miranda and perry

  • My ship: *is literal perfection and best thing ever*
  • Author: *blows holes in to ship, sails into a typhoon, unleashes the kraken*

Happy International Women’s Day! - March 8th


Celebrities react to Donald Trump winning the 2016 U.S Presidential election

concept: a modern dead poets society with Lin Manuel Miranda as Mr. Keating

canon anderperry (but let’s say without the sad tragic gay death?)

trans/nb charlie/nuwanda (I see a ftm transguy who is comfortable with his femininity but feel free to run with it however)


Meeks perhaps? ^^^^^ 

and some members that aren’t just cis-white dudes….

Bi Knox (and let’s go ahead and make that party scene more cute and less rapey, shall we?)

and LMM/Keating could teach them carpe diem through rap this time around (maybe some poems he turns into raps???) because that is very much the more suitable form of writing for the 21st century.  

i have so much more to say on this so send me asks or messages or add to this but a modern reboot dps is all i need for 2k17


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Check it against your lyrics again and see (in)consistency...

At a Winter’s Ball

I’d expect snow

Yet ‘Liza calls it a “hot night”

Plot hole? I don’t know…