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10 reasons you should be watching Grey's Anatomy

1. The cast is full of diversity with almost equal parts men and women and throughout the show there have been: 2 black women, 3 black men, an Asian woman, a biracial man, and a Latina woman.There are probably more that I’ve forgotten because this show has been doing this for TEN YEARS.
2. LGBT representation. While Arizona is also a part of this, I’m focusing more on Callie because of current bi erasure in culture. Callie openly identifies as bi, frequently turning to men between Calzona breakups as opposed to other women.
3. Miranda Bailey ain’t got time for your transphobic bullcrap.
4. Respect to various religious groups. There is an episode where Christina wants to save a man but can’t because the solution involves a blood transfusion that goes against his religion and in the end, the transfusion does not happen. There was also the recent episode involving the Japril baby. They find a solution that both respects April’s religious beliefs not to have an abortion, but saves their baby from the inhumane pain that he is experiencing.
5. The female characters are real. They don’t always shave their legs. Their panties don’t always match their bras. They drink beers and take shots. They have sleepovers in their best friends’ beds. They only have so many cute pairs of underwear before they’re back to granny panties. They are real women, not just playthings for their male counterparts.
6. Shonda Rhimes is queen. Network doesn’t like the word Vagina? Puts the word Vagina five times in one episode.
7. There have been multiple episodes about stopping domestic abuse, be it physical or emotional. Bailey divorces her husband because he puts her in an ultimatum, and there have been many episodes where patients have left or have been left by their partners because of abuse, including one episode where a little girl felt the need to shoot her dad because of the way he treated their family.
8. A few of the characters came from nothing and worked harder than hell to get where they are. Izzy grew up in a trailer park, Alex was running around chasing his mentally ill family members while keeping the rest of the family safe, while Jo was sleeping in her car through most of school.
9. The series and its crossover (Private Practice) address addiction. Richard and Amelia were both recovered addicts who have relapsed and recovered within their time on the show(s).
10. The medical cases in the show are actual problems in the world today. Alzheimer’s disease, finding solutions for veteran amputees, Bailey’s sister-in-law getting majorly sick because she’s taking over-the-counter estrogen for her transition.