miracles boys

Tendou. No. Don’t teach him your little song and dance. I don’t think the rest of Karasuno would forgive you for that. Tsukki would find it especially annoying.

plz accept Tendou into the 3rd gym crew where he belongs. Among other crazy volleyball nerds. Also I need to draw Hinata WAY more so I can get the hang of his hair without using a reference lol

[UPDATE LIST] BTS' Movies they like

• You Are The Apple of My Life
• Léon
• If Only
• Derailed
• Twenty
• The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
• Wolf Children
• Summer Wars
• Piano No Mori
• Ghibli movies
• A Little Snow Fairy Sugar
NEW: Born To Be Blue, Josee The Tiger and The Fish, The Legend of 1900, Reisei to jônetsu no aida, About Time, Zootopia

• Inception
• Piano No Mori
NEW: Infernal Affairs, Scarface, Detachment, Get Out

• Matrix
• Movies about zombies
• Pretty Woman
• A Werewolf Boy
• Miracle in Cell No. 7
• Pure Love
• Home Alone
• Ghibli movies
• Princess Mononoke
NEW: Ip Man, Harry Potter

• Iron Man
• Spirited Away
• 5 Centimeters Per Second
• The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
NEW: Ip Man, The Host, Eternal Sunshine

• Léon (He really loves that movie) //
• Blue Is The Warmest Color
NEW: A Silent Voice, Eternal Sunshine, 8 Mile

• Tazza
• Twenty
NEW: Ip Man, Reisei to jônetsu no aida, The Notebook

• If Only
NEW: Taegukgi, Tarzan, Southpaw


Kuroko deserved this team, everyone deserved to learn to be happy and successful being themselves. They all deserved not only to be friends but to play in the same team again. They did.

and I’m so glad Extra Game exists <3 

(I wanted to post this here for so long)