miracles into mistakes

Meta: SE and Stable Partnerships

The whole premise of Soul Eater is based on the structure of meisters and weapons and the partnership that goes into that. It’s easy to come up with plenty of examples of these partnerships: standard one-to-one pairs, or trios, or even variable meisters with multiple weapon partners or weapons who can be wielded by any meister. Aside from granting structure to the plot in itself, these partnerships can also be read as unstated commentary about the dynamic of the characters within the partnerships, their relation to each other, and (perhaps most interestingly) their grasp on their own sense of identity.

A note: I’ll be focusing primarily on the main anime in the course of this, with only very few references to the Soul Eater Not anime and occasional nods to details in the manga. I’m hoping this will make it easier to follow (and easier for me to compose)!

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“People may make mistakes, but it’s God who makes babies,” she’d say through a tightly set jaw. “There is no such thing as an illegitimate child.” My mother watched miracles of provision break past all odds from one moment to the next. So she believed in those miracles for my life as well. As she looked for the miracles, waiting on them to come, she always found them. If God wanted to end my life, then he could have taken it himself in those seven months of my mother’s pregnancy, or those twelve years of my childhood, or my seven teenage years. But instead of taking my life, God protected it.
—  Lacey Sturm
Not Like This

Request: Not requested.
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Word Count: 1,147
Warnings: Pregnancy

(A/N: I have wanted to write this for a while just never knew how to begin, and now I do, here it is.)

This wasn’t supposed to happen to you. You weren’t perfect, sure you made mistakes but none of those mistakes would ever amount to this.

You held the positive pregnancy test in your slightly shaking hand. After dropping it into the sink, you carefully lifted your head to look at your reflection. The situation was still pretty unclear in your mind. You were always safe with Stiles, always wore protection - that you could remember.

There was a night when the heat and power had gone out in a small portion of Beacon Hills. His dad had gone out to begin his shift and investigate what had happened while you and Stiles laid in his room, trying to keep warm under his comforter. The second you felt his lips on your neck, you were met with a spark jolting through your body, excitement. He moved so he was positioned above you, attacking your neck with his lips, teeth grazing your earlobe since he knew it drove you crazy.

It didn’t stop there. Through out the night there was passion and lust floating in the midst of the sex in the atmosphere and in the heat of the moment, the condom had slipped your minds and you weren’t on any birth control.

Now here you were, desperately trying to figure out how to tell Stiles that he was going to be a father in approximately 8½ months. Surely, this would ruin him. You had only just started college. You would need to take the courses online, to spare yourself any embarrassment of being pointed and laughed at in class.

The next day, you went to his dorm room to try and talk to him about your situation. A knock and about thirty seconds later, the door opened but it wasn’t Stiles.

“Hi, Scott,” You smiled, peering inside and noticing your boyfriend slouched in a chair on his computer. He turned around, a smile lighting up his face as he shot up and jogged to the door. Scott stepped outside to where you were, mentioning that he had to meet Allison somewhere. He could probably sense the anxiety radiating off your body. You silently thanked him.

“Come in,” You walked in, a strange scent immediately hitting your nose. You looked around the room, clothes scattered everywhere along with papers and textbooks. Stiles sensed your discomfort with the room and began to pick up stray clothes and throwing them in the hamper. “What’s wrong?”

“Hm? Oh, right,” You sat down on Stiles’ bed and he sat back down in his desk chair, hands folded in front of him. “I have to tell you something,”

“What is it? You know you can tell me anything, nothing you say could ever possibly make me-”

“I’m pregnant,”

It was silent for a minute as Stiles leaned back in his chair, hands brought together at his mouth as his eyes clouded.

“Stiles,” You sighed gently, sliding down the bed slightly. “Stiles, look at me,” It was almost like he couldn’t even hear you. “Say something, please!” You pleaded.

“What the hell do you want me to say, hm? Congratulations? I-It wasn’t supposed to happen now, not like this,” He sighed, pacing around the room. “Are you sure you’re… you know?”

“Well, no, not 100%, I’ve only taken one test. I have an appointment on Monday with my doctor, if you want you can come with me,” You stood up, waiting for a response. After a minute or so you decided it was no use, walking toward the door, hoping Stiles would follow.

The following Monday, you woke up, checking your phone for any missed calls or texts from Stiles but there was nothing. Since your appointment was at eleven o'clock and it was currently nine forty-five, you had time to spare so you went downstairs for a quick bowl of cereal and then went back to your room to grab a towel and some clean clothes for a shower.

The whole time you weren’t with Stiles, you were thinking only if Stiles and the possible -and very probable- child you were bearing. Even if he didn’t stay with you a help out, you couldn’t help but think of what a wonderful life it could be.

You grabbed your keys off of the coffee table in the living room and set off, practically dashing off the front porch and jogging to your car. Now that you had thought about your future and what it could hold with your child, you were excited to see them if they were really there.

It took about ten minutes before you pulled into the parking lot of the Hospital. You stopped in your tracks when you almost ran into a blue jeep. You had to back up to check if you were seeing it clearly. Not once in your life had you seen another jeep such as this one other than Roscoe. It was his jeep. The busted up hood and roof, same license plate. It was definitely Stiles’ beloved jeep.

You had never walked so fast into a building jn your life. You checked in, signed your name and turned around at the nearly empty waiting room and there he was, eyes heavy, with his hands folded in front of his mouth like he had when you told him you were pregnant.

