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Do you want to take part in a huge Miraculous fan project? Then go no further!

I’ve always enjoyed fan reanimation projects, and I thought it would be a fun thing for ML fans to take on to celebrate the show we all love. Artists will sign up to recreate individual shots from the chosen episode, which will all be edited together to create an awesome collaborative piece containing different styles, mediums, and ideas!

The Episode: Dark Cupid

Sign Up Deadline: August 31, 2018

Who We Need: Animators, Filmmakers, and Illustrators

Details: Recreate your shot in any way that you like: 2D, 3D, stop motion, puppets - heck, dress up in cosplay and film yourselves! It doesn’t matter what medium or style you choose, just make something! Even if you don’t have much experience with animating or film making, but want to try out something new, sign up - there are plenty of beginner shots that you can learn with. This is meant to be a fun project, so don’t stress about it. There are also some still shots illustrators can take on, as well as slots for end credit illustrations.

Take on a shot alone or gather a team and collaborate, just make sure it’s your own work and that you have fun with it!

Click Here to Sign Up!

*It is recommended to sign up and view the shot list on a desktop or laptop, it may be difficult to navigate on mobile.

If you can’t work on it, please spread the word - we need A LOT of artists to make this thing happen! If you have any questions, feel free to email mlreanimatecollab@gmail.com (I will not be responding to questions on this post or through tumblr).

Gift from the lovely @ladyofacat for the fabulous @clairelutra from her Adrirose ficlet, found here

The giggle turned into a laugh, and she pulled her legs up to rest her cheek on her knees. She gave him a shy smile and a quiet, “Thank you, Adrien.”

Adrien shoulder-bumped her again, and got a slightly less shy grin for his trouble. “No problem.“

Akuma Cafe

AU August - Day 20 - Coffeeshop AU

First day as a manager, and Adrien gets to cover cashier because someone called in sick. He laments it slightly, but he supposed it was part of the manager’s job description. The rain is pouring from the sky, meaning the likelihood of anyone else except regulars and stragglers caught in the weather coming in is small. So, he spends most of his time habitually cleaning the front, answering the phone, and organizing pick-up orders and potential catering events.

And that’s when she walks in.

Adrien had lost track of how many gorgeous girls have stepped into the café. He’s, admittedly, drooled over a couple of them. And he’s tempted to put her in the same category as the other pretty girls, but she forced him to pause.

Because sure, she is pretty. A vision even in her vivid red dress covered in large black polka dots with a skirt that flared from her petite waist and matching red ribbons in her hair. But the pigtails give her a cuteness factor the others didn’t have. And the way the hem of her dress was wet despite her having an umbrella that she was struggling to close only furthered it. And her smile of triumph over shutting the umbrella?


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Second Chances, Chapter 21

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Calm down,” Marinette said, tying Nino’s bowtie. “You’ll be fine.”

“I’m so nervous,” he said, fidgeting. “How’d you get through this the first time?”

“I was about as panicked as you,” she said, straightening the bowtie before fixing the collar. “Thank goodness for my bridesmaids because otherwise I have the feeling I would have passed out from a panic attack.”

“You looked so calm, though.”

“That’s because they forced me to breathe through a paper bag and I was trying to get oxygen back into my brain,” she admitted with a grin. “It will be easier when you see her coming down the aisle. When I saw Nathaniel, that’s when I started to calm down a bit and I went from nervous to excited and happy and…you’ll see.”

“Then I just have to wait for Alya to come in?”

She nodded.

He groaned. “This is going to be the longest twenty minutes of my life.”

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