miracle flipper

I had to doodle these after my brain came to terms with Miracle Flipper and Card Ejector are totes Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl’s spawns ^3^

But then sister said “explain their hair color dummy” and I said “weeeell in our verse we made Dark Magician’s older brother is the Chaos Mage and Valkyria is DMG’s sister so obviously hair color is pretty jacked up.”

But this is mostly Dark Magician not being able to calm Miracle Flipper’s crying and asking a grumpy half-asleep Celtic Guardian and Blue Eyes who doesn’t know why the magician hatchling is making all the fuss. Then Dark Magician Girl easily quiets him with a kiss on the forehead

I doodled more Yu-Gi-Ohs and you can’t stop me :U

Top left-
It bothers Dark Magician that Dark Magician Girl keeps getting sick and rarely has a day of perfect health. So he gets clingy and won’t leave her alone

Top right-
Black Chaos Dad and baby Pikeru. What a hot pink apron he’s wearing right

Middle left-
Headcanon that Celtic Guardian’s ears give away how he’s feeling. Like twitching when he’s annoyed or drooping when he’s sad. Trainee loves it

Silver Fang hurr hurr

Middle right-
Positive? What’s positive?! Dark Magician Girl?!

Bottom left-
He totally cried when he first held baby Miracle Flipper and you can’t tell me otherwise

Bottom right-
Valkyria and Sorcerer are mad they weren’t included 3:

dead-parrot-sketch-not-incl-blog  asked:

Hey! I've got a question: I'm writing an essay for college in which I want to compare the (symbolical) representation of the Holy Grail in "La Queste del Saint Graal" with the Holy Grail in other Arthurian literature and the sword Excalibur in "Idylls of the King" (Lord Tennyson). I know this isn't an easy question, but I wondered if you got any tips/literature - especially on the appearance of the Holy Grail in other medieval works than "La Queste del Saint Graal"? :-)

Hi miracle-flipper! Yes it’s definitely a hard question : D

I think you could try to use the texts of Chretien de Troyes (Perceval) where I think it’s chronologically the first time the Grail appears and in general all the literature about Perceval. Also Robert the Boron writes a lot of backstory for the Grail so you will surely find something useful in his texts.

If you are interested in going earlier you may look for Welsh interpretations. There may be something in “Arthur of the Welsh” but I don’t own the book and I’ve read it too much ago so i don’t remember :D

Publishing the question so that someone else can answer too!

I kinda imagine Miracle Flipper and Card Ejector to be at least 5 years apart in age. Flip fits the “I can pick on her cause she’s my littler sister and if you do I’ll rip you apart” kind of big brother

So the baby Card Ejector is now at a level for Flip to see her and Dark Magician Girl described her as a sweet little angel child to him. But he sees her and all he can think is “what is this? I don’t remember asking for this.”