Just received the recent issue of the American Bonsai Society Journal, a commemorative tribute to John Naka. Where would American bonsai be without such an amazing trailblazer? This tree, initially created by John in the 1960s, was given to me by a dear friend in 2010 as a gift for completing my six-year apprenticeship in Japan. It is an honor to be entrusted with one of John’s fabulous California Junipers, and a thrill to carry his legacy forward with our visionary work here at Mirai. RN #americanbonsai #miraistyle #johnnaka

There is always something deeply exciting, not only in the sounds of winds in the woods, which exert more or less influence over every mind, but in their varied waterlike flow as manifested by the movements of the trees, especially those of the conifers. John Muir, A Windstorm in the Forests (ch. 10) #miraistyle #pygmycypress #americanbonsai