miracle speech

I’ll say it anyway.
He is asking Sherlock for a miracle and he underlines the fact that Sherlock should do it for him. You just have to read it. He said “For me” and then he repeats it saying “Just for me”. And I think he said that first of all cause he cant live without Sherlock, he just cant live without the only person he is in love like never before and also becaUSE HE THINKS HE IS A GOOD REASON FOR SHERLOCK TO BE ALIVE AND DO A MIRACLE. I mean, John said “just for me” and im absolutely sure he means “just for me, Sherlock. If you cant find a reason to come back do it for me cause im here and i want you back. For me. Cause i need you and i love you. Do it for me. Let me be the reason why you want to live again. Cause you are the reason why im alive. I want to be yours.”

That’s all.
Now I’m crying.

(If someone else just pointed it out before god bless you. I’m just seeing it now and I share it. Cause of the feels. And the heartbreak. And the pain.)

I sometimes wish social media had been a thing in Jesus’ time. Because the Gospels couldn’t possibly write everything Jesus did, but social media could register both the great speeches and miracles, and absolutely mundane stuff like favorite foods or random inside jokes between the apostles


A: Now I’m aware not everyone is happy about the results of this election, and those who aren’t might have been asking themselves, “what’s in this for me?” Well, I assure you that I know a position like mine must be earned, and I intend to do that. For all citizens, I want to set up a new channel on TV and on BerryTube, updating people about current projects and political situations, as well as documentaries explaining political procedures for more transparency. From now on, a trained team will also go through every one of your petitions and criticism you explicitly send me on social media, forwarding the unique and serious ones to me.

But I know what numerous wise people have said before about promises…”actions speak louder than words”. So I will end with this, determined to let my actions speak for me in the next few years. Thank you.

thegoliathbeetle  asked:

Oooh do that one! The SuFin date prompt. Sweden has a stutter and it gets worse when he's nervous. You know what I mean, you reblogged the post...xD But you love SuFin and I don't read enough of it. I bet you'll do a really good job!! TY TY <3

ASqdmfmek, this was fun. Oh and before I forget @sufin5ever thank you for the prompt!

A quick note before we get started: Berwald’s stutter is kind of mixed. So he repeats initial sounds a lot, primarily hard consonant sounds like “kuh” and “guh” and sometimes he gets “caught” on the s sound. He also has a tendency to get stuck in the middle of a sentence and use a lot of interjections like um, uh, etc.

Also auditory processing disorder is kind of a weird thing. Like medical professionals don’t agree on whether it is an actual thing or not and as such there’s very little research on it. It’s been relegated to the territory of sensory processing disorder, where it does not appear in the DSM V and it gets sort of ignored. Basically it just means that while your hearing is fine, your brain gets a little confused by all the sensory input you’re constantly taking in, especially if you’re nervous, and it can’t “process” what you’ve heard. For me, I know I’ve heard people say something and I can make a guess as to whether it’s a question or a comment but I may have to ask people to repeat themselves several times and it’s quite embarrassing.

Anyhow, please enjoy!

When Berwald Oxenstierna had imagined his own death, he’d always imagined it being in some sterile hospital room with a few loved ones holding his hand to gently guide him into the great beyond. He had never once anticipated that it might come in a more natural setting, such as an Italian restaurant.

But as he rolled and unrolled his shirt sleeves for the third time, it occurred to him that he desired nothing more than the sweet release of death and that pasta di fuoco he’d just ordered that sounded really delicious.

He’d done it. He’d finally asked Timo on a date. The guy he’d been steadily and painfully crushing on since sophomore year of high school. And Timo had said yes. It was a rare stroke of courage Berwald doubted would ever be repeated in his lifetime.

But there was only one problem. In all his bravado, Berwald had forgotten how much, ahem, “trouble” he had communicating with people.

His eyes darted up to make sure Timo wasn’t looking directly at him- oh god, he was. Timo caught his eye and gave him a nice, sort of reassuring smile.

“So, have you decided what you’re going to major in? I think they’re expecting us to declare in the fall.”

Timo blinked patiently at him, chin resting on an open palm, waiting for his reply.

Okay, Berwald, this is an easy question you already know the answer to. Just say the words.

“SSSSS-Software engineering. With a minor in um, um, uh…” Shit, he had that tight feeling in his neck and throat again. His muscles were basically seizing up and refusing to work properly. And he was so close too! That damn S sound always tripped him up.

Berwald couldn’t remember the exact moment he’d begun to stutter, maybe fourth or fifth grade, but ever since, it had always been with him, like some unholy algorithm, endlessly generating what-if’s and Bad Endings. Everything he did involved careful, even obsessive, planning and accounting for.

