miracles in december!!! :d


♤ happy belated birthday jongdae!!! ♥♥♥
♤ dinosaur
♤ chensing machine
♤ dance line
♤ fucking amazing vocals
♤ k i m j o n g d a e
♤ screaming
♤ suggestive dancing
♤ stuntsman 
♤ exo highkey would be 1000000000x lamer without this child

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♤ actual kid
♤ pretends to not be a kid but is
♤ introduces himself in different dialects
♤ aspires to be good at mandarin so we don’t know he’s korean
♤ blond kim jongdae is a miracle
♤ speaking of miracles him in miracles of december
♤ we are b l ess e d
♤ him bed was so tidy when they showed it on happy camp
♤ like dude nice patterns
♤ putting out his watch like aye i’m cool

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♤ his ass
♤ have you seen his ass
♤ he knows he has a hot ass
♤ this section will just be about his ass
♤ like he fucking shows off his ass like no big deal
♤ wondering if yixing and baek like to touch it (his ass) hmmm
♤ maybe his ass inspired the lyrics to touch it after all he helped write it
♤ his ass is just a piece of artwork at this point like don’t you deny it okay
♤ like when he suggestively dances swinging his ass i’m dead okay stop it
♤ legit he knows he has a hot ass and that’s why he shows it off so much cries

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♤ the happiest child in exo-m
♤ could make the world a better place with his laugh
♤ also great for gifs like the iconic ‘power mv’ gif
♤ he’s so precious like dude
♤ how could you not love him
♤ likes to thrust his hips a lot
♤ also likes to scream
♤ likes taking away hours from minseok’s sleep
♤ probs why his ass is so nice
♤ but he’s the actual cutest thing ever

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♤ first time bleaching his hair
♤ damn it his vocals are so good
♤ esp miracles in december
♤ like have you heard it
♤ i always get emo whenever his voice comes on
♤ like it’s that emotional i love him
♤ he’s just omg
♤ precious vocals
♤ precious boy

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♤ talented shorty
♤ literally has amazing vocals
♤ amazing at dancing
♤ dance line
♤ wait no,
♤ “step aside sehun it’s my time to shine”
♤ “reserved”???? lMAO NOPE
♤ hilarious like
♤ everything he does is funny

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♤ occasionally goes insane
♤ you know just occasionally
♤ by that i mean screaming at inappropriate times
♤ also just randomly showing off his ass like we know
♤ not that i’m unappreciative or anything
♤ also jongdae in exo chats is the funniest 
♤ he is the funniest
♤ also the cutest
♤ beagle line is cute
♤ jongdae is cute !!

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♤ jongdae + baekhyun = save our souls
♤ they scream
♤ so fucking much
♤ how have they not been kicked out of the dorm by now
♤ sorry but that was completely necessary
♤ how do the main vocalists how run out of voice
♤ like they scream so much
♤ how does ksoo refrain from killing them lmao

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♤ so unappreciated
♤ like could you guys just show him some love
♤ he’s the funniest thing i’ve ever seen
♤ obviously he deserves way more
♤ also jongdae + chanyeol = smILE WAR
♤ kinda creepy if you think about it
♤ anYWAYS he’s a wonderful child
♤ literally bc exo are actual children
♤ have you seen them fight each other
♤ esp jongdae why is he like this

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♤ great in smut
♤ also great in everything else
♤ cl shouldn’t have sang i am the best it should’ve been jongdae
♤ that’s how hot he is
♤ y’all better appreciate him
♤ he’s actually the most adorable child
♤ well i mean like yeah facts
♤ don’t you deny the fact u love him
♤ i know u love him

Christmas Miracles, mistletoe and an unexpected Santa

Title: Christmas Miracles, mistletoe and an unexpected Santa

Requested by: fuckyeahhyugiohyaoi

Genre: Friendship/fluff/humor

Rated: General

Words: 2.937 (I got carried away, sorry haha)

Note: Not beta’d.

Note2: Following this post, so read it first, please >D


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