miracle if I last past 9

Best. Christmas. Special. Ever.

Actually, not just special, this is going down as one of my favourite episodes of all of Doctor Who. It had everything that I love about the show. It was funny, scary, and in the end induced happy crying!

In the past most of the Christmas specials felt disconnected and separate from the rest of the narrative. Last Christmas on the other hand was the perfect bridge between season 8 and 9. 

Why this episode was perfect:

  1. Santa and the Elves - god, they were a riot!
  2. Clara and the Doctor admitting they lied right off the bat!
  3. Moffat promised Miracle on 34th Street meets Alien and not only did he deliver but it was perfect - those dream crabs were terrifying. 
  4. The Doctor being offended that there is a horror movie called Alien.
  5. “I’ll hold Clara’s hand, but that’s it.”
  6. The Doctor being a cutie while flying the sleigh. That entire scene was visually stunning!
  7. We finally get to see what the Doctor really thinks of Clara’s appearance. Young or old it doesn’t matter, she is always going to be his magnificent impossible girl.
  8. “There was one man but it would have never worked. He was impossible.” If that’s not a confirmation of love I don’t know what is!
  9. When I heard dreams were going to be important I thought the kiss would end up being part of a dream when in actuality, it was one of the only real things in the entire episode.
  10. They basically just eloped at the end thanks to Santa!
Michishige Sayumi's comments (2014.8.16 natalie.mu interview)

About her last single
This time it’s a triple A-side single! “TIKI BUN” is incredibly cool. You could say it feels like the current Morning Musume, but I’m really happy that Tsunku♂san gave me such a cool song for my last single. Also, “Shabadabadoo~” is somewhat my solo song!

In my past 11 years, my solo parts in singles were nearly nonexistent. And yet, singing all of the solo lines in my final single is something like a miracle! [or getting a solo song in her final single is a miracle?]
I’m excluded from “Mikaeri Bijin”  which is sung by the other 9 members, but all 3 songs are really different from each other, so please look forward to them!

Less than 100 days until her graduation concert

I’ve been with the group for over 4000 days, so it’s very strange to think that I’m within my last 100 days. But I’m of course very glad that my last day will be at Yokohama Arena, and I think that anything I can do with the current members is meaningful, so I’m awfully happy. Everyone please come and support us!