Sometimes he got it right, rehearsed enough to choke the words out and move on. But, more often than not, he panicked. Fight or flight kicked in and his primitive lizard brain decided that coherent speech was far less important than running from an imaginary hungry tiger. Thus, he was reduced to a stammering, stuttering, scared little boy in the body of a hulking man with slumped shoulders and a stern expression.

Berwald’s gaze had been shamefully averted down to the tablecloth. But when he risked a peek up, Timo looked a little concerned but not annoyed or frustrated.

“What did you say you want to minor in?”

Berwald’s panicked mind reminded him of his speech therapist telling him to take a deep breath before speaking to calm down and then another to actually get the words out. Flat speech, not bumpy speech.

“Cyber security,” he said in a measured, slow tone.

Timo took a sip of his water and nodded enthusiastically.

“Wow, computers, huh? That’s a great field to get into! You’ll do really well in it too, you’re so smart.”

Rather than go through the whole ordeal again, Berwald opted to just give a bashful shake of his head.

As if sent by divine intervention, the waiter came by with their food. Timo and the waiter were both that friendly, expressive type of person and chatted about how delicious the food looked and what wines paired well with which dishes and so forth.

Berwald only gave the waiter a small nod of gratitude when his own food was placed in front of him. The sudden fear that Timo might think him rude did not help matters.

Timo looked across the table at Berwald’s plate and grinned.

“Yours looks so good! Mm, you might need to eat quickly if you don’t want me to steal it all.”

Berwald took a long sip of water to avoid having to speak immediately. He never knew what to say when people made jokes like that. It wasn’t that he didn’t have a sense of humor, but how exactly did you respond to something like that?

Perhaps his dismay at his lack of social skills had registered on Berwald’s face, because Timo chuckled after a pause.

“Just kidding, I wouldn’t steal your food. At least not on the first date.”

The first date? Did that imply that he was already thinking about more dates? Truthfully, Berwald had been so preoccupied with having a date with the man of his dreams at all and trying not to screw it up, he’d never even considered the possibility that Timo might want to see him again.

Though he wanted desperately to let Timo know how much he admired him and that he wanted to go on many, many more dates together, Berwald couldn’t speak. If by some miracle his speech came out clear on the first try, there was always the looming chance that he would use the wrong words and offend Timo or creep him out.

Berwald just adjusted his glasses and began eating. The pasta was as delicious as he’d hoped but he couldn’t seem to enjoy it much. His tongue tasted sour and his throat was parched.

Timo didn’t try for any more conversation and Berwald couldn’t help but be relieved. He hadn’t eaten since lunchtime and, so he rationalized, maybe getting some good food into his system would help him calm down and think more clearly.

After some time of shoveling forkfuls of pasta into his mouth and praying to whatever gods might be listening that he would suddenly gain the social skills of a normal human being, Berwald heard…something.

He shifted his head up and saw Timo looking at him expectantly. Berwald knew what he’d heard was Timo’s voice and he could deduce that Timo had probably asked him a question. But it had happened so fast and Berwald had been too focused on his thoughts to understand. Reluctantly, he began the too-familiar process.

“Beg your pardon?”

“I said, do you…?”

His ears were straining, he was looking directly at Timo’s face trying to figure out what he was saying to him. It didn’t help matters that the restaurant had gotten loud all of a sudden and Berwald was so, so nervous.

He couldn’t ask Timo to repeat himself. He knew how it was. People got irritated with you, you looked like a complete fool, having to ask a million times, not because you couldn’t hear but because your brain was working to slow to process what was happening.

He remembered the weird looks he’d received over the years, Is something wrong with this guy? The burning shame of being laughed at by his classmates when he’d asked them to repeat what they said several times. “He’s too stupid to know when we’re making fun of him!”

Frantically, Berwald tried to guess at what Timo may have been asking for. The salt, maybe? It was the only thing on the table. With a shaking hand, he offered it to Timo.

“Oh, no, no, I meant , did you want to try some of mine?” He scooped a bite onto his fork and held it out.

But when Berwald reached for the fork, Timo moved his hand quicker and fed it to him, left hand cupped under Berwald’s chin to prevent any spills.

Berwald didn’t dare to breathe. Timo’s hands were right near his face, near his mouth. To another person, it might have just be a nice gesture. To Berwald, for whom the phrase touch-starved was an understatement, it was incredibly intimate.

Timo raised an eyebrow and looked him dead in the eye. “How is it?”

“GGGG-” He had just had to pick a word with that hard consonant, didn’t he? Berwald could’ve kicked himself, he couldn’t go a full minute without making a fool of himself!

He swallowed hard and tried again. “It’s good.”

“I thought so too! The sauce is fantastic. Really rich and creamy.” Timo glanced to the side for a moment, and then held Berwald’s gaze again.

