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Lin-Manuel Miranda
Sebastian Stan
Dylan O'Brien
Tom Holland
Panic! At The Disco
Gossip Girl
Teen Wolf
Hamilton (!!!)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Thirteen Reasons Why
The Maze Runner
Star Wars
How I Met Your Mother

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Miranda Barlow Appreciation Week Day 3: Most heartbreaking moment

“If you’re upset with me, I’d appreciate you saying so.”
“You know why I’m upset.”
“Because I read to him?”
“There’s a whole shelf full of books. Why’d you have to read him that one?”
“Perhaps because I am no longer willing to bury it on a shelf and pretend it has no meaning for me.”

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: *obsesses over Alexander Hamilton*
  • Me: *obsesses over Marvel*
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: *writes a Grammy+Pulitzer prize winning, Tony nominated musical about Alexander Hamilton*
  • Me: *cries over two gay super soldiers from the 40s*

Audience Q&A with Lin-Manuel Miranda at Barnes & Noble Hamilton cast album signing (audio only)

Did you know he was thinking of his wife when he wrote “Helpless” and cried when he played it for her?

Wide-ranging and as excellent a summing up of Hamilton as I have found in any interview.


Did you mean it? Earlier, you said Captain Flint would have to disappear for this plan to work. Are you truly ready to let him go?