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Yashiro’s stage outfit with his hair slicked back and those boots that go aaaaaall the way up are really important to me and I’ve been wanting to make gifs from this since forever and everyone’s recent homages to Hosoyan are a good reason to revisit this game. 💓  Below is the video - this song is so good!


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Say 10 things that make you happy and then send this to the last 10 people in your notes!

1. Art!!!
2. Writing!!!
3. @wayward-mirage!!! (Fuck it, people make me happy)
4. @faith-in-dean!!! (She’s AWESOME!! Wow)
5. @wewereborninthewronguniverse Meg is my fave I love her
6. David Haydn-Jones. He’s so sweet?? Wow?? (#ketchdeservedbetter)
7. Queer representation (looking @ u @thepenumbrapodcast I mean wow how awesome)
8. Yes I can think of 10 things that make me happy
9. Definitely
10. Haha Jk I’m dead inside



Siouxsie and the Banshees - Peel Session 1977

1. Love In A Void 
2. Mirage 
3. Metal Postcard 
4. Suburban Relapse 

In the early 1960s, supersonic variable fighter models like the American Sabre family, the VF-100, and the MiGYa-19 became increasingly widespread; however, European nations desired a supersonic design of their own, wanting a design better suited for their needs; additionally, Western Europe wanted the economic boon that they knew advanced aerospace production would bring. The Fiat, Dassault, and Messerschmitt groups convened to develop Western Europe’s first supersonic variable fighter. Equipped with a slim fuselage, a thin, efficient delta wing, and an engine that was fairly powerful for its time, the new European Aerospace Complex’s Mirage F.3 represented a massive leap forward for Western Europe. Though its delta wing configuration impaired the aircraft’s energy retention through turning maneuvers, it boasted a top speed of Mach 1.8, unheard of for its time, and could carry a substantial load of weapons suspended off the sides of its arm pylons, an arrangement that avoided cluttering most of the wing with stores pylons. The EAC F.3 proved to be a compact and agile platform on the ground, with a tightly-arranged ambulatory configuration that protected weak points and the cockpit while maximizing mobility. Though the F.3 had barely reached Initial Operational Capability when the First Incursion war began, its teething flaws were ironed out with the brute force of desparation and over 400 were produced by the end of the war. The F.3 continued in production until finally made obsolete by new lifting-body designs in the 1980s.

Becka’s Birthday Challenge (Due May 16th)

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a long time since I posted an update for this but I just wanted to remind ya’ll that your stories are due in a month! Some of you guys have turned yours in already but I wanted to remind those who haven’t! 

HERE are a reminder of the rules! 

Below the cut are the lines and places for a reminder! Crossed out ones are already done! 

 I will comment on these stories and make a master list after the due date. (Probably not on that day since it’s my birthday and I will probably be busy lol)

Can’t wait to read more stories!

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Complete Marvel Master List - Part One {THIS IS CURRENTLY BROKEN MY APOLOGIES}

{ This list includes nearly e v e r y t h i n g  we’ve ever wrote, the good, the bad and the cringy, mistakes and all. Hopefully as time has gone on we’ve improved. Thank you for being with us and reading our stuff, we love you <3 }

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Becka’s Birthday Challenge (Due May 16th)

Alright guys! It’s getting down to the end! My birthday is in 4 days! Which means the stories are due in 4 days! This will probably be my last update where I will include all of the participants and I will just tag the people who have stories left! The ones marked out have already been turned in. If you guys want to wait to send it on my birthday (for a nice birthday present) that is perfectly fine!

If you have turned yours in and it is NOT marked out please let me know and SEND ME A LINK to the story!

HERE is the link to the list of the prompts if you forgot what yours was!

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