“Um, is everything okay? Are you, you’re not having fun?”

Air raid sirens went off in Berwald’s head. Okay, he wouldn’t exactly say he was having fun, but that was just because he was nervous about this going well. He liked spending time with Timo, liked listening to Timo talk. But he couldn’t say all that.

So he just said in a low voice, “Sorry. M’ just really nervous.”

Timo rubbed the back of his neck. “I- I’m nervous too. I know I’m really weird, pretty much everyone says so, and so I was trying to act more normal tonight but I think I went too far and ended up being boring instead.”

“You’re not boring.” Berwald felt a little shocked. He’d assumed this date was just business as usual for Timo. Timo had always seemed so confident and enthusiastic in class. He’d never imagined that Timo might feel self conscious.

Berwald licked his lips and continued. “In ccclass,” that palative C sound almost tripped him up but he was too determined to say what he meant, “you always have something really smart or interesting to say. Everybody likes you, even if they don’t know you well. I really like you. That’s why I’ve been so nervous. I know how bad my stutter is and my speech therapist says I have an auditory processing disorder, whatever that means, and I just- I don’t want to look bad in front of you.”

That was quite a speech for Berwald. He had to take several deep breaths afterwards to prevent himself from passing out and really ruining the night.

He fully expected Timo to look relieved, happy that Berwald was self-aware enough to realize his stutter was annoying and just get up and leave.

But then Timo did something strange. He reached across the table and took Berwald’s hand.

“I can understand you just fine, even if you do stutter. And I don’t really know what an auditory processing disorder is but it doesn’t bother me. Actually, um, I’ve had a little bit of a crush for a few years now and I’ve been working up the courage to ask you out. But you beat me to it! You’re stronger than you think.”

Timo looked down at their hands and a strawberry blush was dusting his cheeks. “And I hope this isn’t our last date.”

Berwald smiled and shook his head. “Not at all.”

That bashful look almost seemed like it had been imagined by Berwald, as quickly as it was replaced by a mischievous wry grin.

“I also hope you kiss on the first date because the backseat of my car is very comfortable, if I do say so myself.”

As luck would have it, that excitable, auburn-haired waiter was coming by their table at just the right time. He rubbed Timo’s hand with his thumb as he said, clear as bell, “Check please.”

Warm-ups are done…Boys head off the ice…Back in the locker room…Now what??? MSL didn’t need the “C” on his chest to lead the boys on or off the ice. No Herb Brooks “Miracle” speech…but battle-hardened vets have been there before…so the boys will listen, laugh and learn…and smile and clap and cheer…because he’s been there, done that…and he will be missed. The Garden Faithful are standing…cheering “Mar-ty, Mar-ty…”…as the boys in blue bang their sticks against the boards and tap the ice to say thank you #26…thank you…


“Screw ‘em, THIS, IS YOUR TIME. Now go out there and take it.”

"Great moments are born from great opportunities.

That’s what you have here tonight, boys. That’s what you’ve earned here tonight. One game. If we played them ten times, they might win nine. But not this game. Not tonight. Tonight, we skate with them. Tonight, we play with them and we shut them down because we can! Tonight, we are the greatest hockey team in the world. You were born to be hockey players. Every one of you. And you were meant to be here tonight. This is your time. Their time is done. It’s over! I’m sick and tired of hearing about what a great hockey team Tampa Bay has. SCREW ‘EM! This is your time! Now go out there and take it!“

Crowley and His Relationship to the Winchesters (9x23)

So, in a different post of mine, binaryphoenix asked me this (x):

“I would love to hear your thoughts on Crowley’s speech at the end of the episode. Truly one of the most epic moments in the show’s history - and highlighting HIS growing relationship with the boys.”

And I must say, it was an intriguing speech to say the least.

Throughout this season, Crowley seems to have become very attached to the boys. Maybe there’s a bit of Stockholm Syndrome there - he was kidnapped for quite a long time. It might be because Crowley actually got to know the boys and understand them better, especially see why they did what they did and why they did what they did in the Supernatural Books. Much of it probably came from the human blood addiction the boys gave him. Either way, no one can say that the Winchesters haven’t grown on the King President CEO of Democratic Business Hell.

While I thought Crowley seemed to generally lean towards Sam as the one he likes the most, this speech and his general attitude throughout the last few episodes especially have made me wonder about that, especially when Sam said Crowley and Dean had a bromance

You see, as a demon…Crowley probably saw Gadreel in Sam. That was honestly one of the reasons Crowley probably told Kevin to leave. It’s probably why Crowley was harsh on Dean when it came to the first half of the season. But I’m sure it was Dean coming clean to Cas that helped Crowley see the good in Dean. Probably how he acted towards Cas. I mean, dangit, the King was in the car with Cas, who has been confirmed to love Dean, and Dean who considers Cas to be something that very important, someone he would do anything for. I would love to see what that car ride was like. Add that to the way Dean cares for his brother, and the fact that Crowley was probably hyped up on human blood half the time, well, Crowley’s going to feel for Dean.

