miracles don't happen

My simself is beautiful.

I joined a late losing game on defense Dorado where the payload was literally steps away from the goal and there was 6 minutes left. Naturally I go Junkrat, I got gold damage and Elims by my first death, got nano boosted three times and oh yeah, we ended up winning.


Ok so these are 2,3 and 4 weeks for inktober. I haven’t managed to post until now unfortunately. TT×TT
But anyways good thing that I finished them.
For the first pic I wanna thank @blueishblue for the inspiration :’). (I saw that post with Todoroki and the gakuran and I was like “Hell yeah,let me draw that!”)
As for the other 2 well my brain said “All Might shall be to the end.” and I complied.
I wish you all a Happy Halloween!

  • Dimitri: Does it hurt?
  • Rose: No
  • Dimitri: It doesn't look so bad. It'll heal.
  • Rose: I hate her
  • Dimitri: No, you don't.
  • Rose: I do.
  • Dimitri: You don't have time to hate anyone. Not in our profession. You should make peace with her.
  • Rose: Make peace with her? After she gave me a black eye on purpose! Why am I the only one who sees how crazy that is?
  • Dimitri: She absolutely did not do it on purpose. No matter how much you resent her, you have to believe that. She wouldn't do that, and anyway, I saw her later that day. She was worried about you.
  • Rose: Probably more worried someone will bring her up on child abuse charges
  • Dimitri: Don't you think this is the time of year for forgiveness?
  • Rose: This isn't a Christmas special! This is my life. In the real world, miracles and goodness just don't happen.
  • Dimitri: In the real world, you can make your own miracles.
  • Rose: Okay, can you just stop this for once?"
  • Dimitri: Stop what?
  • Rose: The whole profound Zen crap thing. You don't talk to me like a real person. Everything you say is just some wise, life-lesson nonsense. You really do sound like a Christmas special. I swear, sometimes it's just like you want to hear yourself talk! And I know you're not always this way. You were perfectly normal when you talked to Tasha. But with me? You're just going through the motions. You don't care about me. You're just stuck in your stupid mentor role.