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Yanderes and Plausibility

I really don’t like how some of the elimination methods in Yandere Simulator are. It just sounds implausible that Ayano would be able to pull off stuff like lifting things that are heavier than she is or having so many athletic skills, and doing PE doesn’t quite cut it.
People and Dev try to justify this by saying that yanderes are just that determined but actual yanderes do have a reason for the most part to pull off some of the stuff they do.

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A thought on the ‘survival game’ genre...

… You know, as much as I love the “survival game” genre (think Hunger Games, think Battle Royale), I have only seen one ever story that had a realistic explanation for why the game must take place. And that is Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (999: The Novel). I think… that’s quite tragic for the genre itself. So many stories can have the potential to have such good stories. 

Battle Royale and The Hunger Games both have some cop-out explanation of some corrupt government just feeling like trapping a bunch of kids somewhere for fun. Mirai Nikki has a god choose some random kids in Tokyo as potential candidates to succeed him. Dangan Ronpa… well, let’s not even talk about that (some kid with a despair fetish did it all for shits and giggles!). Some survival games don’t even have an explanation at all or a complete cop-out explanation (Liar Game, cough cough, as well as a few manga and VNs that are kind of unknown titles). 

While in 999 (SPOILER) - the villain executed the whole plan because they need to save their own life by doing this. In order to rescue themselves they had to lead the protagonist into that exact situation in which he will be well-placed to rescue them from a brutal death, and there was no other option. Now for once, that is a human reason. 

Maybe that’s why 999 has become my favourite story of the survival genre ever. 


*** Spoilers ***

Steins Gate - Ending

Zetsuen no Tempest - Ending 

Mirai Nikki - Ending

Guilty Crown - Ending

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood - Ending