I’m sure the Mark of Cain has a lot to do with it, really. I mean, Crowley can see it changing Dean into something Dean is not, and Crowley probably feels guilt towards doing that to Dean. He probably feels a pull from the Mark, the Blade, that makes Dean into something Crowley would bow down to or want to be near him.

I mean, we know Dean won’t kill Crowley. Because when Dean gets to know people, well, he doesn’t tend to kill them. It’s just not who Dean is. Dean’s always been one to make friends with people who others wouldn’t. The outcasts, the unpopulars, the different ones. Cas, Garth, Charlie, Benny, the list goes on. Crowley is just another one to add, and having the King of Hell as a friend can’t necessarily be that much of a bad thing. Besides, killing Crowley would just be a bad idea in general - rather keep a management you can deal with than kill off the King and wait for something worse to take over. It’s not like the Mark of Cain is making Dean like him either (Cain didn’t like Crowley, so you can’t throw that excuse into the ring), so this is a legitimate sort of friendship.

Crowley has sadly fallen into the trap of caring about the Winchesters, which has a high chance of dying. A lower chance of dying than going against the Winchesters, but a high chance nonetheless. Which means odds are, Dean and Crowley are only going to get closer next season. Which will make Sam worry. Which will make Cas as jealous as ze was with Benny, the person who has never let Dean down. Which will probably be bad for Dean in the end despite the good intentions Crowley may have for Dean because Crowley’s a demon at the end of the day, and though some demons have been able to redeem themselves, like Meg and Cain, well, it’s a really hard thing to do.

So Crowley’s speech to Dean is sort of scaring me right now. Because this could be bad for Crowley’s health. Because this could put a strain on Dean’s relationships with the people he loves. Because of the foreshadowing in the Do You Believe in Miracles?.

Though I would want nothing more than to have Crowley befriend and become part of Team Free Will, well…I’m worried.


Boston Bruins MIRACLE SPEECH Game 7 Pump Up (by KevinOConnellFTW)

A new twist on my old standby. Of course I have to work during the game but I’ve set it to record and will avoid all media outlets until I get to watch the game later tonight.

Hopefully my boys can take home the cup tonight! 

paper towns review

To begin, the Paper Towns book is very personal to me. I read it several years ago (when the Nerdfighter community was so small! I’d never dream of days as these!) in a time where the thought process behind it was very similar to mine and it really changed my outlook. The book, the character Margo, and the themes have been close to my heart ever since.

Naturally when the movie was announced, I had mixed emotions. I was thrilled, mostly. Scared, yes, but thrilled. The same time they announced it, they revealed Nat Wolff would play Q and I was ecstatic. Nat has been my favorite actor since I was a child. 

The movie came along. I went insane when Cara was cast. I went insane when the first set pictures arrived. I cried at the trailer. I’ve watched, wondered, and waited during the entire process. So now, the 23rd of July arrived and it was finally time.

The moment Nat started his miracle speech, it became real. This is happening! I kinda screamed inside. The entire movie was a lot of inside screams. It was a lot of what I expected, especially since I followed production so closely, down to the changes. I knew they were leaving out Seaworld, included Angela more, made Q go to Prom, etc. I knew the movie company and how the movie would paced. So I wasn’t disappointed like I might’ve been if I had not known those things. 

The whole was brilliant. The jokes were hilarious. The Pokemon part and the pee scene both killed me. Radar and Ben were well-acted and the characters mastered. Nat, of course, played straight-laced Q to a tee. Cara was Margo - attractive, mysterious, and at the end - a paper girl (get it, it’s my blog name hehe). Halston was a perfect Lacey and even got a bit deeper with her (my favorite character). The dialogue was good, stayed a bit glued to narration/book narration at times, but as a fan, I was sold. The simple, artistic cinematography was captivating. The soundtrack was amazing, perfectly put, and included all of my favorite artists. 

Overall the only negative that really hit me was the ending. I wanted Margo to be found in the barn, her book to be included, and Q and Margo to bury it, and the movie end with them starring at each other. But it’s a movie, a different kind of art, and I understand things must be changed.

Despite this, they kept the idea of Margo. Despite the changes at the end and throughout, the theme was clear. Q learned his lesson. She wasn’t the manic pixie dream girl who solved everything. Her mystery had cracks like a vessel, the strings inside her broke. Even in Q’s dream, there were cracks in the mini mall walls. But sometimes you need cracks to let light in.

 And it was pretty something.