miracle mask spoiler


*Kidnaps Brenda Triton and threatens to harm her and/or Luke if Clark doesn’t cooperate. 

*Manipulates the griveing Oswald Whistler with the promise of resurrecting his dead daughter to find the Kingdom of Ambrosia. Later, kidnaps Melina and orders her to sing if she wants to save her father and friends from the wolves. 

*Tries to kill Luke with his machine during Eterna Diva, forcing his brother Layton to save Luke’s life, almost blowing Layton up.  

*Manipulates Randall Ascot - who suffered a lot of trauma, overcoming amnesia - and turns him against his loved ones. 

Descole, as Desmond Sycamore:  

“Targent Bronev are the scum of the Earth. They force people to work for them by threatening their families.”

henry ledore: risks his life to search for randall in the akbadain ruins, builds an entire city for him and waits 18 years for him, still treasuring the toy robot he gave him when they were children and fake marrying his girlfriend so she wouldn’t have to marry someone else
some heteros on here:

“Uncle Leon is all I have in this world!”

Nice try, Level 5, but you can’t expect me to believe Emmy would say that line willingly after everything she’s been through in the previous games. (She must have been trying to appease Bronev or something.) There are so many moments when Emmy is seen smiling with Layton, Luke, Grosky, Aurora, Desmond, the Misthallery kids, the Monte d’Or gang and the rest of the Azran Legacy cast. 

There is not a single cutscene - not even a picture - when she is seen bonding with Bronev, or could be considering her relationship with him. The most we get is an ominous line at the end of Miracle Mask when she asks, “Who were the Azran?” 

Nice try Level 5, but I’ll take Emmy’s character development over your random-ass plot twist. 

(I know the whole point is that she still has Luke and Layton at the end of AL regardless of her betrayal, but I still don’t give a monkey’s uncle about her ties to Bronev.)

Did you miss me Mont d’Or? 

I wanted to draw something I hadn’t in a long time so my brain went immediately to Professor Layton. Miracle Mask is still one of my favorite games ever and I loved being a part of a the layton fandom x) I met a lot of awesome people through it. I really wanted to do a nice picture of Randall/Masked Gent since he’s still my favorite character in the series. (I only roleplayed as him obsessively for over a year and cosplayed him lol)


Spectre’s Call: *Reveals Doland is Descole in disguise.* “I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere before…”

Eternal Diva: *Works out Descole is behind everything and engages in close combat with swords.*

Miracle Mask: *Reveals Angela is Descole in disguise, even though Descole is extremely disproportionate to the tiny Angela and logically the disguise should make no sense.*

Azran Legacy: *Sees Descole’s true face - a face he has seen before. Okay, he was only like seven years old, so maybe he can’t remember. But surely he must recognise the bottom half of Descole’s face, his black suit, the same friggin’ shoes, his unaltered voice, his fascination with the Azran - *

Layton: “The honour is all mine, Professor Sycamore!”

If someone can give me a logical explanation headcanon for this, I’ll take back every single problem I’ve had with Azran Legacy.