Under the cut are #74 rp icons of actress Shida Mirai who is of Japanese ethnicity, born in the year 1993. Please do use/cast if you found this useful/interesting. The icons are made by K from scratch and are sized as 100x100 borderless, roleplayable and iconable. Feel free to use them! Credits aren’t necessary. Please like/reblog if used/saved.

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ST Aka to Shiro no Sosa Fairu  (ST MPD Scientific Investigation Squad)

The plots are interesting and the characters are fun.  One thing I really enjoy is that the Sho Aoyama and Midori Yuki characters dress (respectively) sloppy and sexy purely because they like dressing that way.  They’re not vying for male attention and they don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks about them.  They earn their way with intelligence.  We could use more characters like that.

Marathoning the series now that the movie has also been released.


A new trailer has been released for Toya Sato’s “ST MPD Scientific Investigation Squad” movie (out Jan 10, 2015).

The film picks up after the events of the popular 2014 NTV drama which followed the exploits of a group of quirky yet talented MPD crime lab researchers who were assigned to a special criminal investigation unit called ST (Scientific Task Force). In the movie, team analyst Samon Akagi (Tatsuya Fujiwara) is arrested for murder after a charred corpse is discovered and ST is subsequently disbanded.

Elite inspector Tomohisa Yurine (Masaki Okada) doesn’t believe Akagi is guilty, and when Akagi escapes from jail, they begin investigating a new computer virus used by a genius hacker named Kaburaki (Yusuke Santamaria). Eventually, they track down a mysterious woman named Naomi Doujima (Yumi Adachi) who has knowledge about Kaburaki and the virus.