anonymous asked:

I just found this head canon where Sting is a NaLu baby, Rogue is GaLe, & Yukino is Miralaxus. I was kinda weirded out over the Yukino one because she doesn't look anything like Laxus, & her hair (as well as Angel's) kinda has a blue tint to it, while Mira has more of a purple tint. Then I realized that it was often mentioned that Yukino looks like Lisanna AND Bigslow has blue hair. Therefore my conclusion was that Angel & Yukino are Lisanna & Bigslow's children and Bigsanna will become canon :D

omg hahaha I haven’t thought of that…. And it is a cute thought indeed!!!

visionsofthejedi  asked:

You're art is great! Can't thank my friend enough for putting me on and showing me your blog. The "MiraLaxus" one you did for him was hands down beautiful. This might be a little bit too much to ask for, but I was wondering if you could do a drawing of Sting, Gajeel and Laxus?

Hey there! First of all: Thank you very much! I am glad both of you liked it! If a guy (I hope I’m correct) asks me to draw 3 (badass) Dragonslayer, then i have to show them like this :D I hope you like it, since fighting poses are not really my speciality.

Ps: I couldn’t remember all the outfits, so i dressed them without thinking.^^