary, Aaron Burr, a role Odom would eventually take over. While the historical figures portrayed in the musical were white, writer-creator Lin-Manuel Miranda deliberately conceived the roles for actors of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

By the end of “The Story of Tonight” — the song in which Hamilton, played by Miranda, forges a bond with contemporaries Burr, the Marquis de Lafayette, Hercules Mulligan, and John Laurens — Odom was in tears.

“I was watching great performances and hearing great music, but it was so—” he stopped to collect his thoughts. “Actors of color rarely get to do material that is that well-crafted. That’s exciting. I was seeing something really special. So I was in a puddle, seven minutes into the reading.”

At the time, Odom didn’t imagine that eight shows a week on Broadway, he’d be playing Burr, the former vice president who shot and killed Hamilton in a duel. It’s a responsibility that he’s taken very seriously ever since he first assumed the role in a workshop in the fall of 2013.

Not only is Burr pivotal to the plot, but he also introduces the audience to the story and carries them throughout the show as its narrator. It’s Odom as Burr who steps onstage first every night and begins the performance with the opening lines of “Alexander Hamilton” that moved him to tears the first time he heard them.

“I’m the tour guide for the night, and so it’s my job to make sure they’re OK, to make sure they’re getting it,” he explained. “It’s my job to make sure they stay with me because we have a lot of ground to cover, and we’re going quickly.”

In that opening number, Burr lays out the plot and announces his culpability in Hamilton’s death. So, it may be impossible to make Hamilton’s ending a surprise, but that doesn’t mean Odom isn’t trying.

“I want them to forget, somewhere in the middle of the show, how it’s gonna end,” he said. “You go see a great production of Romeo and Juliet, where those kids are full of life and love, you hope and forget. You hope that it’s gonna end differently, and you take the ride, when you see it done well.”

But even if the audience is primed for Hamilton and Burr’s inevitable confrontation, the emotional potency of the moment can still catch them off-guard. Odom, for example, has said the line “I had only one thought before the slaughter / This man will not make an orphan of my daughter” onstage nearly 500 times. But with each performance of the musical’s penultimate song “The World Was Wide Enough” — from the workshop, to the show’s off-Broadway run at the Public Theater, to its Broadway opening in August 2015 — he tries to play it differently.

On the cast recording, Odom’s voice cracks with emotion on the word “orphan,” but he doesn’t always break down in tears at the same time. Sometimes he doesn’t cry at all. And sometimes, he’s sobbing long before he reaches that point.

For Odom, choosing how to play Burr for the night hinges on the performers around him and the tiny variations that make each show unique.

“What I try to do is just to honor the truth of whatever we are collectively, whatever we have created in the room at that time,” he said. “If we’ve created a simpler thing tonight, if we’ve created a quieter thing tonight, then that’s right, then that’s what we want.”

That speaks to what Odom has learned after playing Burr for nearly three years: The audience isn’t always going to respond to the same moments the same way. And even in a musical with near-universal acclaim like Hamilton, he’s not resting easy.

“I want to know that I’m gonna knock ‘em dead every night,” Odom said. “But what I believe is knocking ‘em dead, what this show has taught me, what this time in my life is teaching me, is that knocking them dead each night can look different.”

He paused, grinning. “I just don’t want to fuck this thing up.”


Blake & Miranda’s Survival Guide to Wedding Bliss

1. Treat Her Like a Queen

-Blake happily caters to his wife’s needs when they’re watching TV at home. “She’ll pick up her cup every once in a while [and shake it] and I go get her a drink,” he says “Just slavin’ she loves it.”

2. Make Beautiful Music Together

- They cowrote her tune “Over You,” a tribute to his late brother, which was released last year on Four The Record; in February the couple performed “America The Beautiful” at the Superbowl in Indianapolis 

3. Always Show Affection 

- They’re not afraid of PDA, whether it comes in the form of a kiss (like this one at an ACM preparty) or an online blast. “She IS on fire” Shelton tweeted about his wife in April

4. Coordinate Your Schedules

- She’s been on tour; he was in L.A. for The Voice. But they never spend longer than two weeks apart. “It’s the limit.” he says 

5. Don’t Forget Your Friends

- Blake may be her No. 1 but Miranda spends plenty of girl time with Pistol Annie’s who in August released Hell On Heels an album with rowdy anthems 

6. Share Hobbies

- Blake and Miranda bond over there love of hunting- they even served wedding guests venison they bagged themselves

7. Practice Parenting

- Their kids, for now, are their six dogs, Betty, (pictured) has even toured with Mom

8. Have Him Pick Up The Tab

- “[When we] go out to eat, I conveniently forget my wallet,” Miranda says, “and he has to pay!”

9. Don’t Get Jealous

- Her reaction to him flirting with Scarlett Johanasson on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno: “I would too.” she tweeted

10. Bring Home The Gold

- Their wedding rings may be the lucky charms: Since saying “I do,” the couple have won a combined eight big country music awards: three CMTs, three ACMs, and two CMAs.

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Is James Flint gay or bisexual?

Oh..gosh, okay. I’m gonna try and keep this short and diplomatic because it’s something the fandom’s pretty divided on and every time it’s brought up drama ensues. I tried to explain it once before, from my own POV, but instead of that I’m gonna give you a few facts now which take both sides into account, so you can decide for yourself, because honestly, I don’t think anyone knows for sure. (If you haven’t seen the show and plan on watching, then beware of spoilers. I can’t really explain it without them.)

