mirage of bliss

The Whereabouts of Love
Maximilian Hecker
The Whereabouts of Love

In a room suffused with light
I spend my hours waiting
Waiting for the nightfall
And I wonder if my life
Is blissful or appalling
If silence is my laughter

I hone my heart down to the bare bones
Down to the pieces that are needed to survive
And spend my life cruising on my own
As I don’t care about the whereabouts of love
The whereabouts of love

Is reclusiveness a curse
Or could it be a blessing?
A wall against disorder?
While it shields me from the rain
It causes me to dry out
And counteracts my blooming

Let me out but soon back in
Back to what I’m used to
This flawless isolation
Do you wonder if I sound?
Oh tell me, can you hear it
The silence of my laughter?

I hone my heart
Someday I’ll
I hone my heart
Someday I’ll
I hone my heart down to the bare bones
I need to survive
And spend my life cruising on my own
Cruising on my own

Rediscovering Maximilian Hecker felt amazing
His voice is simply enchantingly beautiful, as well as his music

I walk the Sahara, barefoot, to feel closer to her. The harsh sun beats down heavy on my neck; mouth dry, thirst for water long since gone.

I saw her ride across the desert, her dewy olive skin and flowing golden hair, a white shawl trailing behind in the wind. This was only in my dreams, a blissful mirage, still, she exists out of reach.

The sands of time have been unkind.

Her foundations, unlike most, are cracked and worn. She rebuilds herself from wreckage over and over, a colosseum held together by sticks and stones and bandages.

She has laid across hot coal for men who have paid no heed nor gratitude.

Rivers of tears, vanished into the sand as if they had never fallen down her cheeks.

Her misery unbeknown to the weary travellers.

But I know of it and I feel it, with every howl and every storm. She is real and aches and deserves the sacrifice of the Gods. I would search the deepest, farthest reach of this Earth to find a way to make her feel truly seen.

Don’t hide from me now, the sun is beginning to set.

I see her - (e.a.b) @saltyseawaves