mirage tempo

A Quiet Place

Title: A Quiet Place
Characters: Zoro x Nami
Genre: Romance / Humor / (slight) Angst
Rating: T

Based on the prompt: “We were playing in the snow and you suddenly tackled me to the ground and now…we’re just…staring… at each other…”

Her arms pumped at her sides as she ran, a loping, awkward gait. With every step, her boots crunched down, sinking into fresh powder. Her breaths emerged, billowing clouds, and with every inhale, frigid air tightened her chest.

Not twenty feet away, a thicket promised refuge. The dark bark of the tall pines stood stark against the snow. She was so close. She could make it.

She heard the projectile whistle through the air a split second before it hit. Instincts, honed from years spent aboard the ship of a notorious pirate, commanded she move. Dropping, she rolled, burying her shoulder deep within the cold snow. Not a foot away, snow exploded as it hit. Icy shards struck her exposed cheeks and nose.

If there was one, surely, there would be another.

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Quickly about chapter 846

I tried to resist not to read the chapter before weekend but heh, here is another review from the latest chapter. There are so many spoilers already so I guess there is no need to warn about them :D 

Ok so as seen, Luffy and Nami are still fighting against Big Moms army and things definitely aren’t looking good for them since they are practially beaten They even lost the vivre card Lola gave them. But maybe the most heartbreaking thing is to see Luffy crawling with his last drip of energy swearing that he will not leave the place until Sanji comes, again another reminder how loyal the captain is to his nakama  (and this situation  is seriously so wrong, poor Luffy gets first beaten by his own cook and now they got overpowered  by enemies and his tooth hasn’t magically appeared :<)

Elsewhere Sanji is making deals with Big Mom in order to save his nakama . What is bothering is the way ‘Momma’ talks to him because first of all she is talking about current comrades which means she is confident that Sanji is going to be part of them right after the wedding (and this is sad because no one wants it to happen) but would her plan to be that Mugiwaras somehow ended up to be her underlings anyways if the marriage will happen, especially if they refuse to leave? Well  Big Mom agrees the terms, as long as everything goes according the plan. 

Big Mom is happy about the marriage though, so happy that she is even willing to put behind the anger about Mugiwaras rumbling around in Seducing Woods etc. but under that one certain condition but I am more interested to look forward to see what really goes inside her head besides the thoughts of getting cake and sweets.

Charlotte Linlin is a very very suspicious yonko but her hat is kinda cute and definitely a enemy for Mugiwaras but what is the motive for the alliance with Judge actually and what was the talk about “wedding day going to be a day that no one will forget” in last chapter?
Somehow I have a feeling that she is not going to keep her words. I mean she could surprise us all by betraying Vinsmokes because she is most likely after the power and might not really interested in Judge’s businesses and would she actually give her precious daughter away if she found out how much Judge despises Sanji? 

 Then we finally see Sanji smiling after so many heart ripping chapters and people seem to be very happy with it. However I am not convinced because this doesn’t look a real smile that’ll send the vibes of full of happiness.
I mean he of course is very relieved that Big Mom will let them out safely but it is hard to imagine that he’ll honestly be happy with the decision of leaving them behind and the fact that he will now literally give up on his dreams.
We know that Sanji tends to be the guy who hides all the negative emotions so it is not impossible that behind that smile is nothing but worry and agony. 
The other possibility is that Sanji is again in a dead end and he has no other choice than buy her words but could a smart man like Sanji fall to her words and trust her? 

Anyways it is interesting to see if Sanji has come up with a plan because he still is a strategist and somehow he is behaving suspiciously confident  despite the fact that he is  probably very hurt and torn inside. He also has not convinced about his “feelings towards his wife-to-be. Making promises to his mother in law might just be part of his play and what raised my eyebrow was that he even completely ignored and skipped Big Mom’s comment about him falling into Pudding so one other reason to think that this marriage might not happen. Who knows, maybe there is the good old Sanji we know behind that sly smirk ;) 

Then we finally see other characters when Pedro and Brook are preparing themselves for a big mission, to steal poneglyphs. They are going to face another enemy from Charlotte family, Charlotte Smoothie a person who literally squishes juices out of you… creepy af, why there is no normal people around?
The immediate thought was that Brook might have a huge benefit if they end up fighting because the musician is literally nothing but bones and there is nothing to be sucked but let’s see how the mission will go on.

This review ended up to be quite short mostly because the story itself didn’t move forward a lot from the previous chapter (thought they’d already skip up to wedding but we need the feel of tension and excitement)  and actually I was a bit disappointed not to see Chopper and Carrot around because it would be interesting to know whether they are somewhere close to Sanji or not but at least finally a chapter that didn’t completely destroy fangirl’s soul (I was preparing for a heart attack). 

But what I am most impressed in this chapter is  definitely Nami, I mean if that bolt of thunder what we saw in last chapter was made by her this only proofs how underrated she is as fighter. If she managed to tame a massive lightning bolt she is capable of everything from now on ! She has the sorcery clima tact what can be a huge benefit in upcoming fights and I really can’t stop wondering if she could use mirage tempo to bail herself out of trouble and sneaking to save him :>

The more Oda shows the badass side of her the more I feel that this is just a beginning of  her era and if Oda allows, the navigator will be soon on her way to save Sanji from marrying the wrong person ;) *hopeless optimism*

So another weather forecast for future, the storm is rising with the chance of thunder !