Flint did sleep with both a woman and a man in the show. His relationship with Miranda was mostly of sexual nature (at first), while he later developed a stronger and deeper bond with her husband Thomas, which then quickly turned out to be true love. Quite literally. Still, after Thomas died, Flint and Miranda developed a deeper bond as well. Flint truly loved her and he got a lot more time with her to strengthen that special bond. But theirs was a love of a slightly different kind. As Miranda pointed out, she was his mistress, wife and mother. In that order as the years went by and their relationship changed. He depended on her and confided in her while she nurtured his good side and tamed his demons. Years later into that relationship it was still showed as sexual, however during the act Flint was detached and uninterested, which raises all kinds of questions. He was mad at her at the moment, so it could be because of that, or because he really isn’t into vaginas anymore and he was simply indulging her? Or it could’ve been sth else entirely. I think we were meant to interpret it as ‘their sex life is awkward and sad now’, but that didn’t exclude the possibility of it improving later when their lives were sorted out once more. As it were, we never got the chance to find out.

Now, the writers refer to him as gay (x). Toby Stephens also said Flint is gay (x). He also refers to Flint’s relationship with Thomas as a ‘’realization of himself’’(x) - interpret how you will. I honestly still can’t tell if this is accidental bi-erasure (which is perhaps why some fans don’t buy the ‘gay’ theory) or they really mean he’s gay and not bi ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

The main problem with interpreting is, Flint’s never showed any explicit attraction to anyone else besides those two. We don’t know if Miranda was a one time thing because Flint never said anything. Or even hinted at it (besides that awkward sex scene which is debatable as I said). One could argue that he’s starting to show attraction now, though (not necessarily romantic). Now that he’s lost both Miranda and Thomas, he’s decided to welcome another person into his life (which is a big deal for him). A guy, with whom he forms yet another deep bond. Except all we have now, besides their compelling relationship, is a few suggestive glances thrown that guy’s way which could still in the end turn out to be nothing.

Anyway, tu sum it up, perhaps bisexual homoromantic would be the most appropriate term if we were to look at the hard facts. Except (and now for my two cents) that would fit his persona from 10 years ago, and he’s changed dramatically since then. If Flint’s relationship with Thomas indeed was a realization of himself, that could mean Flint eventually embraced the fact that he’s only attracted to men. Including the fact that he seems less ashamed of his sexuality now than he was before. But that’s just my interpretation. The point is, both sides, gay and bi, have valid arguments. In the end I suppose it’s up to your preference. If you think he’s gay, then he’s gay. If not, then not. Flint’s everything but a black or white character, so anything goes tbh. Some people would probably say it’s not that important, it’s just a small part of his character, but I do believe representation is important and I don’t like to force my idea of his sexuality on other people which is why I prefer to include both options when mentioning it. That way everyone wins.

tl;dr WE JUST DON’T KNOW. he’s anything you want him to be (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


 I headcanon that Shepard has an obsession with science fictions films and shows from the 20th and 21st Centuries. During Shep’s off hours he hosts viewing parties with the ME2 and ME3 crew. The Alien crew find the 60s Star Trek mostly hilarious but Mordin is fascinated by Spock and likes McCoy. Liara, Traynor, Tali, Miranda and Jack are disgusted by how the female characters are treated. Javik remarks that Shepard is somewhat reminiscient of Captain Kirk. Shepard is not sure if that is a compliment or insult. Everyone enjoys the Star Wars films but Joker, Jacob, and Vega really love them. Kaidan enjoys
them too but has a slight preference towards the George Lucas ones. They all like the Star Trek films and think the next Generation is better than the 1st show but they find the Borg unsettling. Shepard does not admit it but the way the Borg speak really bothers him. Wrex and Grunt LOVE the Klingons and think  Worf is awesome! When people remark about the similarities the Romulans have with the Protheans, Javik gets offended. EDI is perplexed by
the voice of the computer while Joker, Jack, and Vega wish that holo similuations they have now were more like the Holodecks in TNG.  Miranda and Jack actually bond when Tasha Yar is killed off.  Wrex and Grunt enjoy Starship Troopers but everyone else is creeped out by how its sort of rachni-like. Tali, Liara, Traynor, Jack, and  Miranda bond over Star Trek Voyager. Kaidan, Garrus,  Cortez, Vega & Jacob bond over Deep Space Nine.  There are a couple of movies they all find truly unsettling. They barely sat through War of the Worlds because of how the alien ships have a resemblance to the reapers. Everyone hates Invasion of the Body Snatchers. And Liara can’t stand the sound of the guy makes at the end of the movie. Javik believes some of these films & their  similarities are too much of a coincidence that he thinks they are a result of the beacons & humanity interpreting the messages on a
subconscious level. Mordin agrees with him and they have a long discussion over it.  Legion and EDI are fascinated by TRON and discuss it to the point where everyone gets annoyed. Tali and Liara find ET adorable. Liara, EDI, and Javik debate Blade Runner while Garrus  really enjoys the Alien Cop/Human Cop Buddy drama….Alien Nation.

MOD NOTE: About the Invasion of the Body Snatcher sound. Click on this link if you have never seen the film. (Warning…if you don’t like scary films don’t click)


what your mass effect LI says about you
  • ashley: you might have some daddy issues
  • kaiden: you're canadian
  • liara: you either have a thing for aliens or you're a lesbian
  • garrus: you're incredibly flexible
  • tali: you're the cleanliest person on the planet
  • jack: your interests include tattoos and long emotional healing sessions
  • miranda: you liked the bond girls a little too much as a kid
  • samara: you love older ladies even though you know they'll never love you back
  • kelly: you think lapdances are cool
  • steve: you have a thing for pilots and joker wasn't an option
  • traynor: you love to shower a little bit too much (your mother is concerned)
  • thane: you hate yourself