“I really feel as if Miraak is the true climax boss of Skyrim. I mean, Alduin was going to destroy the world and all that, but Miraak? The First goddamn Dragonborn against the Last bloody Dragonborn, fighting to the death in a good side vs. bad side style fight on the summit of a book-mountain in a demon-world? That for me is basically the ultimate culmination of the game.”


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  • Miraak Deleted Voice Clips

Much of Miraak’s dialogue seems to have been cut. Game data reveals the Dragonborn and Miraak converse longer before the battle at the Summit of Apocrypha takes place. Some of these lines include “I grieve that you must meet your end this way but necessity demands it.”, “You..You are the true Dragonborn.." and "Well fought, Dragonborn, but I’m afraid this is not over. I shall return and take what is mine.” This suggests that another battle was to take place or Hermaeus Mora does not kill Miraak and he escapes.

So before this was added to the wiki, I took it upon myself to rip Miraak’s voice files from the rest of the game files. Once I found someone pointing this out on the wiki, I collected the voice files that were not featured in the game and assembled them into a single MP3 file.

Go crazy, kids.

The Dragonborn DLC
  • You:*kills Alduin*
  • You:*stops Harkon*
  • You:*slays the dragon priests*
  • You:*slays 2 dozen or so dragons and eats their souls*
  • You:*lead the companions, the college, the thieves guild, and settled the war between the imperials and stormcloaks*
  • You:*are the champion of many daedric princes and defier of the rest*
  • Miraak:.......Okay..that all sounds fake but okay...

Dovahkiin(ky) *raises eyebrows up and down*

I’ll Sky your Rim.

I’m no milk drinker but I’ll become one for you (if ya know what I mean eh eh)

Can I take your Dragon Bone?

Do you prefer One or Two-Handed?


You don’t need to be a Dragonborn, I’ll make you shout all night long

You sweeter then moonsugar baby

*Human Heart has just been added to your inventory*