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Localization Discourse
  • Nintendo: -Completely changes scenes and character personalities leaving very little if any of the original Japanese version. Cuts out content for no particularly good reason, Inserts memes when there is no reason for them-
  • Journalists: "This is a shining example of how localization of Japanese games should be done.'
  • Atlus: -Localizes Persona 5 in a much more literal fashion. Leaving nearly all of the original content in with its original context-
  • Journalists: "Persona 5's localization is terrible and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves.'

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Fish are friends~

And so I want to be friends with fish blogs.

I’m 24 (nearly 25) years old, and I am the proud owner of a gorgeous butterfly halfmoon betta named Mirage. I’m new to the betta scene, so I’m likely to have questions and perhaps even need some correction and advice on care.

Mirage is in a 5 gallon Fluval tank with live plants that I’m struggling to keep alive (seriously, plants hate me). He’s a curious dude who likes most foods and literally avoids any hides I give him only to choose the weirdest spots to chill in. xD

I dream of beautiful aquascapes, but don’t have the know-how or talent to pull them off. Still, I will reblog a butt-ton of tank aesthetic stuff alongside updates on Mirage, betta questions/advice, pretty fish, and maybe even some pics of my corgi puppies and old hound dog, ‘cause I am also a dog lover. :D

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Some snaps while out shopping! 

Finally picked up the Fire Emblem Gaiden remake… Hidari’s artwork looks even better up close, which isn’t too surprising. Also ran into two of my favorite JRPGS and while I’m not surprised to see Persona 5, I always get giddy when I see Tokyo Mirage Sessions lol.

Lastly, they were playing a commercial for the Crash Bandicoot remaster! Glad to see my favorite gaming legend making his true return.

koniiro  asked:

Neni, first of all, thanks for your translations. Anyway, I know you wrote about the meaning of the kanji in Futaba's name, but could please do the same for Makoto, Haru and even the other characters? Honestly, I love to see how the characters' name meaning fit with their personality and plot in the game.

Anne Takamaki: 

Taka = 高 =  High, Expensive
Maki = 巻 = Roll, Book Volume 
Anne (Actually “An”) = 杏 = Apricot

My Interpretation:
“Apricot / High Roll”

(Note: It’s somewhat common nowadays for Japanese parents to name their children Western names but write them in Kanji. Writting “Anne” or “Anna” with the Kanji for “Apricot” is one such example.)

Ryuuji Sakamoto:

Saka = 坂 = Slope, Hill
Moto = 本 = Origin, Book
Ryuu = 竜 = Dragon, Naga
Ji (Actually “Shi”) = 司 = Bureaucrat (Usually used as a generic ending for names)

My Interpretation:
“Dragon / foot of the hill”

Yusuke Kitagawa:

Ki = 喜 = Pleasure, Joy, Happiness
Ta = 多 = Many
Gawa (Actually “Kawa”) = 川 = River  
Yu = 祐 = Help
Suke = 介 = Generic Boy’s Name Ending

My Interpretation:
“Helper / River of Many Joys”

Makoto Niijima:

Nii = 新 = New
Jima (Actually “Shima”) = 島 = Island
Makoto = 真 = Truth, Reality, Sincerity

My Interpretation:
“The Sincere One / New Island”

Sae/Saeru/Saya Niijima:

Sae/Saeru/Saya = 冴 = Coldness, Serenity, Skillfulness

My Interpretation:
“Serenity / New Island”

Futaba Sakura:

Sa = 佐 = Help, Assistance 
Kura = 倉 = Storage Space
Futa = 双 = Pair, two
Ba (Actually “Ha”) = 葉 = Leaf 

My Interpretation: 
“Sprout/Helpful Storage”

(Note: ”Futaba”, written exactly like her name, usually means “Sprout”, because most sprouts come out with two leaves at first. It should also be mentioned that “Futaba Channel” is a famous Japanese image board that served as one of the inspirations for the western 4Chan. It’s often confused with 2Chan, a seperate board with different rules. 2Chan and FutabaChan were both inspirations for 4Chan.)

Haru Okumura: 

Oku = 奥 = Inside, Interior
Mura = 村 = Village, Ville 
Haru = 春 = Spring

My Interpretation: 
“Spring / Interville”


An alternate name for Morgan LeFey, and consequently also for the Irish Goddess Morrigan (With which Morgan LeFey is often conflated), a figure usually referred to as the “Phantom Queen” and known for her harshness and tendency to shapeshift into animals.  She is usually associate with fate, war and death and has been likened to a Valkyrie. “Fata Morgana” is also a term to refer to a mirage. 


Brazil has signed a $5.4 billion agreement with SAAB for 28 single-seat Gripen E and eight twin-seat Gripen F aircraft.

Deliveries are to begin in 2019, with up to 120 additional, locally-built Gripens being built during the 2020’s. The new aircraft will fill the gap left by retired Mirage IIIs and Mirage 2000s, as well as replacing the current F-5 Tiger II light fighter and AMX A-1 fighter-bomber in Brazilian service. Additionally, the Brazilian Navy is looking into the Sea Gripen as a replacement for it’s A-4 Skyhawk carrier jets.

The Gripen NG beat the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, Dassault Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon, and Sukhoi SU-35 Flanker for the Brazilian contract.

via War Is Boring