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Unseen Friendship - Page 11 - Epilogue - Collab Comic with @splatdash

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I think it was finally time. We got to see Orca’s face, it’s only fair we see Angelo’s too. I wasn’t sure I’d include this epilogue but I decided in the end it was for the best and I finished this page this week. I wanna thank @splatdash again for making this comic collab with me. This was such a fun project and I enjoyed it a lot. 

So yes, he’s half inkling, half octoling. I’ve dropped enough hints of this with his tendency to get sick easily, having sharp teeth and with his goggles being real deals. And many people started to catch on too (oh the amount of messages I got, haha). There is a lot I could say about Angelo and his backstory but more of that later.

Oh and hey, meet his mom, Tarina. Happy mothers’ day.

Thanks everyone for all those notes for my last post I was happy to see how many of You liked my hairstyle exercise :3

Also, I noticed that some of You guys were interested in seeing how Mirabelle looks after the Embrace so here she is in all her Nosferatu beauty. Originally, I had two pieces of her in works with different styles, but I ended up hating the second one.

As always I realized just how little skills I have when it comes to painting clothes and general painting technique. I am just so messy and slow and I can’t seem to figure out how to paint clothing correctly considering materials and lighting.

Originally she was supposed to have vintage dress and pearls around her neck as she loves pretty clothes and expensive jewelry, but since I couldn’t paint any of it with good results I gave her this badly done tank top - I am Sorry Miri XD

And now more about Mirabelle herself:

Before her Embrace she was a naive romantic girl who really thought that her former Ventrue master/lover will marry and eventually embrace her. When Anton traded her for the information with Lazarus without even hesitating she still couldn’t believe that he would do that to her. She wasn’t supposed to be Embraced in the first place, but Lazarus grew fond of her resilience, stubbornness and the struggle she put off while he tried to ‘’convince’‘ her about the true nature of her relationship with her former Master. Not long after her Embrace she realized how much of a naive girl she was. While she is not all happy to be a Nosferatu because of her vain nature, she still thinks that what Lazarus did to her somehow made her into a stronger woman.

She has a fairly good relationship with her sire, he seems to trust her after all these years and she would like to keep it that way, in the end he might took her beauty away, but he also opened her eyes about what this world is all about and that love isn’t on its list. 

Considering relationships with other Nossies: She really dislikes Blackrat, Miri tries to avoid her at all occasions, she simply doesn’t trust that this emotionally unstable girl can make it through the unlife. She loathes Lazarus’ other Childe Boneface, she always considered him way too human, but because of his Embrace of Blackrat he is too weak in her eyes that she gives him scorned look anytime she sees him.

She got along with Victor, who was charismatic and well groomed for a Nosferatu, but he dissappeared few years ago. Werner was also a good fellow to socialize with as she enjoyed that she could talk to him about vast and various topics and he was always so calm. Sadly for her, he withdrew from Kindred society almost completely several years back and when she accidentally meets him now he is different, numb and apathetic and he doesn’t seem to be interested in any conversations beyond polite minimum.

She avoids Theodor because of his creepy attitude and misplaced jokes. She is quite neutral with other nossies and actually doesn’t mind other clans and Kindred except Ventrue, especially Anton who she hates passionately with her dead heart.

She loves expensive clothing, jewelry and shoes. Her motto is - The fact that I am not beautiful doesn’t mean I can’t have nice things. So you can guess what her favorite hobby is - robbery. Oh, and also trolling on the dating sites in her free time which she considers her personal inside joke.

You want to get on her good side? Give her expensive gifts. Don’t talk about your prince charming and you get a charming grin on her lovely face.

Beauty is on the inside right? :)


“Hey there good lookin’-…No not you”

Well after a long night’s headache, and a long morning’s headache after the headache, I finally figured out how to partially use Emofuri. Most of it really was just trial and error and once I figured out the core, It suddenly got easier.

But that’s after looong hours of diddling.NOW TIME TO MAKE A LOT OF MIRABELLE REACTION GIFs!!

And yes, this is all 2D work.


Flirting Methods!

This was a fun way of practicing each of the character’s personality.

Inspiration was from Merriauthor, when in originally was just a text post.

I realized that drawing each of them out at that specific occasion will be fun as well as capturing those moments even further.

Enjoy the blushy blushy goodness!