Love as the One Magic

The first time I heard Lucy speak of the one magic as love, I envisioned something positive. How love will prevail and drives positivity in the world. For me, initially, the idea of the one magic being darkness made no sense. However, upon reading the latest chapter, I realized I was wrong. Grimoire Heart wasn’t correct either, Lucy was. But not in the right way anyone would envision.

Love is the one magic because love can take many forms. Evident in the many forms of love expressed in the series. 

We see love within families. The love shared between the Strauss siblings is one example. Mirajane never blamed elfman for lisannas death and on tenroujima, mirajane was willing to protect lisanna even if it meant her life. Laxus and Makarov also partake in a familial love. Regardless of their issues, makarov evidently loved laxus and vice versa. Despite their issues as well, Lucy loved her father–though he hurt her in the past. igneel loved natsu and vice versa and gray was loved by silver and ur. Additionally, despite alleged resentment, ultear loved her mother deep down even while under the impress Ur abandoned her.

Such a love prevailed in those situations. Family is an evident theme, biological or not. The guildmates considered each other family and each cares deeply about the other. Another aspect of love is between friends, such as the one shared between many of the characters. Friendship has coined the term nakama power within the fandom due to its prevalence as an important theme. From the bond between sting and rogue to the deep care shared between members of team natsu as another example, there is no doubt the love from friends inspires characters to become stronger. it’s another positive example of the effects of love–which, if it is the one magic, means the origin of magic is love. Despite gray and natsu’s differences, they are team mates, friends, they care for the other and would not desire anything bad to occur to the other. They may bicker and want to compete, but they care about each other first and foremost. Natsu wouldn’t let Gray sacrifice his life. They helped each other develop, being different and having a clash of personalities.

While it isn’t the focus, there are a dash of romanic love thrown into the mix. Alzack and Bisca had evident feelings and initially, were quite shy to admit it. However, now they have a family and their love has manifested itself in the form of Asuka. In another example, although only the feelings are confirmed, are Jellal and Erza. Despite all that occurred between them, the love never wavered. Erza couldn’t kill Jellal, she cared about him deeply despite of what he has become in the tower of heaven. She never excused his mistakes, but she wanted to help him go forward. Jellal as well loves Erza, but he understands and they both do it is not the right time for a relationship. They know the risks involved and each have their own responsibilities. However, that does not make their “love” any less strong, they’re there for each other when the other needs help. They believe in the other and serve as an inspiration when the other is feeling down.

Lucy herself is an example of the most selfless form of love. A love that is unconditional, despite the treatment from aquarius she loved her and cherished her. Despite her conflicts with her father, she cared for him. She loves her friends and she loves the guild. Of course, there are many other characters who exemplify deep love. Erza is another character I can think of at the top of my head, though it’s almost ironic how these factors have shaped my opinion on what the one magic was initally. I also thought lucy had a part in what the one magic is, considering her mom knew it and she herself could fit the description, perhaps that is still true–but love is powerful, yes it can be for the greater good, but it cannot always.

Love has had consequences. Love is not always positive. The love for evil, the love for seeing others in pain–many characters share that love. The love for destruction, and also the love that was once pure but was tainted in circumstances. Simon loved Erza, but it led to his death. Rogue loved Frosch so much he became absorbed in darkness at the pain of Frosch’s death. Consequently, Kagura’s love for her brother led her to be vengeful, she wanted to kill jellal. That is the power of love at its worst form. A love that could lead to obsession, to revenge, to the feeling of emptiness. Love is not always pure, love is not always for the greater good.

The one magic is love. But not in the way we’d assume of it. Love is the most condescended way to describe what the source of magic is. It’s the best word that can serve as an epitome of greed, desire, revenge, friendship, romance, care, family, destruction, obsession, and more. Because love is not just our image–the fluffy, sweet type of emotion that brings out the best from others. It can bring out the worst, as evident in those examples and more. All the villains’ intentions could be associated with a form of love. A love for the idea of a world ruled by demons, a love to get a wish granted, a love to see the world in ruins, a love for the idea that time can be reversed to erase wrongdoings. It all stems from love. Love is the one magic and love can be darkness.

Don’t get me wrong, the one magic is not darkness–Hades had a point but he was still incorrect–it is love. And just because love can be darkness does not invalidate the positive examples of love displayed throughout the series. Look how love has transformed various characters, former villains even. Juvia lacked pure love throughout her entire life, now she is in a guild that loves her and she has found love herself–with her friends and with Gray. Meredy was once confused on what love was, she cared for utear–she loved ultear, but until her fight with juvia she did not realize what to do with her love. Love has made her happier and inspired her to do well, to forgive ultear and to fight evil. Love has done a number to everyone, mashima did not put all the evidence of the positive impact as a bait to bring out the darkness.

Zeref loved Mavis and kissed her. And as the page shown on the chapter preview, zeref’s love killed mavis and prompted him to fall even deeper into his darkness. And it begs the question, how? How can love, one that was pure, lead to death–an occurance associated with darkness? Love is supposed to be pure, yet it killed her? The scene represented how love is one magic because love is can be contradictory. Because love is more than one quality, its various. Love can be lightness and darkness. Love led Zeref to fall deeper into despair, even before mavis, with what occurred with natsu, love has done nothing but pain him. Everything he loves dies, the world does not love him. What happens when one is not loved, when one is pained by love and the world? Such is the consequence, a vile consequence, of being unloved.

Love can make the world go round, but it can ruin it. We’ve all seen examples of love in our daily life go wrong. Zeref can’t love such a world that rejects him, thus he wants revenge. His love is no longer pure, its tainted, its darkness, evil, vengeance, whatever you wish to call it.