“Stiles?” You asked carefully as if you’d spook him if you spoke any louder. His head snapped up to look in your direction, a relieved smile on his face. He stood up and walked over to you, holding you at shoulder length.

“Thank God, I went to the right hospital,” He sighed in relief, a chuckle rumbling from his chest. “I was going out of my mind thinking that maybe I had missed it or I had gone to the wrong hospital,” He pulled you into a tight embrace which you reciprocated, happy to be in his arms, happy to have his arms around you.

“How did you know where to go?”

“I called your mom. After yelling at me for five minutes, she finally told me,” He released you and you could only smile.

“Wha-What made you change your mind?” You asked with slight hope.

“I thought about us,” He smiled, stroking your cheek with his thumb. “I thought about all of the wonderful possibilities that could come from this. I really want have this baby with you, Y/N,” You grinned and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him down into a gentle kiss and pulled away when you heard your name being called. You felt Stiles slide his hand around yours, gripping it tightly.

As it turned out, you were most definitely pregnant, a little human being growing inside you. The look on Stiles’ face remained in awe and you gushed over the fact that this truly was a miracle. All because of a mistake you made one night that turned out to be a great thing.

(A/N: The ending is really sappy but I hope you liked it! :) )

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Obi-Wan and Ashoka mulling over their life choices in masters and padawans whilst waiting outside the Jedi council chambers for Anakin to finish being reprimanded for his latest stunt.

Obi-Wan petitioned specifically not to attend this particular council session. At least, that is the diplomatic way in which he explains it to Ahsoka when he finds her brooding outside the council chamber. In actuality, he told Mace Windu only hours ago that he would, in no uncertain terms, be innegotiably unavailable whenever Master Skywalker returned to Coruscant, because “to say he’s overdone it this time would be an inexcusable abuse of understated language”. Mace reminds him that he has an obligation. Obi-Wan agrees. He finds himself obliged to sabotage the holo-com unit he uses to remotely attend council when he is off-world. He has been rehearsing an angelic, innocent shrug to use when Mace inevitably corners him later.

“Another fine mess he’s gotten himself into,” Ahsoka drawls under her breath, glaring at nothing and everything. Obi-Wan settles into a seat on the bench beside her.

“It’s not the first, nor will it be the last,” he says. Her sigh makes her sink a little further down against the wall.

“Like you have to remind me.” she has the air of a long-suffering creche master.

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whats your dream tbsp setlist then??? :)

I didn’t have a setlist in mind like I do for AM so this is put together very quickly, I think this would be an incredible setlist, with songs like Gas Dance and She Does The Woods that they don’t play that often and the covers played during the encore. 

1. Everything You’ve Come to Expect
2. Miracle Aligner
3. My Mistakes Were Made For You
4. Dracula Teeth
5. Aviation (EP version)
6. Pattern
7. Gas Dance
8. The Bourne Identity
9. Used To Be My Girl
10. In My Room
11. The Age of the Understatement
12. The Element of Surprise
13. The Dream Synopsis (EP version)
14. Separate and Ever Deadly
15. Les cactus
16. She Does The Woods (with Joining the Dots intro)
17. Standing Next To Me

18. Is This What You Wanted
19. Moonage Daydream
20. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

Nothing Compares to You

Nothing Compares to You
A Kurt and little Ava ficlet, with a little sprinkle of Jeller. 

Kurt watched his daughter from the corner of his eye as he worked and watched TV. There was something off about her today. She usually was a ball of energy, especially on Saturday mornings, especially when it was just the two of them. She knew her dad was less strict when it came to TV rules, and what she was or wasn’t allowed to eat for breakfast or as a dance. But not this morning. She’d shrugged when he asked her what she wanted for breakfast, and barely ate half her pancake, even though it was her favorite - with chocolate chips and whipped cream. And when he’d asked her what she wanted to do, she said just watch cartoons, but even then she seemed quite uninterested.

Kurt put down the file he was reading and turned to her. She was lying on her side, hands tucked under her chin and her legs bent towards her, as she watched TV with almost no interest. “Everything ok, Ava?” Kurt asked.

“Mhmm,” the little girl mumbled, glancing at him briefly and then turning back to the TV.

He watched her for a another moment before he asked again. “Wanna do something fun today? Just you and me since mommy’s busy with Tasha and Patterson?”

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The Last Shadow Puppets at New York City’s Webster Hall

Watch the full show!

Full show in 1080p HD: [x]

  1. Aviation: [x]
  2. The Age of the Understatement: [x]
  3. Used to Be My Girl: [x] and [x]
  4. Calm Like You: [x]
  5. The Element of Surprise: [x]
  6. Dracula Teeth: [x]
  7. She Does the Woods: [x]
  8. Miracle Aligner: [x]
  9. My Mistakes Were Made for You: [x]
  10. Only the Truth: [x]
  11. Bad Habits: [x]
  12. Pattern: [x]
  13. Everything You’ve Come to Expect: [x]
  14. Meeting Place: [x]
  15. Sweet Dreams, TN: [x]
  16. In My Room: [x]
  17. I Want You (She’s So Heavy): [x]
  18. The Dream Synopsis: [x]
  19. Standing Next to Me: [x]

Don’t forget to watch it in HD! 

Go Pro clips from the show coming soon…

All filmed by me.