Inside Stories, Diaries of British Film-makers At Work.A chapter written by Peter Capaldi

I decided to scan the chapter of the book so it’s all in one post. I apologise for the rubbish quality (and also a very long post) ,but I didn’t know another way of doing it. I also didn’t want to break the spine of the book

This is a diary that Peter has written  of his experience  with dealing with Hollywood agents and Miramax, over a period of 10 months .It details the problems entailed with trying to get his film Moon Man, made.

It is very, frank, honest, and personal account. (Maybe too honest for his own good really), but it only makes me love him more.


“I cared deeply, that the film be made, that the stories be told, and that audiences have access to the events, the people, the stories, and ultimately to the sense that creativity and self-expression and authenticity truly matter.”

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All little girls are stuck between wanting to be princesses and witches, though.  Being beautiful and admired  vs. being rebellious. Thus, literature and film needs that one good princess/witch character.

I know the TV version of the character gets shit on a lot, but Katrina in Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow is honestly one of the few fictional characters that ever fulfilled both those tropes.

Ostensibly, she was nice and beautiful and a fairy tale character. But she also had all that weird occult shit happening on the side and was totally willing to use dark magic to protect the man she loved.