But the real question is: What will prevail? Love can arguably be the one magic, but what form is the strongest and will prove to outlast the other. Love that is unconditional and pure or love that leads to obsession and vengeance? That I cannot answer; but right now I think I understand what love as one magic means.

Love–a desire, a want, a need, a condition, a feeling, an affection. Love can manifest itself into a plethora of things such as one magic, the one magic that bonds everything together. Love is powerful but dangerous. Its the one magic that affects everyone in some shape or form. Just think, love has made many people better themselves for the good, but has made others fall into darkness which consequently affected the greater good. Love is a being so powerful because it can make or break a person and every action has a consequence.

And while i did not initially think of the one magic–love perhaps–like this…it clicks now, it makes sense. Love is what will play a factor in the final battle and it will seep into the rest of the story. The physical representation may be natsu vs. zeref or what not but in a figurative sense, the fight is within love itself: is love for the better or worse? Which is stronger, which shall prevail? Natsu and Zeref, two brothers who could represent the potential love has. Or perhaps even in just what may win overall: the good or the bad. The love to destroy, to eradicate, or the love to keep living and fix issues through such love rather than add. All i can say is, whether i’m correct or not, nicely..nicely done mashima. Love is the magic that can prompt people to do good or do bad, it can build character or destroy. Love is powerful in that sense..like magic.

The worst part is that we’ve known since practically the beginning of Fairy Tail that she was dead.

This was originally for juvana week but then i was like lol nah it’s too early so here you go have a random juvana drabble.

It was middle of the night and the Fairy Tail guild was still going strong. Multiple guild members were discussing future jobs, eating Mirajane’s delicious cooking, and simply chattering amongst themselves. Juvia Lockser however, was sitting alone at table in the corner of the guild. She wasn’t exactly in the mood to socialize. Juvia decided to test her luck today and confess to her beloved Gray-Sama how she truly feels about him. And to her own despair, Juvia was rejected. Juvia didn’t exactly know what to do. She loved Gray but maybe it was time to move on and to look for new possibilities. Yeah, a new possibility.

Juvia jumped up a little when she felt a hand touch her shoulder. Who dared to disrupt Juvia when she was busy suffering in her own misery?

“Juvia what are you doing all by yourself?” Cana asked her, sitting down beside the depressed bluenette.  

Oh, it was just Cana. Normally, if it was anyone else, Juvia would’ve told them to leave. But with Cana, it was just… different. Cana Alberona was unlike anyone Juvia had ever previously met. She was amazing in a way. Her smile could cheer anyone up. And her presence was already doing a good job in affecting Juvia’s glum mood.

“Juvia isn’t exactly in a good mood right now, Cana-San.” Juvia muttered, her eyes staring at the wooden table in front of her.

“Oh? Why not?” Cana raised an eyebrow, soon after she chugged her beer from her mug.  

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semegal asked:


Seme-chan you are evil 

1. first anime you ever watched


2. first anime crush

This sexy stud muffin

3. favorite anime character

I have a lot of favorite anime characters but these two queens are my abosoulte favorites

4. least favorite anime character

Renge from OHSC

5. list all anime you have ever watched

Naruto, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Durarara, Blue Exorcist, Kamisama Kiss, Say I love you, Ao Haru Ride, Ouran High School Host Club,  Pokemom, Sailor Moon, Princess Jellyfish, Diabolik Lovers. FMAB, Soul Eater, Death Note, Free!, Noragami, Beyond the Boundary, Space Dandy, Hetalia, Black Butler,  Vampire Knight, Inuyasha, Nagi No Asukara, and Sword art online.

6. popular anime you didn’t like

One Piece

7. anime you are currently watching


And Tokyo Ghoul

8. anime character you are most like


9. favorite anime child

Little Sasuke the cutest~

10. favorite anime animal sidekick

Happy and Pantherlily (They are adorable!)

11. anime you didn’t expect to like but did

Black Butler

12. anime that should get more attention from others

Ao Haru Ride ( I feel like not enough people watch this and they really should!)

13. funnest anime you have watched

Fairy Tail (I’ve alway laughed watching this show!)

14. saddest anime you have ever watched

Again Fairy Tail. There hasn’t been one arc that I didn’t cry while watching

15. anime you never get sick of watching

Fairy Tail, Noragami, Ouran Host Club, Ao Haru Ride, Diabolik Lovers, Soul Eater, FMAB, Free!, Space Dandy, Hetalia, and Durarara

16. 10 best animes you have watched

Fairy Tail, Ouran Host Club, Durarara, Noragami, Free!, Ao Haru Ride, Space Dandy, Hetalia,  FMAB, and Soul Eater

17. biggest anime crush


18.10 worst anime you have watched

Sword Art Online, Death Note, and Vampie Knight

19. favorite anime ships











20. least favorite anime ships



21. anime that made you cry, when

That scene when Erza was remembering Jellal and how he gave her, her last name. I was sobbing

22. age you started watching anime/person who introduced you to it.

I started when I was about six. I was pretty young so I didn’t even know it was.

23. unpopular character you love

Does Sho count?

24. popular character you hate


25. anime you would recommend to someone who hates anime


Or Space Dandy

26. manga you have read all the way through

Ao Haru Ride

27. anime you plan to watch in the future

Deadman Wonderland

and Cowboy Bebop

28. most upsetting moment in anime, why

I don’t need to explain this one. If your a ginran shipper you’d know why

29. anime that deserves another season

Ouran High School Host Club

30. one anime conclusion you would change

Space Dandy 

Because that ending was a big “What the fuck??!!!”

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