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what was the last movie you saw?

Miracle! I love that hockey team tbh

what was the last song you listened to?

I’m currently listening to Locked Away by R. City

what was the last show you watched?

Haiikyuu!! Second Season

what was the last book you read?

Beowulf, I have to read it for British Literature :-:

Cinammon Toast Cruch cereal

if you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?

HA, I wish it was 20 years in the future and I had an apartment in New York

if you could pick a decade to travel back to, which one would it be?        

Nah son, I’m a bi woman. I would not do well.

if you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you’d do?  

Pay for college TT.TT then buy an entire library

what fictional character would you want to hang out with?


what was the last fandom you joined?

ONS (shout out to Clio for this one)

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motherpuckers asked:

5 - 7 - 11 - 17 - 23

  • 5. If I were stranded on a island with a player who would it be and why? - My answer for this question is clearly Brendan Gallagher. And why him? Because we would have a lot of fun there :)
  • 7. You’re able to meet any player you want for a day and could do whatever what’s the first thing you would do? and what’s the last thing you would do?- Okay, I know this is quite obsessive, but again Gally and the first thing I would do is passing out and the last thing would be that I would ask him if I could get another day with him :)
  • 11. Favorite Hockey Movie? - Miracle or 38(Movie about Pavol Demitra)
  • 17. Favorite Bromance? - I like every bromance in the NHL, but now my No.1 is Gally&Nate ( The Gallys is my favourite too)
  • 23. If you met one of your favorite players or team what would be the first thing you tell them? - Can I take a photo with you? 

Thank you so much :)

NHL Hockey: Anastasia Fetisov on her Soviet legend father Slava and the Miracle on Ice

NHL Hockey on SI.com

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Anastasia Fetisov on her Soviet legend father Slava and the Miracle on Ice

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Slava Fetisov's daughter discusses the pain her father felt after losing to Team USA in the 1980 Miracle on Ice, what he's really like, and today’s Russian NHL players.

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