Hey Remember This Scene?

This scene was from Fairy Tail chapter 10: Armored Mage. 

Back from when they introduced Erza, so it’s really old.

And you guys know what?

Aside from I’m about to fuel all of you with angst with this foreshadowing.


Golden Week Events

Big event: Golden Week! Lots of games tend to do stuff for GW and ftgkmh is being no exception.

24hr Gacha
Dragon Force Sting & Lightning Fire Dragon Natsu
5/1 15:00 ~ 5/2 14:59
5/4 15:00 ~ 5/5 14:59

24hr Gacha
Dragon Force Rogue & Iron Shadow Dragon Gajeel
5/2 After maintenance ~ 5/3 16:59
5/5 15:00 ~ 5/6 14:59

24hr Gacha
Thunder and Lightning Gildarts & Sitri Mirajane
5/3 15:00 ~ 5/4 14:59
5/6 15:00 ~ 5/7 14:59

24hr Gacha
Child Erza & Child Gray
5/5 0:00 ~ 5/5 23:59

Magic Festival Quest
Play for magic material drops etc
5/1 15:00 ~ 5/7 14:59

Golden Week Battle Mix9
Challenge for units and evolution items
Child Natsu
Blessing Lucy
King’s Armour Erza
& Jiggle butt gang
5/1 15:00 ~ 5/7 14:59

Dragon Versus
Earn 4 star magic seeds and up
Clear level 100 stage for 5 star magic seed
Costs 1 AP
Once a day
5/1 15:00 ~ 5/7 14:59

Premium Ticket Sorcerer Elements
Use premium tickets to play and earn mage fragments to limit break them further
5/1 15:00 ~ 5/7 14:49

Event Mission
Get 5 Star Porlyusica and premium tickets
5/1 15:00 ~ 5/7 14:59

From Mangahelpers

Ft 60

Request: Reveal of FT’s mysteries!
In one of Magnolia’s cafe:
Lucy: Hello everyone!
Mira: Puru puru pupipiiiin!
L: What?! What are you doing?!
M: Imitating one of your Spirits - Plue!
L: No no no, you don’t sound like it at all!
M: Ok then, let’s do our best today too!
L: O-ok, let’s start with the first question.

Q: I love Brandish-chan! Please, make her happy!
M: Brandish from Spriggan 12 is very popular, isn’t she?
L: Irene or DiMaria, who was so cruel for me, are popular too.
M: Whole females’ party is popular.
L: As for males’ party it’s God Serena.
M: What? But he’s… you know…
L: I wonder if he’s so hopelessly cute.
M: Author is fan of Jacob.
L: Oh yeah, Mira-san, you’re fighting with him right now, aren’t you? Do your best!
M: Sure! But I don’t know why he’s fighting with his eyes closed all the time.
L: What?
M: He’s capable warrior with no doubts, but thanks to that I can fight with him on par.
L: Mira-san, may it be that you’re barely dressed right now?
M: Oh my, shame on me.
L: Let’s… go back to the topic. Brandish, I want you to be happy too!
M: You’re right. It would be wonderful, if everyone could be happy.
L: Yeah… but lately, with this development… I’m not so sure about it.
M: Let’s see next question.

Q: What really happened in chapter 503 in volume 59, when DiMaria was stopping time?
L: Oh, that time… Thanks to that I was saved, but something strange happened with Natsu…
M: And DiMaria was so frightened, it wasn’t normal at all.
L: Natsu was moving although the time was stopped?
M: So, let’s see what happened step by step:
1. DiMaria stopps the time.
2. Natsu wakes up and knocks out DiMaria in the same time.​L: Wait the second! How could he move when time was stopped?!
M: Isn’t it because of END’s power?
L: But Natsu was tied up too.
M: With END’s power something like that is not a big deal.
L: And he was suffering from this tumor. (not sure about this line)
M: END’s power!
L: Very useful…
M: Let’s see what happened next:
3. Natsu notices Lucy (he sees her breasts).​L: Don’t look at them!
M: Now it’s too late…
4. Natsu releases Lucy (he sees her breasts again).​L: You’re looking too much!
M: Natsu is a guy after all.
5. Because Lucy’s not moving, Natsu thinks, that she’s dead.
6. He awakens his END’s powers.
7. He strikes at DiMaria again.
8. And rushes to Zeref’s place.​L: So something like that happened.

M: Natsu is a guy after all.
L: Let’s change the topic.

Q: When will you perform Star Dress: Capricorn Form?
L: Well, maybe I’ll perform it in Fairy Tail Second Film, or maybe not…
M: Hm? So will you or not?
L: I can’t tell you yeeeet!
M: Puru puru pupipiiiin