miracle rock

F  A  I  R  Y    G  O  D  M  O   T  H  E  R
even miracles take a little time
Modern Princesses learn from the Fairy Godmother:

Be a guide to those in need! Rock on P R I N C E S S !

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I’ve loved you [Carr] for 10 years
and though for all this time we’ve lived apart
And I have not laid claim upon your heart
In dreams in woes of night, in mortal tears
I’ve eaten up your heart and you have mine.

Lucien said “come by tomorrow early and make a scene, get some life into that party.”
We talked of slapping his mother on the behind
I said leaving, “I’m so glad I saw you tonight” turning
from them. They walked on, didn’t look back, and I did.

Most marvelous night and event that once I would have dreamed a miracle!
“One of my rocks is gone.”
No time for more.

—  Allen Ginsberg, December 10, 1951. The Book of Martyrdom and Artifice