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Miraxus Week 2016 | 14th December - 21st December


  • Day 1: Scars 
  • Day 2: Admiration 
  • Day 3: Motion Sickness 
  • Day 4: Unison Raid 
  • Day 5: Faith   
  • Day 6: Possessiveness
  • Day 7: Guild Master 
  •  Bonus Day: Warmth


  1. Think of the prompts as guidelines. You can follow them, take inspiration from them, or come up with your own! Your entries do not need to reflect any particular prompt if you have your own idea!
  2. Late entries are accepted.
  3. Be sure you tag your entry as #miraxusweek 
  4. All NSFW content should be tagged as #NSFW.
  5. All works posted for this event must be made specifically  for this event, and not older works.
  6. Do not trace/copy/use the work of others
  7. As with any ship week, ignore any hate and Be kind to everyone.

You can also submit your work here : SUBMISSION

If you have any questions or concerns, contact either miraxus-week or  Laxusdreyar | Mirajanestrauss Dracodormienz

We look forward to seeing everyone’s artwork, fanfics, drabbles, edits, headcanons, and whatever else you may come up with!!