So, I commissioned @lorna-ka to draw Mira and…LOOK AT HER!

This is a bit of a present for my lil sis @meldy-arts! I think we are getting close to our 1 year friendiversary (though I actually don’t know the exact date xD)! I still can’t believe writing silly fics of Mel’s art would turn into such an amazing friendship! Thanks for putting up with my silliness and random ideas and for yelling with me, Mel! <3

Art c) @lorna-ka

Mira c) @meldy-arts

Elektra at the San Francisco Opera

A casual perusal of the opera website let me know that this was a new take on Elektra, something odd and postmodern.  The classical tragedy was still there, but now it would be shown as a modern-day woman in mourning for her father (and with a troubled relationship with her mother) who stays in a museum overnight to contemplate the Grecian artifacts and the story of Elektra.  As the night goes on, she starts to overlay her own family history onto the myth.  The website stated it would be psychological horror along the lines of Mullholland Drive.

“This could be great,” I thought, “or this could be complete and utter wankery.”

It was great!

(Spoilers for this particular production behind the cut)

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YOI Things to Love #26: Milla’s intense expression

I love that Milla’s first appearance is with an intense expression. It’s just a split second, but that doesn’t stop the animators from putting this much detail into her. We see Milla with her determined face even before we see her being playful with Yurio. She isn’t the 3rd ranked Ladies’ Singles skater in the world for nothing.