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Miracle Max

A while back, our automatic ice maker broke. So, we looked up Appliance Repair on Google and came up with Miracle Appliance Parts. So, off my husband and father went down to Miracle Appliance Parts in Thousand Oaks to see Miracle Max. Apparently, his real name is Fred, but my family has never called him anything other than “Miracle Max.” Most likely, it has something to do with the Princess Bride, and Miracle Max’s ability to bring our beloved broken things back to life. At any rate, Miracle Max knows how to fix absolutely anything, He knew how to fix our automatic ice maker. But he didn’t recommend it.

You can spend a couple hundred bucks fixing this,” said Miracle Max, “but I’ve got something that’ll give you as many ice cubes as you want, for only a few dollars!”

Intrigued, my husband followed Miracle Max’s lead as he pointed down the aisle. Delighted, my husband came home with two ice cube trays — the kind you fill with water and put back into the freezer.

“Amazing!” my father said, shaking his head and chuckling.

Miracle Max was right — we’ve had all the ice cubes we could possibly need, and we saved a lot of money in the process!

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