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After so long || MajorModifications

She looked at the cellular device in her hand now as if it had sprouted wings and would fly out of her hand at any given moment. Had he really just told her what town he lived in? Piper hadn’t even expected him to give her a state, let alone a town. That uneasy feeling returned to her stomach; a mixture of butterflies and scalding hot acid. It was one thing to discuss it over text message, but would she actually be able to face him? 

What now though? She blinked with bewilderment, at a loss for words now. 

Mirage [text]: I’ll answer any questions you have then. And then be gone out of your life forever. For good. I promise. 

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          “Hm? What’s this? You don’t look like anyone I’ve seen around here, are you new to the area?" 

          The white, tenrec-esque creature stood up from her garden post. Settling down her water sprinkler can, she investigated the stranger more. "Say, I’ve heard of black creatures like you with menacing intentions, are you one of them?” She quickly grew suspicious. 

Referencing the events of Shadow the hedgehog, which she merely heard from and did not experience herself

Coffee and Cigarettes || MajorModifications

Had a month really gone by so quickly? Piper sat nervously in a secluded corner of the local Townsville Starbucks, sipping graciously at her iced bianco as she shook her foot anxiously. This is where she had agreed to meet Buddy Pine, ex-super villain, and her ex-lover. She sighed as her flat slipped off her foot and dangled off her toes, placing her foot back on the ground so that she could snake her tiny foot back into her shoe. 

As usual, she was impeccably early. But what else did she have to do today except possibly bawl her eyes out after the encounter? Honestly, she hoped that it wouldn’t be that bad… But she had promised to make herself disappear from his life forever after this, hadn’t she? What a mistake… Piper had put in for a transfer at the local college, not working as a teacher, but as a professional sponsor for the journalism club. So she would be in town for quite a while. But it was the only available position in the area that she could take, so she took it.

Piper reached a perfectly manicured hand into her purse, pulling out a small mirror and giving herself a look over once more. Her make up wasn’t too extreme, just the basics. But she smiled knowing that she had a face any model would be jealous of. And instead of straightening her hair as she had always done, she had let it wave naturally, letting it caress around her heart shaped face before it pulled into a low side pony-tail. Her outfit was simply enough, though; she sported a simple button-up white blouse that ruffled down to just below her backside, with a purple ascot wrapped around her neck, and a pair of black leggings.

She finally put the mirror away, checking her phone for the time. It was still a few minutes until the agreed meeting time, so she reached back into her purse, pulling out a small moleskin journal, jotting down a few things in her perfect cursive handwriting.